Tips On Decluttering Your Garage


    Most homeowners have a messy garage where the owner cannot fit their car inside. The garage door is kept shut to avoid others from peeking inside and seeing a mess. Getting your garage in order can be difficult if you do not have time for cleaning. Some people tend to park their expensive cars in extreme weather outside the garage and keep unused items lying around in them.

    Suppose you want to keep your garage as a space for parking your car and storing your belongings but find yourself unable to do so because of the clutter. In that case, you need to declutter the garage. You can declutter a garage as you would a home. Anything that you don’t want in your home goes into the garage. Your garage becomes more like a storage shed than an actual “garage,” which is why many people have difficulty keeping their garages organized.

    Benefits of Decluttering Your Garage

    Garages are where we store our stuff. They’re also where we park our vehicles, and sometimes they’re even used as a workshop or extra room for entertaining. But garages are often full of junk—stuff we’ve been holding onto for years because we think it might come in handy one day.

    But what if it doesn’t? What if all that stuff you’re hanging onto is just taking up space?

    It’s time to declutter! Here are the top five benefits of getting rid of the clutter in your garage.  

    1. You’ll have more space to park your car or store things you use.
    2. You’ll be able to find what you need when you need it.
    3. It will be easier to clean and maintain your garage if there’s less junk lying around.
    4. Your home will feel more organized, which can help reduce stress levels (and stress makes everything worse).
    5. You’ll be happier with yourself when you look at your freshly organized garage every day—and who wouldn’t want that?

    Tips On Decluttering Your Garage

    Gone are the days when people were proud to have a big garage. A big garage meant they could house many cars and utility stuff. But as years passed, most of us turned into minimalists and only wanted to have exactly what we required. That has made decluttering garages very important to save space. We have written this post to help you declutter your garage and make it appear small while saving space at the same time. Read down below to learn Decluttering Tips on Garage.

    Clear Out the Garage!


    To start decluttering your garage, first, you must find out what is in it. Pick a section and move everything outside (driveway) to sort through it thoroughly. This cleaning tip will allow you to declutter your garage easily. This will help you to see how much space you have in the garage.

    When your car is parked inside the garage, you will know how much space you have for work. At this time, you will know what type of garage organizers will work best for your garage.

    Decide A Keep Criteria

    Once you’ve removed all the clutter from your garage, set some rules for keeping things and disposing of them. It will speed up the decluttering process and prevent you from agonizing over each item. When you have decided which items to keep and throw away, ask yourself if any of the items are still in the garage for a reason. If it is the latter, find a use for it or throw it out.

    Make a keep criterion on the following points:

    • Things to keep
    • Items that you have used more than once in a year
    • Things in working condition
    • Throw left for fixing items 
    • Tools you cannot rent or borrow easily 
    • Professional organizer

    Sorting helps you organize your belongings, whether you want to get rid of clutter or stay organized. You can sort your items into three categories: keep, donate, and sell. Keep the things you need in the future and sell, throw away or donate the unnecessary possessions.

    Clean It Out 


    Once you have decided what to keep and what to dispose-off or donate, it is time to start cleaning your garage. Over the years, your garage has become home to various living creatures, such as insects, animals, etc. To clean the dust and debris from the walls and floor, sweep it up with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Paint the walls, and apply an epoxy or concrete sealer on the floor.

    Create A Storage System


    When decluttering your garage, you might be tempted to just throw everything in the trash. But there’s a better way: use a storage system!

    A storage system can help you declutter your garage and make it easy to find things later. Not only that—it will also help you organize your garage more effectively, so you can find items when you need them and have room for new stuff.

    Here are some great storage systems for garages:

    • Shelf systems are great for storing items like tools and paint cans. They come in many different sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.
    • Boxes are great for storing anything from garden supplies to clothing and electronics. You can even get custom-made boxes if you want something specific!
    • Rolling bins are perfect if you have a lot of small items or cans/bottles that need to be stored vertically; they’re also great if there isn’t much floor space in your garage!

