Guide to Beach Chairs

The beach is one of the best places to cool down during the hot season. It is indeed fun to do water activities and soak up the sun. But another thing that will add to your relaxation at the beach is a comfortable beach chair. It is where you can lie down and admire the wonderful view of the beach.

Beach chairs come in different types and materials, and each of them can give you different levels of comfort as well. If you’re planning to hit the beach soon and you’d like to bring your own beach chair, we’re here to give you all the information you need to be able to pick the best one that will suit your needs.

Types of Beach Chair

Beach chairs come in different types and styles and they also range in price, comfort, and portability. Here are some of the most common types of beach chairs available in the market.

Classic Beach Chair

Classic beach chairs don’t come higher than 2 inches above the ground but they can give you the best of both worlds because they prevent you from sitting on the bare sand while allowing you to extend your legs onto the ground. With this type of beach chair, you will be able to enjoy the cool water and wet sand on your feet while sitting down comfortably.


If you like to have a refreshing nap at the beach, then a lounger is a great choice for you. Most of the loungers today come with pillow headrests that will give you a higher level of relaxation. There are also chaise loungers that offer several recline positions, allowing you to tan face up or down. They are just quite cumbersome to carry.

Backpack Chair

If you will be travelling to a beach out of town, then a backpack chair is a convenient choice for you. It is a beach chair that can be worn as a lightweight backpack and unfolds to reveal a chair once you get on the beach. These are also great if you need to carry a lot of other things to the beach.

Kid’s Chairs

There are also beach chairs that are made especially for kids. They are in perfect height for children and are usually designed with fun animal themes. Kids will feel special if they will have their own chairs to take to the beach.

Zero Gravity Chairs

This is a NASA-inspired beach chair where you can choose infinite recline positions within its range of movement. These beach chairs are also designed to relieve pressure on the lower back and spine because they do not recline flat.

Canopy Beach Chair

This one looks like a regular beach chair but it has a canopy attached to the back that will give you shade from the harsh sunlight. Canopy beach chairs usually have frames that are made of aluminum and seat made of plastic.

Padded Beach Chair

This is an improved version of the regular beach chair because its seat and back are cushioned with foam that will give you more comfort. This is a great choice for those who love to sit at the beach for long hours because the padding will prevent you from having backaches and your bottom from getting sore.

Beach Chair Materials

Aside from the types and styles of beach chairs, they also come in different materials. These materials can also ensure you about the durability of your beach chair. To know more, here are the different beach chair materials and their advantages.


This is the most popular material when it comes to outdoor chairs because it is strong, sturdy, lightweight, and weather and rust resistant. If you’re someone who’s looking for value, then choosing an aluminum chair is a smart decision because it doesn’t need any maintenance.


This is another durable and stylish material for beach chairs and it is a classic choice for a beach setting. The best wood beach chairs are made from solid oak or solid ash hardwood because they are weather-resistant and can last for a long time.


Steel beach chairs have superb strength and elasticity. Though it’s more vulnerable compared to aluminum, they are usually powder-coated finish which gives them a long life outdoor. Zero gravity chairs are usually the ones made of steel.

Recycled Plastic

You might think that beach chairs made from recycled plastic are cheap but did you know that they can be the most durable and weather-resistant among the other options? Yes, and aside from that, most of them are also resistant to salt water and bacterial growth, making it a great choice for beach chairs.

Things to Consider When Buying Beach Chairs

Aside from knowing the different types and materials of beach chairs, there are also some things you need to consider before purchasing one. These things will help you choose the best beach chair for your style.

Portability and Ease of Use

Most of the beach chairs you can find can be folded easily, but there are also some that can become more compact than others like the backpack chair. This is a great choice because you can carry it hands-free. If you’re looking for comfort, choosing one that can be fully reclined is great.


Another thing you should look into is the height of the chair. How far off the sand would you like to seat? There are beach chairs that are 9 to 12-inch above the sand and some are 8-inch and below. For lower seats, you will find it easy to stretch out and catch some rays. For taller seats, it will be easier to get into and out of it.


Aside from the frame material discussed earlier, you should also look into the fabrics used on the chair. You need to make sure that the beach chair you will choose have outdoor fabrics such as quick-drying and durable polyester which is stain and mildew-resistant. You can also find chairs with water-resistant and fade-proof fabrics which are perfect for beach use.


This is an important thing you should look into when choosing a beach chair. Make sure that you are comfortable in the one you’ve chosen or else you will not be happy about it.

Other Features

You can also look for additional features in the beach chair that you will be choosing. There are beach chairs that come with cup holders, carrying straps, canopy, and multiple reclining positions. Pick one that will best suit your needs.

The Best Beach Chairs by Type

Now that you know what to look for when choosing beach chairs, we are also going to give you a list of the best beach chairs. Our recommendations are listed according to the type of beach chair for you to easily compare them.

