Learn About Amazon’s Pinzon Bedding


    Possessing the perfect bedding is part and parcel of having the ideal slumber we need to recharge for the next day’s hustle and bustle. 

    Sure, a firm and quality mattress assure that we won’t suffer from back pains the next day. Indeed, the softest pillows feel like the key to being extra comfortable. Dim lighting and peaceful ambient noise are also necessary. However, when the coldness keeps us awake at night and when we feel bare and open, it is difficult and almost impossible to fall asleep and, much less, get a good night’s sleep!

    There are many brands of bedding in the marketplace and online. Among the best ones is Amazon’s private label of bedding and towels called Pinzon. This label was named after the Spanish explorer Vicente Yáñez Pinzón, renowned for discovering the Amazon River. Witty, right?

    What is so unique about the Pinzon brand by Amazon? Is it worth buying? What types of bedding do they offer? What are its features that can convince any consumer to purchase their bedding? Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to answer those questions yourself!

    Amazon’s Pinzon bedding has been in the market for over a decade! This is a marker of its success. Many users have stood by their good reviews for these products, even going so far as saying the brand has changed their sleeping lives forever. 

    The bedding is a mix of luxury and affordability. Even if the prices are not as high as the most expensive brands, they seem to be on par in terms of quality, sustainability, and design! 

    Velvet Plush Blanket


    Be ready for the chilling winter season by purchasing a Pinzon velvet plush blanket, which is made of 100% polyester and provides comforting warmth. This type of blanket comes in different sizes, such as the king size, full or queen size, twin size, and throw size. They also come in different colors, such as Sand, Aubergine, Gray, Burgundy, and Chocolate! 

    This blanket also has ultra-soft micro plush so that ultimate comfort is achieved. Despite being made of velvet, it is easy to wash and can be simply tossed inside the laundry machine! The texture of velvet and plush are real game-changers. However, it is not uncommon for people to complain about the shedding of lint and leaf fibers. 

    Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

    Available in six different color varieties and six standard sizes, Pinzon’s organic cotton bed sheets are made solely of cotton grown from seeds that are not genetically modified. Users comment that the type of material and the manufacture by Pinzon make the sheets feel cool and crisp. The organic cotton fabric is also very durable and not very affected by washing.

    However, it cannot be avoided that they would wrinkle up after washing. This doesn’t have to be too great of a problem, though, since it can quickly become creaseless when ironed with steam!

    Flannel Bed Sheets

    Flannel refers to woven fabric that has varying fineness but is very soft. They are usually made from wool, synthetic fiber, or cotton. Pinzon by Amazon offers bed sheets made with flannel material. There are also many subvariants on sale, such as plaid flannel, pinstripe flannel, printed flannel, and heavyweight velvet flannel.

    Generally, flannel is easy to care for and clean! You can clean this with cool or warm water. They’re also long-lasting and don’t wrinkle easily. However, if you live in a place with hot and humid weather, we don’t recommend this material because it may create a more pronounced feeling of warmth.

    Faux Fur Throw Blankets


    If you’re a fan of fluffy blankets or if you simply want to channel your inner child who has loved bonding with his or her stuffed toys, then this throw blanket is perfect for you! This blanket, made of 100% polyester, has one furry side and a velvet side on the other. 

    This blanket feels very cozy and soft. These are perfect gift ideas, too, for children who really want that extra warmth and extra softness. But you don’t have to be a child to use this wonderfully made blanket. Adults and children alike are sure to enjoy this blanket! 

    Hypoallergenic Options


    If you, your roommates, or your family members are prone to seasonal or occasional allergies, then the bedding may have become a source of these feelings of discomfort once in a while. Take away this possibility by purchasing blankets or bed sheets made with hypoallergenic material, such as wool, organic cotton, or microfiber.

    Fortunately, Pinzon by Amazon features products made of these materials. Not only will you or your company be more comfortable, but they will also be reassured that their allergies will not be triggered. It’s essential to consider this because allergies can cause serious health complications such as anaphylaxis, sinusitis, asthma, and greater infection vulnerability. 

    Duvets and Comforters


    Pinzon also sells duvets, which are blankets with interchangeable covers. What is its difference from comforters? Duvets are used with a cover, top quilt, or coverlet, while comforters are one complete piece. 

    Depending on users’ preference, you may opt for either as they both present valuable benefits. Comforters may be easier to use and more convenient, but duvets are easier to clean and allow you to choose how many layers you want to be tucked in. 

    Whether you want duvets or comforters, Pinzon by Amazon offers both!

    Other Products by Pinzon

    Maximize your shopping cart and spending so that you can avail of discounts! Other than blankets and bed sheets, you may need these other items by Pinzon!

    1. Bath Towels

    Other than for the bedroom or living room, Pinzon by Amazon also offers items you can use in the comfort room. Among these are bath towels made from various materials such as organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, luxury cotton, and Pima cotton! Some are even heavyweight, while others are pretty light. Make sure you clean and fresh from the shower room by using these products.

    2. Bathrobes


    Pinzon by Amazon has a wide range of bathrobes in different colors and sizes! They usually have a removable belt, pockets, and a shawl collar. They are very soft and warm hence are a delight to use right after a rich lather in the bathtub! They also look presentable, making them a good choice for holiday gifts. It’s also easy to bring around for traveling. 

    Are you ready to give your living space the extra touch it needs to become the most comfortable place on Earth? Having a perfect sleep is achievable with these fantastic products by Amazon’s Pinzon! You only deserve the best slumber to make your dreams come true! Not only that, but you can also experience benefits in both the bedroom and the bathroom! 


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