Mom and Daughter Bonding Ideas


    The relationship between a mother and a daughter generates a wide spectrum of emotions – sweet, wonderful, intense and sometimes overwhelming and a bit chaotic. But whatever that may come out of it, it will always be a mutually beneficial and special relationship.

    Because the mother-and-daughter relationship usually holds the strongest bond, it is almost inevitable that they will share a lot of things in common – likes, dislikes, some habits and even a few eccentricities. But every mother-and-daughter relationship is different: some have been best friends for long, while others have survived the roller-coaster ride only to realize they have become closer than before.

    It’s important to set aside a schedule for the mother-and-daughter bonding time . It will help you slow things down a bit and allow the two of you to listen to each other, to get each other even better, and enjoy each other’s company. Even simple activities done at home can improve and enhance their relationship, and bring out those precious moments that will be forever etched into your memory. The following activities can work regardless of the various stages of a mother and daughter’s life.

    1) Treat yourselves to a “royal spa day”.


    Whether your daughter still has Cinderella dreams or has grown too old for them, it doesn’t matter much – she still wants to be treated like a princess, even just for a day. Plan for an all-girls spa day where mother and daughter deserve to be pampered royally. It should come complete with facials, hand and foot spa, manicure and pedicure and make-up application.

    If you cannot afford a fancy spa treatment, you can easily create that at home where you can experiment with DIY spa treatments, eat wholesome snacks (no chips for now) and take turns pampering each other.

    2) Take a hike

    mother-and-daughter bonding

    Even the simplest activities can bring a profound experience. Taking a hike together will boost mother-and-daughter bonding. Spending alone together with nature may open your eyes to a lot of things along your path. Plus, this activity can help in reducing emotional and mental stress. It also allows you to get to know each other a little better and deeper that will further cement your relationship. Not to mention you’ll be getting some good amount of exercise as well.

    3) Have a rainy-day movie marathon


    Gloomy days can be boring and can bring one into a foul mood. In order to stave that negativity off, why don’t you launch a movie marathon? Whip it up with a hot cocoa and a bag of chips, and then settle yourselves on a warm, comfy couch before turning the TV on. Your movie selections may consist of Disney favorites, beloved chick flicks or even action-fantasy films if you both of are into that sort of thing. Or have a good round of Netflix.

    4) Go on dates

    mother-and-daughter outing

    If your daughter has siblings, she’s probably wishing to spend some time alone with you. At least once or twice a month, plan for a mother-and-daughter date and pick out the most fun things that both of you would love to do together. These things may include a day at a spa (mentioned in no. 1), visiting an oceanarium or a marine park, going to a baseball game together or signing up for a comprehensive two-day cake and cupcake-making class or a pottery class. It helps to be creative when you plan your own mother-and-daughter outing to keep the fun and interest factor going.

    5) Cook meals together

    mother-and-daughter Cook meals

    Whether it’s on special occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving or on ordinary days, it’s always special when mother and daughter cook meals together. Mothers and daughters who cook and eat together, spend quality time together. The sense of accomplishment by preparing and cooking food is rewarding, much more when you do it together. If your daughter doesn’t have any cooking skills yet, then it’s the best time to bond with her by teaching her basic cooking techniques, because cooking is a survival skill and an adventure at the same time. You may also teach her family heirloom recipes or your own piece de resistance. It’s also a good way to introduce her into eating healthily by preparing meals out of fresh and wholesome ingredients.

    You can also enroll together in a cooking class and learn recipes that you have never seen and tried before! It will put your skills as a home chef to a test and try a new and unusual exotic cuisine. Learning something new together will give a closer and tighter bond between mom and daughter.

    6) Create art together

    Collaboration is what brings mother and daughter closer. The fun of creating your little masterpieces and the fulfillment of making them with your loved ones are worth the artwork mess and mayhem. If you both love painting and calligraphy, for example, you can create thank-you notes, invitation letters or posters. You can even make a collage of your mother-daughter relationship which serves as a personal keepsake.

    7) Book a trip or go for staycation

    Book a trip

    You may want book a trip far away in a foreign land to explore new cultures and experience an altogether different traveling experience. But if you can’t afford a trip to Europe, a weekend getaway with just the two of you can be just as fun, unforgettable and special as having a week-long holiday in Paris!

    Or if you can’t get away far enough, you can consider booking for one night at a super-luxury hotel in your town or city and have the rare experience of being pampered together. Get plenty of sleep inside your beautiful suite, go for a swim at a pool nearby, get a luxurious spa treatment, order in room service or just stay in your suite doing girl talk to further strengthen the mother-and-daughter bond.

    8) Volunteer to help others

    As a parent, it is important that you should instill a charitable spirit and a commitment to help others in your children. Volunteering together will not only tighten your mom-and-daughter bond, but it will also bring you closer to the community. Helping other people and supporting the good causes that you believe will allow you to feel the joy and satisfaction of making a difference, even in just a small way. There’s no greater feeling in the world than bringing light to other people and making them smile, and spending quality time with each other at the same time.


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