What to Get the Family for Lunch


    Whether you’re out and about with the family at lunchtime or it’s your turn to take lunch home to them, what to get is always an important decision. When it comes to choosing a delicious lunch full of tasty ingredients that suit the entire group, you can’t go wrong with ordering from Papa John’s extensive menu. From some of the best lunch deals around to creative pizza specials, you can find the mid-day meal that meets everyone’s approval.

    Look to Papa John’s to Get Some of the Best Lunch Deals

    The next time you search online for “lunch delivery near me,” check out Papa John’s menu options. You can enter your home or location’s address and zip code on the website and then read about the best deals available to you. Web and mobile ordering make it easy for you to locate the restaurants near you, get special offers and order your fresh, hot pizza in a flash.

    For example, in Asheville, North Carolina, your Papa Picks include create-your-own, pepperoni, sausage, cheese and large double cheeseburger pizzas. If you’re looking for that next-level pizza, choose from handcrafted specialties such as The Works, The Meats and Meatball Pepperoni as well as handcrafted meatless specialties, which include Extra Cheesy Alfredo, Garden Fresh and Tuscan Six Cheese pizzas.

    These delicious, affordable “lunch near me” deals make it easy to for you to please your family and stick to a budget. You can even create your own gluten-free crust with ancient grains pizza or try local flavors, such as Asheville’s favorite Hawaiian BBQ Chicken.

    If you’re interested in carryout options, the same great budget-friendly lunch deals are available to you. Featuring Papa John’s signature ingredients, including fresh dough, cheese and vine-ripened tomato sauce, you can choose from pizza and papadias, wings, poppers, breadsticks, sauces, ice-cold Pepsi beverages, desserts, and more.

    Remember to Grab Some of the Best Pizza Specials

    Papa John’s offers some of the industry’s best pizza specials throughout the year. From pizza deals to full meals, choose the option that appeals to you and your family. Deals and specials apply to both delivery and carryout menus at your local Papa John’s restaurant.

    Specials give you the chance to enjoy some of the tastiest menu items at an affordable price. Consider, for example, the new Double Cheeseburger Papadia. Featuring a quarter pound of beef, zesty burger sauce and dill pickles, it satisfies your hunger and your budget. Then there’s the Bundle Offer that includes a large five-topping or specialty pizza with any side and a two-liter Pepsi beverage. Family Specials, Fuel of Gamers Bundle, Any Side, Carryout Only and Wing It Deals are some of the other customizable lunch specials available to you.

    If these descriptions of lunch options have given you an appetite, order your family’s meal today from your favorite local pizza place. Whether ordering online, by phone or in person, you can quickly and easily provide a hot, delicious lunch for the entire family. Grab some of the best lunch deals for miles around and see your family smile!

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