90s Trends That Are Making a Comeback in the New Millennium

Styles come and go… and then come back again! 

They say that history repeats itself. And so do fashion trends, it seems. Clothing and hair styles from 20 years ago are coming back so fast, you hardly notice it. Or you may try hard not to see it!

However, you cannot ignore the fact that some of the trends from the yesteryears are creeping back into the millennium, whether you like it or not! Some may cringe at the mere thought of the revival of the high-waisted pants and leather chokers. They once thought of these fashion trends as cool but now see them as dreadful. But they should not worry. Like they did the first time around, these fads may go away pretty soon… once again. 

However, the majority welcomes the return of these ’90s fashion trends with warm, open arms – simply because they loved them when they first became popular!

Without further ado, here are some of the styles from the 1990s that are making a comeback into the 21st century.

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1) Thick headbands


If you ask us when did hair accessories reach their peak of popularity, we’d say it’s the 1990s! Scrunchies, butterfly clips, claw clips, barettes, sunflower hair clips… and big, thick, and wide headbands! They come in cloth, leather and plastic types. We’re sure every schoolgirl sported these inch-wide bands that almost covered their heads. And now they’re back with a vengeance.

2) Chokers

Chokers have been there since time immemorial. But the black leather and black plastic chokers were particularly “in” during the 1990s. After they became popular, people began leaning towards super long necklaces. But… they dangle! At least these short and sweet chokers won’t get you in trouble.

3) Combat boots / army boots / military boots

The 1990s fashion is not without Doc Martens boots. While Doc Martens had already been around, it really reached its peak of popularity during this decade. And no matter what type of boots you wore, if they weren’t Doc Martens, you weren’t considered the ultimate cool! But now people have become more open and less discriminating when it comes to brands, so any combat boots will be definitely acceptable, as long as they look badass but still feel comfy.

4) Checkered shirt / flannel shirt

Before, checkered shirts used to be worn only by men. But the 1990s changed that. Women started to sport them too, either by wearing them loose as they were or tying them around their waist. And now these checkered shirts come to the fore in women’s clothing again.

5) Denim jacket


The denim jacket was the jacket of the 1990s! Actually, there were many pieces of denim clothing that trended during this decade. Well, anyway… some denim jackets had fashionable ironed or stitched patches and designs that became a way of expressing one’s individuality and personality. It’s literally wearing your heart on your sleeve. Or on your back. Fans of the denim jacket should be happy that they become fashionable once again.

6) Fanny packs / belt bags


Fanny packs were the butt of many fashion jokes, but in the 1990s they were revered as a brilliant way to carry your smaller personal belongings hands-free. Nowadays, they’re still seen as quite practical, especially in this gadgets-crazy world. These belt bags are a genius way to keep your iPhone, credit cards and loose change while doing something else. They’re now spotted on everyone from the the style influencers to Kendall Jenner.

7) Denim jumpers / denim overalls


As if denim jackets are not enough, we can say that denim jumpers are also making a comeback. They were a hit back when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were still active on television. Nowadays, designers are bringing denim jumpers back with more stylish variations.

8) Platform shoes


Aside from combat boots, platform shoes also used to grace our feet during the 1990s. Platform sneakers, a type of platform shoes, are definitely for the vertically-challenged people who loved the comfort of regular sneakers but want to look three inches taller. Baby Spice of the Spice Girls was such a huge fan of these shoes. Gucci, along with other fashion brands, has helped to bring this trend back with its colorful striped platform sneakers.

9) High-waisted jeans

Also known as “mom jeans,” the high-waisted jeans of today have gone improvements over their 1990s predecessors, to say at least. They’ve come back into fashion again. It’s time to toss your super-low-rise jeans and try today’s version of the figure-hugging high-waisted jeans.

10) Mini backpacks


Mini backpacks are sensible and practical. They will not hurt your back and balance the weight to form your posture. It’s great that they’re back again to carry your gadgets, make-up and other essentials.