    Utilize Your Space 


    Once you clear out the clutter from your garage, you’ll see how much space you have for storing your tools, car care products, and other items. You can organize your storage on wire shelves, in containers that fit on pegboards or use hooks on the wall.

    Types of Garage Storage


    Garage Cabinets   Store Tools and Hardware
    Wall Organizers   Hang Tools
    Overhead or Ceiling Storage   Store Ladders
    Adjustable Shelving   Store Stackable Container

    Organize Your Piles of Stuff

    It is important to keep the items you might need in the future. Gardeners need a gardening station with tools, pots, soil, and more. Car enthusiasts and athletes need a tool station with bicycles, automotive tools, and more. Holiday decorations can be stored on high-wire shelves. Everyday items are best stored on lower shelves that are easy to reach.

    When you have organized your daily use and rarely used items, you will have more workspace in the garage to work on your car, lawnmower, bicycle, etc.

    Keep It Clutter-Free 

    It can be hard for you to keep your garage clutter-free. But if you like to organize things, you can do it without effort. Keeping your garage clutter-free is a habit that you need to develop. Once you use any tools or items, you should put them back in their container or shelf. Keep your garage floor clean from dirt that comes with the car tires.

    Use a stain-resistant concrete sealer and stain remover so that it becomes easier for you to remove the stains of oil and other liquids.

    Sell or Reuse the Valuable Stuff

    Garage Sale

    When decluttering, knowing what to do with the valuable stuff you stumble upon in your garage can be hard. Should you sell it? Or should you just keep it?

    There are a few things to consider before making this decision:

    First, are there any sentimental items that have no monetary value but still hold great significance for you? If so, you might want to keep those!

    Second, if the item is something that could be worth money (like an old laptop) and/or has been sitting around unused for a long time (like old sports equipment), it might be time to sell it.

    Finally, if you’ve got lots of stuff in your garage that could be reused by someone else (like a broken chair or an old bike), consider donating it instead.

    Best Garage Decluttering and Organizers

    Garage organization is one of the most common and desired goals regarding decluttering and cleaning. With so much stuff in your garage, it can be difficult to know where to start.

    That’s why we’ve put together this list of garage-organizing products that will help you get your space in order. Whether you need an organizer for your tools or a way to keep your car in its proper place, we’ve got everything you need right here!

    Stackable Drawers

    Stackable Drawer

    Stacking drawers are made of durable plastic and come in sets that are easy to install. They can hold everything from tools to sports equipment and toys. They’re also great for storing seasonal items like snow tires or beach chairs. They’re an affordable way to add extra storage space in any house, including the garage.

    Wire Basket

    Wire Basket

    Wire baskets are a great way to make your garage look organized and clean. These are made from metal wire and can be used for all sorts of things, from storing sports equipment to cleaning supplies. You can even use them for organizing loose change or CDs.

    Drawer Organizer Trays


    If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your garage and maximize your space, look no further than drawer organizer trays! 

    Drawer organizer trays are great for storing office supplies and kitchen utensils. They’re also perfect for storing tools like screwdrivers and wrenches in your garage. If you have items that need to be kept out of reach of children, such as power drills or sharp knives, these trays are an excellent option for keeping those items safe and organized.



    Many people have found that these boards are a great way to organize their tools, especially when they have many small items like nails and screws.

    A pegboard is a board with holes drilled through it in different shapes and sizes. Each hole is designed to fit a specific tool or piece of hardware. When you hang your tools on the pegboard, they will always be within easy reach when you need them.

    Decluttering and Organizing Your Garage – Keep It Clutter-Free

    If you have been storing off-season items in your garage for years, decluttering them can be time-consuming. You will have to pull out all the stuff that has been taking up space instead of your car. Then sort through it and decide what to do with it: use it, sell or donate it. After you’ve sorted everything, clean and organize your garage so you can park your car in extreme weather conditions.

    It’s not a good idea to park your expensive car on the driveway while it rains, snow, or hails. A much better solution is to declutter your garage!


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