Using Pegboard for Garage Organization


    Garages are often used for more than just cars. Many homeowners use their garages to work on hobbies and store equipment. Still, all too often, the clutter in our homes overflows into our garages. Wouldn’t it be more inspiring to work in an organized garage? Organizing the things we store in our garage can help us save time by making it easier to locate specific tools when we need them.

    There are many ways to organize tools in a garage. A good way is to use a toolbox or rolling tool cart. However, these things take up space in the garage, and it can be difficult to find tools among them. One simplest and most useful ways to organize your garage is with a pegboard.

    The term “pegboard” originally comes from the brand name of perforated storage boards or perforated hardboard, Peg-Board, which was created by Masonite Corporation in 1962. Pegboard is pre-drilled tempered hardboard that contains evenly spaced holes. Steel rods are commonly used to hold certain products in retail settings.

    Benefits of Using Pegboard

    Pegboards are a great way to organize your garage, but they also have many other uses. Here are just a few of their benefits:

    • Pegboards are easy to clean and maintain. You just wipe them down with a damp cloth or disinfectant spray.
    • Pegboards look good and can be painted any color that you want. You can also paint them different colors for different areas of your home, such as blue for the laundry room and yellow for the kitchen.
    • Pegboards are inexpensive, especially compared to other options like cabinets or shelves that may not be as durable over time.
    • Pegboards allow you to store items on your walls instead of having everything thrown into drawers or cabinets. This makes it easier to quickly find what you’re looking for without rummaging through other items first.

    Types of Pegboards

    Aside from hardboard, some pegboards are made of wood, metal, and other materials.

    • Perforated Hardboard: This is a standard pegboard made of wood fibers with added resin and tempered through coating using linseed oil. It is baked at a high temperature to polymerize the oil.
    • Perforated Wood: When it comes to pegboards, the type of wood used in their manufacture can affect the quality of the product. For example, inexpensive woods such as pine are sometimes used to create perforated wood pegboards. However, this type of pegboard is more labor-intensive to manufacture, and it tends to warp and splinter when loaded with heavy tools.
    • Metal Pegboard: If you’re looking for a pegboard to hold your tools in order of use, it’s best to go with a metal pegboard. For one thing, metal pegboards are more expensive than other types but are also more durable. A metal pegboard will keep your tools standing straight and organized for years to come.

    Pegboard Specifications

    The holes on pegboards have a standard size of 1-inch spacing, but when it comes to the board’s thickness, there are two options to choose from.

    • Small Hole Pegboard: Pegboards with small holes are usually 1/8-inch thick hardboards. The holes are 3/16-inch in diameter and are best for holding small, lightweight items.
    • Large Hole Pegboard: Pegboards with large holes are usually ¼ in. thick hardboard, with ¼ in. diameter holes. This is the best size for workshops and garages where you’ll hang heavy tools because they won’t pull off the wall if they weigh more than five pounds.

    Functions of Pegboards

    Pegboards are often used in professional settings such as factories and big-box stores. But they’re also mounted in utility areas of the home to help organize tools and other equipment.

    Pegboards are designed to support peg hooks and sometimes screws. Peg hooks are typically mounted by hand and supported with gravity alone. Still, screws can also be supported by additional straps to prevent the metal from bending when carrying heavy loads. In addition, some heavy-duty pegboards can hold lawnmowers and bicycles.

    Another great thing about pegboards is that they can be customized to your needs. Most tools can be hung on a pegboard with hook-and-loop fasteners, but some tools require space for storage. In this case, you can create shelving units from wood and attach them to the pegboard using L-hooks or cable staples. When creating a DIY pegboard, there are hook kits available for purchase that allow you to hang your tools.

    What to Mount on Your Pegboard?

    Pegboards are a great way to organize your garage, but you can’t just stick anything on them! Certain tools and accessories will work best on pegboard, and others will be better off in a toolbox. So what should you mount on your pegboard? Here are some ideas:

    • Tools: Wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, measuring tape—you know the drill.
    • Hoses and cords: Keep your garden hoses neatly organized with hooks or clips. And don’t forget about those extension cords!
    • Bags for small parts: If you’re unsure where all those nuts and bolts went when you were putting together that new project, try hanging them up in bags, so they don’t get lost again!
    • Screws in jars: If you’ve got a lot of screws (or bolts), use jars or other containers to keep them in one place instead of letting them roll around loose on the floor. Just make sure they’re labeled, so you know which one goes where!

    How to Mount a Pegboard in Your Garage?

    You’ve decided to mount a pegboard in your garage. You’ve got the tools, you’ve got the materials, and you’ve got the plan. Now all that’s left is to actually do it.

    Here’s how to get started:

    1. Measure your wall space and make sure it fits your pegboard. If it doesn’t, consider adjusting your design or finding another wall for your board.
    2. Mark where each peg will go before you start drilling or hammering anything into place so that nothing gets damaged by accident!
    3. Use a level to ensure your pegs are straight up and down before you hammer them in (or screw them in). This will make everything look cleaner and more professional when it’s finished!
    4. Once you have everything set up and ready to go, hang tools or supplies on display–and don’t forget those extra hooks at the top corners for holding things like keys or work gloves!

    Tips on Designing Your Pegboard Layout

    Here are some tips for designing a pegboard layout in their garage:

    • Make sure there is enough space between shelves to accommodate your tools and supplies. If you don’t have enough space, consider adding an extension kit or two (depending on how many tools/supplies you need).
    • Consider how much weight each shelf can hold before placing heavy items. This will help ensure that the shelf doesn’t break under pressure from too much weight—which could lead to injury or damage! You may also want to consider using metal brackets instead of plastic ones because they’re stronger and more durable than plastic ones.
    • Remember that you’ll need a place for cords and wires and tools or supplies—so ensure those areas are properly taken care of before installing any new pegboards into your garage! 


    A pegboard is a great and inexpensive way to organize different kinds of tools in your garage. It can turn your unused garage wall into a storage space, decreasing the clutter and tools stored on your garage floor.

    Furthermore, a pegboard can be an incredibly versatile and helpful tool. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference, so do what is convenient and easy for you.


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