What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Portable and Under-The-Counter Ice Makers?


    Having a lot of ice on hand is essential for any party. Maybe you’re a sportsperson or an avid outdoorsman who always uses ice. An ice maker may be wise if you frequently run out of countertop ice and make trips to the store. Even though an ice maker is included in most refrigerators, it typically only makes a small amount at a time. You have a few options when you’re ready to upgrade from ice cube trays and subpar refrigerator ice makers. This post will discuss the types and benefits of icemakers on the market and help you decide which is best for you.

    Portable Ice Makers

    Portable ice makers provide advantages over standard under-the-counter models in some scenarios. If your freezer has an ice-making function, you might wonder why you need a separate countertop ice maker.

    One advantage of a portable ice maker is how small and light it is. In addition to being easily transported from place to place, it also doesn’t need to be set up. On the other hand, portable ice makers have smaller capacities when it comes to making ice, and they need constant refilling with water.

    It doesn’t matter if you can’t bear a glass of water without ice cubes or if you routinely host a margarita night with friends: a compact, portable ice maker for your countertop will make your life much simpler.

    The Benefits of a Portable Ice Maker

    1. Portability. A portable ice maker may produce ice wherever there is a power outlet to which it can be connected. It is a little device that does not take up excessive room and can be put on a countertop where it will not be in the way. They are fantastic to have on hand not only for get-togethers with friends and family but also for trips in the automobile because of how convenient they are. It is easy to connect a portable ice maker to a vehicle’s power supply by using a DC adapter. They are so compact that you can easily store them on the restricted counter space.
    2. Quick Ice Making. The typical portable ice maker may create ice for use in as little as ten minutes. This eliminates the need to wait for your ice trays to freeze, as well as the hassle of cleaning and storing them. You just need to add some water, switch on the ice maker, and then stand back while it does its job.
    3. Easy to Use. A kid or an older adult would have no trouble using a countertop ice maker because of how simple they are to use. The process of producing ice is as easy as putting water into the tank, turning the machine on, and returning a few minutes later to discover perfectly frozen ice that is ready to be used. Even better, if you forget to remove the ice, you don’t need to worry about it since it will thaw and be reused.

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Ice Maker

    Before clicking that Check Out button, calculate first how much ice you’ll need so you don’t end up with an ice maker that produces more ice than you need and wastes resources. Keep in mind that two to three drinks can be served with one pound of ice or that you’ll need roughly a pound of ice for each guest at your party.

    Be sure you have enough storage space for one of these ice producers before making a purchase. The ice maker’s dimensions should be compared to the available space on your counter or bar.

    You also need to know that ice makers are not freezers. Even though the storage bins are insulated, they do not contain freezing units, so the ice cubes will eventually melt. If you only ever use ice for parties, turn off the ice maker when it’s not in use to avoid accidentally filling a water cooler with ice.


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    Under-The-Counter Ice Makers

    An ice machine that fits under the counter complements a wine fridge or other large appliance. An under-the-counter ice maker is an excellent option if you want ice but don’t want to keep running the refrigerator. Just like a dishwasher or a beverage cooler, this ice maker fits neatly beneath your counter and supplies you with ice on demand.

    With an under-the-shelf installation, ice makers don’t take up valuable prep or storage space on the counter. They can also churn out massive blocks of ice at lightning speed. Most of them are also highly automated and capable of producing in bulk.

    Most of them, however, are designed to be used in commercial or industrial settings. In addition, since they take up so much room, you should only get one if you often use a lot of ice. They are not portable since it is challenging to relocate them after installation.


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    Consider the Size and Capacity of the Ice Maker

    Choose an ice maker that can produce and store the amount of ice you need without taking up too much room. Regarding the width of ice makers, 15 inches is the norm. The depth and height of the area available under your kitchen counters should be determined, and the ice maker you’re purchasing should fit in that area with extra elbow room to avoid cramping when using the appliance.

    It’s essential to consider the daily ice consumption estimate and the maximum ice storage capacity you’d like your machine to have when deciding on its capacity. Some machines, for instance, may churn out as much as 80 pounds of ice every day but only have enough space to stash 30 temporarily.

    Check the Type of Cooling System

    The ice maker’s cooling system manages any excess heat generated inside the machine. If you’re shopping for an ice maker, you should know whether it relies on an air-cooled system or a compressor. Air conditioning systems do better in warmer climates since they don’t need to install massive vents to release excess heat. You have to be certain that there will be no audible noise coming from the cooling system if it is going to be put in the kitchen.

    Plan Out the Water Line Needed for Your Ice Maker

    Especially for under-the-counter models, the water line for the ice maker must be carefully planned. To make ice, you need water, and that water must be transported through your ice maker’s water line. Water lines for models come in various sizes to accommodate the wide variety of water requirements. You need a water line to provide your ice maker with enough water to produce a whole tray of ice cubes. Putting an ice maker on just any old water line probably won’t cut it. Be certain that your water line can deliver the required volume of water for your model.

    The Benefits of Under-The-Counter Ice Makers

    1. They Make Ice in Large Quantities. The amount of ice that an under-the-counter ice maker produces is plenty for a whole family or for a person who often hosts guests. An under-the-counter ice maker is a time-saving appliance you’ll like if you spend a lot of time continuously refilling ice trays but still discover that there isn’t enough ice.
    2. They are Highly Automated. The vast majority of ice makers that fit beneath countertops are extremely automated, meaning they work nonstop and on their own until the unit is full of ice. For others, the manufacturing of instant ice can be accomplished by pressing a button or pulling a lever. Because none of these models ever run out of ice, the user will never have to worry about this problem again.
    3. They Can Give More Counter Space. If the thought of giving up even a single additional square inch of countertops to yet another piece of equipment is too much to bear, then the ideal machine for you is a tucked-away ice maker that fits beneath the counter.


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    All ice makers come with the advantage of being self-contained, which enables you to make the most efficient use of available space. When throwing a party outside, you won’t have to lug around as many cumbersome coolers packed with ice, thanks to the convenience of portable ice makers. Under-the-counter ice machines may be installed discretely within your cabinets and provide you with access to an ice supply that appears to have no end. Both built-in and portable ice makers can store ice, which clears up valuable storage space in freezers. Last but not least, if you have an ice maker, there is very little chance you will ever be out of ice. 

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