Safely Storing Chemicals in Your Garage

Aside from cars, tools, gardening equipment, and bicycles, another common thing most of us keep in our garages are specialty chemicals that we use in our day-to-day living. Some of these are chemicals for your car’s maintenance, anti-freeze and window washing fluid, pesticides, fertilizers, and other gardening chemicals.

These chemicals can be a source of household accidents, therefore, storing them safely is a must. Properly storing chemicals in your garage is essential to keeping your family safe. Here are some precautions that you might want to consider in storing chemicals in your garage to keep your home and family safe. Also use Skip Hire Chorley for commercial and domestic purposes.

Keep Chemicals in Their Original Containers

Sometimes we tend to transfer chemicals to different containers but it’s important to keep them in their original bottles or containers. This is because we need to know the chemicals we are using and how to use them. When we transfer them to different containers, we might forget what they are for, if they are safe to use on certain surfaces, and if there’s a need to add other chemicals or water before using it.

Also, manufacturers produce chemicals in containers that are safe for storage of whatever is inside. The plastic of one container may differ to another and it can become contaminated or it might not handle certain chemical which can result to melting.

Properly Label Chemicals

Though you keep your household chemicals in their original containers, their labels can wear off in time and remembering them can be difficult. To avoid confusion, it’s better to properly label each of them. If ever that you come across a container in your garage that is not labeled, and you do not remember what it is, it’s better to dispose it properly. Do not sniff chemicals to identify what they are because this can be dangerous to your health.  

Keep Chemicals Out of Reach of Children

If you have kids at home, make sure that you store chemicals in a higher spot in your garage that is out of their reach. Children are curious about a lot of things and seeing liquids in different colors can spark up their curiosity. Aside from considering your children’s height, you should also consider their ability to climb. Make sure that the chemicals are not easily accessible to them to ensure their safety and avoid accidental poisoning.

Keep Chemicals in Lockable Cabinets

If you do not have any high spot in your garage to store chemicals, it’s better to keep them in lockable cabinets. These cabinets can work well compared to a high shelf especially when the chemicals you keep include antifreeze, oils, and parts cleaner. Aside from keeping them from your children’s reach, storage cabinets will be able to protect them from open flames because most of the cabinets for chemicals are fire resistant.

If you’re thinking about the space a storage cabinet will take up in your garage, you don’t have to worry because there are many options. There are small ones and some can be installed on your garage’s wall.

Protect Chemicals from Temperature Extremes

Chemicals can be dangerous when they get extremely hot, that’s why it’s important to keep them out of direct sunlight or out of a very hot garage. Check the chemicals that you store and do not keep anything flammable near a source of heat like the radiator or furnace. The same goes with chemicals that can be at risk during the winter season. Make sure to find a good spot in your garage where the temperature is just right to store chemicals.


These tips will be able to help you keep your household chemicals organized and stored properly in your garage while keeping your home and family safe from accidents. To further help you in safely storing chemicals in your garage, here are some of the most useful products we found that you may like.

This steel cabinet can be a central storage in your garage of flammable and hazardous chemicals reducing the risk of fire. It has 2 doors and 2 shelves where you can keep all of your household chemicals.

These container labels will be able to help you become familiar with the chemicals you’re are handling as well as their contents. Each label also has a space for you to write the name of the chemical. These labels are tear-proof and features bright colors so you can see them easily.

This “Caution: Chemical Storage Area” sign will be able to let everyone in your home, as well as visitors, know that chemicals are stored in a certain shelf or cabinet in your garage.

Household chemicals are safe to use as long as you exercise caution, follow directions, and store them properly. We hope the tips and options we provided will help you organize and store your household chemicals safely in your garage.