20 Movies Ideas for Dads and Sons to Watch Together


    We tend to spend time and money in the things we care about in life, and this is particularly true in father-son relationships. But the bond between a father and a son can be complicated. When fathers and sons have very different interests, it can be hard for them to get along.

    Having a close relationship with your son does not have to be awkward. The two of you can always put in a movie and share some laughs and maybe some tears. We’ve compiled a fantastic choice of films for you to watch together.

    • The Pursuit of Happyness

    The Pursuit of Happyness was based on the actual story of Chris Gardner and his son, who were played by real-life father and son Will Smith and his eight-year-old son Jaden Smith. 

    Chris became the sole guardian of his kid after his wife was no longer able to handle the family’s financial condition. Chris struggled to keep his kid fed and clothed as he gambled on their future by accepting an unpaid internship at Dean Witter. In the end, his diligence and perseverance pay off when he is offered the only full-time job in the company. This gives Chris Gardner the chance to celebrate with his son and start a new life with him.

    Gardner’s inspiring story details his battle with homelessness while raising his son, as well as his path to become a successful stockbroker.

    The Pursuit of Happiness demonstrates the unconditional love of a parent. If you want to have a wonderful moment with your father, this is one of the movies you should watch.

    The Pursuit of Happyness

    • Interstellar

    In this movie, Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a man who would stop at nothing to preserve his children as the planet begins to perish. A former pilot, he made the decision to go with a specialist crew in search of another livable planet. Cooper’s brilliant daughter is attempting to solve the issue on the ground. Cooper had to deal with unforeseen difficulties including a shady teammate, perilous new environments, and the possibility of never seeing his family again.


    • Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo is one of the few movies about a father and a son where the two characters spend most of the time apart. Marlin gains the ability to trust his son Nemo throughout their time apart. For his part, Nemo realizes how selfless his father is by seeing him swim across the ocean to find him. At the time it came out, the Pixar movie was the highest-grossing animated film, and it even led to a sequel. 

    Finding Nemo showed what it’s really like for a father to see their child go out into the world, or in this case, the ocean. Marlin, like all parents, must learn to trust his kid and believe that the teachings he taught Nemo were sufficient.

    Finding Nemo

    • Armageddon

    In this movie, Harry S. Stamper was in charge of a group of blue-collar deep-core drillers. NASA sent them into space on a mission to stop a huge asteroid from hitting the Earth. However, the relationship that Harry had with Grace Stamper, his daughter, was the most important aspect of this story. We would not criticize you if you shed a few tears when Harry talked to Grace for the last time.


    • Beautiful Boy 

    This sad biopic is about David Sheff, played by Steve Carell, whose teenage son Nic (Timothée Chalamet), despite his best efforts to help him, becomes addicted to meth.

    We see glimpses of Nic’s loving childhood throughout the movie, which makes his current situation even more painful and confusing. The movie doesn’t hold back in portraying how the family copes with Nic’s horrible addiction; it’s raw and honest.

    Beautiful Boy

    • The Godfather

    We think the majority of fathers are unable to decline the offer to see The Godfather. During the shooting of The Godfather, there were so many production delays and studio squabbles that even the producers expected the picture to fail. It was surprising that this picture became the highest-grossing film of 1972. In addition to mafia brutality, The Godfather is a film about family politics.

     Picture of Brando and Pacino as Don Vito and Michael Corleone

    • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

    A 13-year-old kid is motivated by his science textbook to create a wind turbine from scrap metal and recycled bicycle parts in order to save his Malawian village and family from starvation. In the end, the boy was successful in providing his family with energy and helping them pump water for farming.

    Based on a true story, this film is all about survival and resilience. Chiwetel Ejiofor, who appeared in Doctor Strange, wrote, directed, and acted in the British drama.

    The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

    • Taken

    Liam Neeson portrays a former government agent who is compelled to use a “very particular set of talents” after his daughter is kidnapped and dragged into a sex trafficking ring in Paris while on vacation. This is one of the finest action movies to watch with your father, and we recommend making it a marathon and seeing Taken 2 and 3 for even more bonding time.


    • How To Train Your Dragon

    Meet Hiccup, a young Viking who is the son of the village chieftain, Stoick the Vast. He makes friends with a dragon named Toothless, which is one of man’s most dangerous enemies. But Hiccup finds out quickly that the creature is more than just fire, scales, and teeth. Hiccup and Toothless get through a lot of problems together, including restoring Hiccup’s relationship with his father, Stoick. 

    Due to the fact that they are polar opposites, the beginning of their relationship was somewhat tense. Hiccup only wants to make his father proud by following tradition and destroying dragons. The quest, however, defies his accident-prone ways. 

    Hiccup’s bond with Toothless rescues the village in the end, but at a high price, not the least of which is his left leg.

