Tips for Cooking Vegetables

Different people have different views regarding cooking. Some are passionate about trying new recipes daily, while others are too lazy to cook. Cooking is fun if done the right way. Homemade pizza is the best and the key is understanding how to cook tomatoes and other vegetables to add to your creation. If you are a vegan or want to learn tips for cooking vegetables, you are in the right place. 

You need five things to cook vegetables and make them taste good. They are as follows:

1. Pan


A variety of pans is available on the market, but to cook vegetables without sticking them, you should opt for a nonstick pan. The benefits are various but let’s not get into that detailed conversation. One important benefit is you do not need a lot of oil to cook in a nonstick pan.

2. Oil


One of the best of all oils is olive oil. It is an excellent choice for sautéing and giving your veggies a nice and crispy texture. You can also go for other oils, whichever you like better.

3. Vegetables


You can play around with whatever vegetable you want, but you should always put vegetables in the pan in order. First, put the veggies that require the longest to cook, followed by the ones that need a medium amount of time, then the ones that require the least time. 

For prepping your veggies before cooking, you might need some tools and peelers. Click here to get more information about them. 

Vegetables that require the most time to cook are:

  • Mushrooms 
  • Onions 
  • Carrots

Those that require medium time are:

  • Broccoli 
  • Cauliflower
  • Bell pepper

And these veggies need a lot less time to cook:

  • Leafy veggies
  • Tomatoes

4. Spices


This is the step where you can go crazy and be creative. You can use various spices and flavors according to your taste. Try newer ones as experimenting with the food is one of the coolest things you can do. 

5. Stirrer


Try to use a wooden or rubber stirrer instead of going for the ones made of metal. This is because metals get hot real quick, which might be challenging for you while cooking. 

Veggies are healthy and loaded with nutrients like vitamins and minerals. If our food is not cooked properly, the majority of benefits are wasted. So, to make use of all the goodness of veggies, follow these simple tips:

1. Prefer Not to Overload the Skillet


One of the most important tips you have to keep in mind is never overloading your skillet. Try to sauté your vegetables in a wide skillet because veggies release water while being cooked. Some vegetables release more water, especially the ones that are soft, such as mushrooms. 

Overloading the skillet will mush the vegetables and make your food tasteless. Also, don’t pile vegetables on a pan, rather spread them evenly in one layer.

2. Never Overcook Your Vegetables


It is always wise to avoid overcooking vegetables. It will take out all the aroma and essential nutrients and not be healthy at all. People prefer vegetables to gain maximum health benefits. For example, they help heal skin and body as a whole if taken in the correct proportion. 

Not only this, vegetables help clean your digestive system and have a lower tendency to make you obese. 

3. Roast Vegetables if you are Short of Time 


The easiest way to cook vegetables quickly and flavorful is to roast them. This cooking technique can be preferred, especially if you are too busy to spend hours in the kitchen. Roasted vegetables make a great combo with any dish. Here are some simple tips to have perfectly roasted vegetables:

  • Cook Similar Vegetables Together

Choose vegetables together that have similarities in structure, water content, and cooking time. For example, potatoes, carrots, and onions go together. We would never want to cook veggies like sweet potato and asparagus together because of the difference in their tastes and cooking time. So, it is better to cook such vegetables separately. 

  • Roast Your Vegetables in Duck Fat

Though it does not seem possible every time, it gives your roasted vegetables an extra flavor. 

  • Apply Acid after Roasting Them

Another tip to have lusciously roasted veggies is to apply an acid after roasting your veggies. Roasted vegetables release a lot of sweetness, but you can use acid to balance the sweetness. You can do it with vinegar, lemon juice, or ketchup. The sour flavor of the acid when you bite the nicely roasted vegetables will excellently balance the sweetness of your vegetables. 

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4. Steam Your Vegetables 


Many people complain that steaming vegetables turn them soggy. However, if you do them right, they won’t turn soggy. Always set a timer before steaming them. Normally, vegetables do not take more than 10 minutes to get perfectly done. The key here is to take them out before they turn soft and mushy. 

If you have a microwave, use it for this purpose. The following steps can be followed:

  • Cut the veggies and add them to a bowl. 
  • Add around 2 to 3 tablespoons of water and cover the bowl. 
  • Do not cook for more than 2 minutes. Check if your veggies are done or need some more heating. 
  • Watch out while removing the lid, as it may burn your hand. 
  • You can also steam the veggies in the microwave by using wet paper towels. 
  • After steaming them, sprinkle your favorite spices to add taste. 
  • Enjoy the perfectly steamed, not-so-soft vegetables. 

5. Grill Your Vegetables 


You might have always thought that grilling is just for meat. But grilling your vegetables is a great way to celebrate the products the summer season offers. People may find it tricky and cannot grill their vegetables right. 

  • The Double Skewer Method 

You can use the double skewer method to grill your veggies without them spinning, as in the case of the single skewer. It will also help you flip the skewers on the grill. This method can be used with asparagus and many other vegetables. 

  • Grilling Smaller Veggies In Foil

Vegetables like broccoli cannot be grilled directly on the grill, but you can grill them using foil paper. Wrap the desired veggies in foil paper with all the spices sprinkled. You can also add a small lump of butter or olive oil to add extra taste. 

  • Double Layer Foil for some Veggies

You can use double layers of foil to avoid overcooking veggies like potatoes while letting the interior cook properly. If you try this trick once, you will always prefer this mode of cooking your vegetables. 

Before grilling the veggies, you should cut them right. Always cut them in pieces that can easily go on the grill without falling. 


We hope that you like these simple tips to cook your vegetables effectively. Go ahead and try any of these tips to get the max out of your vegetables. All in all, cooking vegetables the right way provides you an amazing taste and preserves all their benefits without wasting them.