Using Pegboard for Garage Organization

Most of us use the garage as a space to work on our hobbies and to store equipment as well. All of the extra clutter in our home can be found in our garages. But isn’t it more inspiring to work in an organized garage? Organizing the things that we store in our garage can be a great help to us because we don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for certain tools we need. Since it’s organized, we will be able to easily locate them.

There are many ways to organize garage tools such as by using a tool box or rolling tool carts. However, it is still quite difficult to find tools using these things because you’ll need to dig through them to locate the things you need, and they take up much space in the garage as well. One of the simple and most useful things we can use to keep our tools in the garage organized and easy to find is a pegboard.

The term pegboard came from the expired trademark, Peg-Board, which is the brand name used by the Masonite Corporation in 1962. Today, pegboard is a generic term used for perforated storage boards or perforated hardboard. It is a pre-drilled tempered hardboard that contains evenly spaced holes. They are commonly used in retail settings along with steel rods to hold certain products.

Types of Pegboards

Aside from hardboard, there are also pegboards that are made of wood, metal, and other materials.

  • Perforated Hardboard: This is the standard pegboard that is made of wood fibers with added resin. It is tempered through coating using a thin layer of linseed oil and baking it at a high temperature to polymerize the oil.
  • Perforated Wood: Inexpensive woods such as pine is used to create perforated wood pegboards. However, this type of pegboard is more labor-intensive to manufacture and it has a tendency to warp and splinter when loaded with heavy tools.
  • Metal Pegboard: This type of pegboard is made of steel and are usually mounted in strips. Metal pegboards are more expensive compared to other types but they are more durable. This is the best type of pegboard to hand tools and other gears.

Pegboard Specifications

The holes on pegboards have a standard size of 1 inch spacing but when it comes to the board’s thickness, there are two options to choose from.

  • Small Hole Pegboard: Pegboards with small holes are usually 1/8 in. thick hardboards the holes are 3/16 in. diameter. This size is best for holding small and light things.
  • Large Hole Pegboard: Pegboards with large holes are usually ¼ in. thick hardboard with ¼ in. diameter holes. This is the best size to use for workshops and garages where you’ll hang heavy tools.

Functions of Pegboards

Where to Buy
hook kits


Pegboards are usually used in professional environments such as factories and big-box stores. But aside from business purposes, pegboards are also mounted in utility areas of the house, most commonly in garages to organize tools and other equipment.

Pegboards are designed to support peg hooks and sometimes screws as well. Peg hooks are typically mounted by hand and supported with gravity alone. Screws on the other hand, can be supported by additional straps to prevent the metal from bending when carrying heavy loads. It can also hold hooks where you can store other objects such as keys and other small things. There are also heavy duty pegboards that can hold heavy objects or equipment like lawnmowers and bicycles.

Another great thing about pegboards is that you can design it anyway you want. Most tools can be accommodated by pegboard hooks, but there are some things that need special place. In this case, you can create DIY shelves and attach them to the pegboard using L-hooks or cable staples. When you create a DIY pegboard, there are peg board hook kits you can purchase to use on it to hang your tools.

The Best Pegboards to Organize Your Garage

Where to Buy
Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard
Wall Peg Plastic Pegboard Panels
Ultra Wall Garage Pegboard with Accessories
Seville Classics Steel Pegboard Set
All Space Wall Organizer Pegboard and Accessory Set


There are a lot of options when it comes to garage pegboards. You can either DIY it or purchase a ready-made one if you don’t have enough time. To help you out, here are some of the best garage pegboards we found that you may like.

This pegboard is made of steel which makes it durable. It accepts slotted pegboard pegs and hooks, giving you lots of options to mount your tools. It also comes with two 16”x32” panels which you can use to hang tools with significant weight. There are also many colors to choose from like orange, white, black, blue, green, yellow, and natural metal.

If you need storage for lightweight objects such as pliers and screwdrivers, this plastic pegboard panels will work great for you. It’s very easy to install and only a screwdriver is needed to mount it to your garage wall.

If you will be storing a lot of tools, this metal garage pegboard is perfect for you. It is suitable for organizing garage tools, garden tools, and many more. It includes accessories such as steel rails, shelves, hooks, and storage bins. It is easy to install and is made of high quality materials.

This metal pegboard comes with 23 assorted peg hooks and 6 heavy duty plastic bins. It is made of powder coated steel which gives it a long lasting quality and aesthetic appeal. All the wall mounting equipment are also included in the set for easy installation.

This is a 38-piece wall organizer set perfect for those garages with a lot of tools to store. It is made of sturdy steel with an attractive grey finish to complement the ambiance of your garage. It comes with accessories like hooks and shelves that can handle your storage needs.

A pegboard is a great and inexpensive way to organize different kinds of tools in your garage. It can turn your unused garage wall into a storage space, decreasing the clutter and tools stored on your garage floor.