    How To Train Your Dragon

    •  Big Daddy

    The Sprouse brothers, Joey Lauren Adams, and Adam Sandler (Sonny) feature in this 1999 comedy picture. Adam portrays a lazy law student who adopts a child to please his fiancée, but things do not go as planned, and he becomes the unusual foster parent.

     Big Daddy

    •  Dad

    Ted Danson portrays John Tremont, a businessman who has never had to worry about his father – until his mother dies. John learns he must watch out for his stubborn, elderly father. And the effort becomes considerably more difficult when he learns that his father has an aggressive type of cancer. His new responsibility as a caretaker forces him to heal fences with his own father, and he comes to see the value of mending broken relationships. In those lessons, the 1989 drama is timeless.

    Dad is an adaptation of a William Wharton novel.


    •  About a Boy

    In this comedy-drama, Wil (played by Hugh Grant) is a wealthy, childless, and rather reckless Londoner on the lookout for potential suitors. He meets Marcus, a 12-year-old boy who was having trouble in school. Wil and Marcus become friends over time, and Wil shows Marcus how to be a cool kid. Marcus, on the other hand, turns out to be the unexpected teacher who helps Wil finally act like an adult.

    About a Boy

    •  Field of Dreams

    Feeling nostalgic for all the catch games you and your father used to play? You will be moved by this touching story of a farmer in Iowa who builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield to honor his late, estranged father.

    Ray Kinsella, a corn farmer from Iowa played by actor Kevin Costner, is saddened by his shattered connection with his late father, a die-hard baseball enthusiast. When he converts his cornfield into a baseball field, he is able to attract excellent players and mend his relationship with his father. The ‘greats’ are really the ghosts of historic baseball players, headed by “Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

    All ages will be moved by this supernatural sports story. The novel Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella was used as the basis for the 1989 movie.


    • Fatherhood

    Based on a real story, Matthew Logelin (Kevin Hart) becomes a single father all of a sudden when his wife dies tragically the day after their daughter Maddy is born (Melody Hurd). The film follows Matthew’s hopes, anxieties, and worries as his daughter Maddy grows up as he juggles fatherhood and all its responsibilities on his own.


    • Coco

    Even though Coco is a kids’ animated film, your father will enjoy it well. It’s about a little child named Miguel who, against his family’s opposition, strives passionately to pursue his ambition of becoming a musician. During his travels, he encounters the colorful Land of the Dead, becomes friends with a fascinating skeleton called Héctor and starts on a journey that reveals shocking secrets about his family history. 

    Your father will like this film about music, atonement, and family ties—don’t be shocked if he gets a little emotional. It also has a catchy soundtrack.


    •  A Goofy Movie

    In this timeless Disney film from 1995, Goofy wants to spend more time as possible with his son Max before he leaves for college.

    To Max’s dismay, he takes him on a cross-country road trip. The two argue about almost everything along the road but finally learn to respect and understand one another.

    The movie is a great illustration of how crucial compromise and communication are in a father-son relationship. It can also be a way to start a conversation about college or your son’s plans for the future.

    A Goofy Movie

    • Catch Me If You Can

    Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Frank Abagnale Jr., a young con artist who commits fraud by impersonating different experts in this crime drama that is based on a true story.

    FBI agent Carl Hanratty, portrayed by Tom Hanks, eventually captures him.

    Despite Frank’s early resentment of Carl, the two build a father-son connection over time. The significance of honesty and trust in a partnership is discussed in the movie.

    picture of Leonardo DiCaprio and the real Frank Abagnale Jr.

    •  A Perfect World

    This story is about a prisoner named Butch Haynes who broke out of a Huntsville prison and kidnapped a little boy named Philip Perry. Haynes and Perry, while on the run together in Texas, discover that they have same experiences and struggles. The story of their unplanned friendship will undoubtedly warm your and your father’s hearts.

    A Perfect World

    •  A Quiet Place

    Dad who likes scary movies would appreciate “A Quiet Place,” which takes place in a silent post-apocalyptic environment. In addition to directing and starring in the movie, John Krasinski plays the role of Lee Abbott, a man who is a father to three children and works very hard to protect his family.

    A Quiet Place

    •  Grown Ups

    Five old pals, portrayed by Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider, get back together for an exciting Fourth of July trip after not seeing each other for thirty years. The group discusses the ups and downs of parenting and demonstrates that fathers can still have a good time.

    Grown Ups

    Wrapping Up:

    Movies have the ability to amuse, inspire, and teach us important life lessons.  

    These films are all worth viewing, regardless of whether you’re seeking a good weep or some inspiration and are perfect for fathers and sons to watch together.

    So, grab some popcorn, switch off your phones and watch one of these movies with your son.

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