Advantages of Having a Bottle Blender


    If you are into fitness and nutrition, you probably stumbled upon the bottle blender. Almost everyone in the gym has one, and it is about time to get one. But since you already invested in lots of fitness–related stuff, including your gym membership, maybe you’re thinking getting a bottle blender is worth it. If you have a blender that comes with a separate blender bottle, you might be wondering what else you can use a blender bottle for. After all, you don’t want to add more stuff to your arsenal that you will not use.

    But since it’s relatively affordable, you probably won’t lose anything if you try it. There are many advantages to having one, especially if you’re into protein shakes and other drinks that will aid your fitness journey. Know what advantages a blender bottle can give you and what you can use it for.

    What is a Blender Bottle?

    A black plastic bottle blender and a metal shaker

    A blender bottle is a portable tumbler that serves as a mixing cup, complete with a secure, tightly-sealed lid that usually contains a spiral-designed metal ball made from surgical steel. Its purpose is to quickly and thoroughly mix liquid and powders, typically protein shakes. The spiral metal ball (which is sometimes called blender ball, shaker ball, or whisk ball) breaks apart the powders and extra ingredients poured inside.

    Blender bottles are known by many different names, including:

    • Shaker bottles
    • Shaker cups
    • Mixer bottles
    • Protein shakers
    • Protein bottles
    • Shaker cups
    • Mini blenders
    • Handheld mixers
    • Protein blenders
    • Protein mixers
    • Protein shaker cups/bottles
    • Protein blender cups/bottles
    • Protein mixing cups/bottles

    Blender bottles are often made of strong types of plastics like Tritan and polypropylene and are often BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into your drinks. You can also find metal blender bottles made of stainless steel for insulation so that you can enjoy your shake or smoothie cold for a longer time. There are also glass blender bottles available in the market, which are a bit heavier to hold but are odor-resistant and easy to clean. Most glass versions are fitted with silicone sleeves for easier grip and handling.   

    Some blender bottles come with a storage compartment, wherein a part unscrews so you can store vitamins, supplements, and other post-workout snacks inside.

    Advantages of Blender Bottles

    Blender bottles are convenient, low-maintenance, and easy to use when blending wet and dry ingredients to make any kind of blended drink. Protein shakes and smoothies are often made in a blender bottle, but there are all kinds of sauces, dressings, and savory foods you can also create with blender bottles. Here are some reasons why it’s good to own one:

    1. It allows you to consume more protein and other food supplements on the go.

    A bottle blender lying down on a flat surface with scoop and chocolate whey protein

    The more you learn about nutrition and fitness, the more you realize how vital protein is for fueling our muscles and our whole body. In a perfect world, we’d all have the time and energy to eat a delicious chicken recipe or cook up half a pound of beef. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Blender bottles allow us to consume protein away from home, even without eating a full meal with meat. Also, if you’re taking supplements or vitamins, adding them to your drinks using a blender bottle is easier. Simply prepare the ingredients and put them inside your bottle, and you can shake it if you are in a rush. This bottle will be handy for people who are busy but still want to maintain a healthy routine.

    2. It makes mixing smooth and easy.

    What makes shaker bottles unique is that they come with a blender ball, which solves the problem with protein powders, since they often make lumpy shakes when mixed the traditional way (a.k.a. with a spoon). The whisk ball breaks down lumps for a consistent and smooth mixing of shakes.

    3. It does not leak or spill.

    Most water bottles are designed to prevent leaks, but blender bottles take them further. Since the bottles are meant to be shaken, expect tighter and more durable lids. This is also because it’s a product marketed for active people who move from one place to another. So even if you want to jog with your blender bottle in hand, you don’t have to worry about spills as you go through your daily routine.

    4. It’s compact and easy to carry around.

    A man holding a bottle blender, smiling and showing off his arm muscles

    Shaker bottles can work as a travel tumbler because, like other water bottles, they are easy to carry and often come in a compact design. Some even have adjustable loops and handles that are convenient if you prefer to carry the bottle by hand or even hang it onto your bag as you move around.

