20 Movies Ideas for Dads and Sons to Watch Together

Bonding with your son does not always have to be awkward. You can always pop up a good film and have a good laugh or maybe even shed a tear together. We have assembled a great list of movie ideas that you can enjoy together ranging from classic sci-fi to action-packed films.

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1. Interstellar


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This film stars Matthew McConaughey as Cooper and he tries to do anything to save his children when the earth is dying. He was a former pilot who decided to join a specialized team a journey to find another habitable planet. Cooper has a genius daughter who is trying to work out the problem on the ground. Cooper faced unexpected challenges such as a devious team member, dangerous new terrains, and the thought of never seeing his family again.

2. Armageddon


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This movie is about a group of blue-collar deep-core drillers that was headed by Harry S. Stamper. They were sent out to space by NASA on a mission to stop a massive asteroid that was about to hit Earth. But the heart of this story was the relationship between Harry and his daughter, Grace Stamper. We would not judge you if you tear up a little bit on the part where Harry had his last conversation with Grace.

3. The Godfather


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We believe that most dads cannot refuse the invitation to watch The Godfather. The Godfather is a miracle because during its filming there were several production setbacks and studio drama that even the producers expected the film to fail. It was unexpected that this film would be the highest grossing film of 1972. Aside from the mafia violence, The Godfather is a movie about family politics.

4. The Fast and the Furious


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Almost every dad loves cars that’s why you can never go wrong in watching any of the eight Fast and Furious movies. So grab your popcorn, pop open a beer with your old man, sit back, and enjoy the movie.

5. Die Hard


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Strangely enough, this film has become a beloved Christmas movie, but we believe that it’s much more suitable as a Father’s Day movie. Heck, watching Bruce Willis take down German terrorists at his ex-wife’s holiday’s party is a great movie to watch any day with your dad.

6. Taken


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Liam Neeson plays a retired government agent who was forced to use his “very particular set of skills” when his daughter was abducted and brought in to a sex trafficking ring during her vacation in Paris. This is one of the best action movies you can watch with your dad and we suggest you make it a marathon and watch Taken 2 and 3 for longer bonding time.

7. Daddy Day Care


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This movie is perfect if you want to have a good laugh with your old man. Daddy Day Care stars Eddie Murphy as a stay-at-home dad who lost his job. He is confused about how to take care of his son that’s why he started a home childcare center for him and other neighborhood children. He might have dealt with mischievous kids, overprotective parents, and a risk of getting shut down by the police, but at the end of the day, he still gets to spend some quality time with his son.

8. The Pursuit of Happyness


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The Pursuit of Happyness shows how unconditional a father’s love can be. It is about a true story of a man named Chris Gardner and how he become successful in his life despite the challenges he had to face. This is one of the movies you should watch if you want to have a heartwarming moment with your dad.

9. Finding Nemo


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Finding Nemo is an animated film that will teach you to not be overprotective of your children. You just have to trust them sometimes and not be afraid of what might happen. This is also about taking a big step out of your comfort zone and letting go of things that you cannot control. This is a great movie to watch with your dad especially if you think that he needs to loosen up a little bit.

10. Mission: Impossible


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Mission: Impossible is the dad bait movie to get him to watch a movie with you. Every movie in the Mission: Impossible installment is great but nothing beats the first one. It’s always thrilling to watch Tom Cruise infiltrating the CIA and hanging by a rope.

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11. Air Force One


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This movie is about US President James Marshall, played by Harrison Ford, and his family who was held hostage by a group of terrorist who hijacked the Air Force One. This is one of the action movies that you will never get bored of watching.

12. Big Daddy


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This is a 1999 comedy film that stars the Sprouse twins, Joey Lauren Adams, and Adam Sandler. Adam plays a lazy law school grad who adopts a kid just to impress his girlfriend but things did not go as well as he planned and he becomes the unlikely foster father.

13. Click

Click (1)

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This 2006 science comedy film also stars Adam Sandler but this time he plays a workaholic architect who finds a universal remote which allows him to repeat, pause and fast-forward to any parts of his life. But he encounters some challenges when the universal remote starts to overrule his life choices.

14. About a Boy


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This comedy-drama film is about a rich, child-free, and somewhat irresponsible Londoner named Wil who is in search of available women. He meets a 12-year-old boy named Marcus who had problems at school. As time goes by, Wil and Marcus become friends and Wil teaches Marcus how to become a cool kid and Marcus, on the other hand, turned out to be the unlikely teacher who helps Wil to finally act like a grown-up man.

15. World’s Greatest Dad


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This movie is about a man named Lance Clayton who dreams of becoming a famous writer. But one day, he found his son accidentally kills himself and to avoid any scandal, he decided to write a fake suicide letter. Much to his surprise, the letter was published in the school paper and instantly became popular. Hoping to have the literary success he always wanted, he wrote a diary, too. Lance got the fame and attention he always wanted but he is also haunted by the fact of how he obtained his fame.

16. Father of the Bride


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In this 1991 comedy film, Steve Martin who plays George Banks gets the fatherly envy when he found out that his only daughter was going to get married. This is a fun movie to watch with your dad especially if you’re looking for some great laughs.

17. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Probably all the Indiana Jones movies are dad movies. But this one is the ultimate dad movie of all. It features Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones who was working side by side with his father, Henry Jones who was portrayed by Sean Connery. Trust us, your dad can’t say no to this movie.

18. Real Steel

When robots have taken over for humans in the boxing ring, a small-time promoter and former boxer Charlie Keaton, who was played by Hugh Jackman, struggles to make a living by patching-up robots in shady venues. One day, he discovers that he has an 11-year-old son who found a robot in the junkyard that has what it takes to win. Keaton decided to take a chance on the robot his son found himself on an adventure of a lifetime.

19. A Perfect World

This story is about a convict named Butch Haynes and how he kidnaped a young boy named Philip Perry after he escaped from a Huntsville prison. As they travel together and flee across Texas, Haynes and Perry learned that they have similarities and that they both suffer the abuses of the world. The story of their unexpected friendship will surely melt you and your dad’s heart.

20. The Croods


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This movie is about a Neanderthal family who lives in a cave. They were protected by their father named Grug and they live according to a set of rules in order to survive. But when Grug’s rebellious teenage daughter, Eep, started to get curious and asked why they always have to live in the dark. This is a story that will teach you that sometimes, parents aren’t always right just because they are older and wiser, they should also listen to what their children are telling them.