Where to Buy
Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair
Rio Beach Lace-Up Backpack Beach Chair
Rio Gear Classic 5 Position Beach Chair
BeachMall Beach Chair
Ostrich 3-In-1 Beach Lounger
Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Zero Gravity Chair
Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair
Kozyard Aluminum Padded Reclining Beach Chair
Giantex Folding Lounge Chair with Canopy
Artist Hand Beach Chairs with Canopy
Yummy Cookie Beach Chair for Toddler and Kids
VALLF Beach Chair for Kids


The Best Backpack Beach Chairs

1. Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair

This is a great backpack beach chair that is able to carry up to 300lbs. This chair has padded shoulder straps and rubber carry handle. It has aluminum frames which are light and rust proof. The cloth on this chair is made from polyester fabric. Aside from that, this beach chair also comes with a storage pouch that will keep your beverage cool and a folding towel bar.

2. Rio Beach Lace-Up Backpack Beach Chair

This is an adjustable and light to carry backpack beach chair. It also has a flexible suspension that supports and conforms to your body. You can also choose from 4 recline positions. This beach chair only weighs 8 pounds and it rust-proof as well. It comes with a large adjustable pillow and a cup holder. Its seat height is 11-inch and has a weight capacity of 240lbs.

The Best Classic Beach Chair

3. Rio Gear Classic 5 Position Beach Chair

This is a classic beach chair that offers 5 reclining positions. It has contoured wooden armrests which are sealed with marine grade coating that prevents them from scratching and gives them a weather-proof finish. This beach chair also comes with a towel bar and padded straps. It has a compact and folding design with a height of 8.5-inch and a weight capacity of 250lbs.

The Best Loungers

4. BeachMall Beach Chair

This is a lightweight beach lounger that offers 3 reclining positions, a leg rest, and a removable head rest. Its seat is 13-inch above the ground and can carry up to 275lbs. It also comes with a drink holder and a storage pouch so you can keep some foods near you while you’re relaxing under the sun. It is also easy to carry because it has an adjustable shoulder strap and a carry handle.

5. Ostrich 3-In-1 Beach Lounger

This beach lounger comes with a removable tray where you can place some drinks and snacks. It offers 5 reclining positions and 3 adjusting foot rest positions. This chair weighs 10lbs. It is 13-inch above the ground and can carry up to 275lbs. Its fabric is Textline which is easy to wash.

The Best Zero Gravity Beach Chairs

6. Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Zero Gravity Chair

This is a very relaxing zero gravity beach chair that features an imported and patent deluxe Dura Dora mesh. It has a suspension system that will offer you the ultimate comfort while admiring the view of the beach. It can also recline from upright to fully laid back and has easy locking levers. Its fabric is made from 100 percent polyester and can support up to 350lbs.

7. Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair

This beach chair provides a weightless feel for an ultimate relaxation. Its frames are powder-coated steel which are strong and durable but lightweight. Its fabric is made with weather-resistant textilene and can support up to 300lbs. It also features a padded headrest and gently contoured arm rests for more comfort.

The Best Padded Beach Chair

8. Kozyard Aluminum Padded Reclining Beach Chair

This beach chair has an ergonomic design and padded sling seat which provides maximum comfort. It also offers 5 adjustable back positions. It is a lightweight chair but can provide a sturdy support. It is also UV-resistant, breathable, durable, and long-lasting. It is made with water and oil-proof materials making it easy to clean and maintain.

The Best Canopy Beach Chairs

9. Giantex Folding Lounge Chair with Canopy

This is a lounge chair that features a removable canopy that will provide you shade from the sun while relaxing at the beach. It is made with weather-resistant materials. It is also easy to fold and has a space-saving design. It has a maximum capacity of 264lbs.

10. Artist Hand Beach Chairs with Canopy

These beach chairs come with an adjustable canopy sunshade that will give you protection from the sun. It is a zero-gravity beach chair that will provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation. Each of these chairs can support up to 350lbs. Aside from the canopy, it also includes a comfortable pillow and a detachable cup holder.

The Best Beach Chairs for Kids

11. Yummy Cookie Beach Chair for Toddler and Kids

This beach chair is great for kids ages 2 to 5. It has molded plastic arms which are extremely comfortable. It is 13-inch above the ground and can hold up to 105lbs. Its seat is made if environmental polyester fabric and is constructed with a steel frame. It is also lightweight and easy to carry. It also has a safety lock that will keep your child safe while seated.

12. VALLF Beach Chair for Kids

This adorable beach chair will make little kids feel at home on the shore after boogie boarding and building sandcastles. This chair is made especially for kids 2 to 5 years old. It measures 10.23-inch and can support weight up to 90lbs. Its frames are made of steel tube and has a 210D Oxford fabric.

Beach chairs can certainly give us comfort while spending a great day at the beach. Therefore, choosing the best beach chair that suits you is important. They are also great investments because aside from using them at the beach, you can also use them as chairs to relax in to even just in your backyard.