    5. It doesn’t need power or batteries.

    Blender bottles serve the primary purpose of mixing liquid or protein powders to create a smooth concoction without using a regular blender. The blender ball serves as an agitator, which bounces around the cup when you shake it to break up the powder and avoid clumps. Yes, blending will be a manual process with a blender bottle, but it won’t be an issue, especially for fitness-oriented people. Vigorous shaking also counts as exercise, even for a while.

    6. It can prepare a wide range of shakes and other foods and drinks.

    Another benefit of using a blender bottle is that there are many drinks and food that you can whip with it. Apart from protein shakes, you can mix your smoothies and meal replacements on the go.

    If you like iced coffees, iced lattes, and other similar drinks, a blender bottle can help you enjoy them homemade at a fraction of the cost compared with the premium price you can get at a coffee shop.

    Salad dressings and sauces are also quick and convenient to mix in a blender bottle. Instead of making them in a bowl using whisks and hand mixers, you only need to mix the ingredients in a bottle and pour them directly over your salads, tortillas, pizzas, and more.

    Scrambled eggs can also be made fluffier on a blender bottle. You can add a range of different seasonings to add texture and flavor to your eggs rather than blending them with a fork or whisk. Shaking them up in a shaker bottle can ensure they are uniformly beaten.

    This goes the same way with pancakes, waffles, or crepe batters. If you’re only making a batch for yourself, why bother using a large mixing bowl or an electric mixer? You can mix up dry and wet ingredients to make a lump-free batter in a shaker bottle. Then you can pour it directly into the pan or griddle for cooking. This way, you also have fewer things to clean up. Just make sure to mix well to get the correct consistency and prevent leaving undissolved dry ingredients at the side or bottom of the bottle.

    How to Use a Blender Bottle

    If you’re new to protein shakes, the next thing to do after buying a blender bottle is to actually know how to use one. It’s not a magic container that can automatically make your drink smooth when you use it – you have to use it correctly to achieve desired results.

    Here’s how to fill a blender bottle:

    1. Fill it with ice (optional).

    If you want a cold protein shake, put ice first. This can also help you avoid lumps as you mix your drink together.

    2. Pour in some liquid.

    Pour a small portion of the intended liquid into your cup, approximately a quarter of it. Whether you use water, milk, juice, or coffee – pour about ¼ of it inside before adding the powder to avoid clumps.

    3. Measure the powder.

    Measure one serving of the protein powder, and pour it into your shaker bottle. Usually, you can find a scoop in a can or jar of protein powder, and there’s a label that suggests how much of the powder to add for one serving.

    4. Add the other ingredients.

    If you like to add more dry ingredients to your shakes, like fruits, nut butter, coconut flakes, oats, granola, cacao nibs, and the like – put them after the powder.

    5. Pour in the rest of the liquid.

    Add the rest of the liquid to your desired amount. Use the measuring lines on the side for reference.

    6. Top with ice (optional).

    If it’s a chilled drink, add more ice cubes to help it stay cold.

    7. Cap, shake, and blend.

    Screw the lid back on and make sure it’s fully sealed and pressed closed before shaking. Once it’s securely placed on top, shake your bottle vigorously until the drink is silky smooth.

    Blender Bottle Tips

    • Always add part of your liquid before adding powders or any dry ingredients to avoid clumps.
    • Wash the bottle before initial use and immediately after each use. If you empty the bottle on the go and you won’t be able to wash it soon, at least rinse the bottle with water immediately to prevent buildups that can cause odors and spoilage.
    • Most blender bottles are dishwasher safe but put the lids and small jars far away from the heating element as possible. Alternatively, you can clean it in the sink using warm and soapy water. 

    Aside from bottle blenders, there are many other types of blenders out there. If you need assistance, you may read our Guide to Choosing the Right Blender for Your Needs for the best recommendations.


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