The Guide to Spatulas


    A fairy can barely do any magic without her mystical wand. Similarly, you can’t do any magic in the kitchen without the most important kitchen wand of all – the spatula! Any cooking session can’t push through without this kitchen tool. True enough, this is the cook’s frontline as it is the first line of defense that touches the food completely! After all, you can’t cook with bare hands or even a fork. Lucky for you, spatulas make your meal preparation a whole lot easier!

    What’s great about spatulas is that it is useful regardless of the type of cooking you’re doing. From flipping the fried chicken, allowing the liquids to flow through the blade of the spatula, to the actual serving of the food, there is no doubt that your spatula can do a lot of functions just for your convenience! 

    Choosing The Best Spatula for You

    Although every spatula seems the same, there are some significant differences. One important distinction to be made is identifying the kind of dish you’ll be making. There are spatulas of different shapes, sizes, and materials, so you have to consider all of the activities you’ll be doing with it before finally choosing. Do you feel confident in flipping the burgers or scraping batter into the cake tins? 

    You can buy many spatulas at your own expense but then try to choose quality over quantity. To look for a quality spatula is to consider different factors. For starters, slotted utensils such as spatulas have perforations in the blade. This shall allow moisture to escape, and the liquid drains when you handle items. You better check out those slots in the blade because they might not always be helpful for everything! 

    Another important factor you must consider is heat resistance since spatulas must withstand high heat, or they will break down when you dip them in your pan. Otherwise, better adjust the heat! Lastly, you can also consider the color of the spatula to use! Aside from maintaining organization, you can also pattern a color-coded system so it would be easier to distinguish your kitchen tools!

    Lucky for you, spatulas lead to many different uses that best suit the kind of meal preparation you’re doing. Here are just a few of these kinds you can choose from:


    1. Turner Spatulas

    Man flipping over an omelet with a spatula

    One fun fact about spatulas is that the original kitchen spatula was called a turner because it initially functions as a flipper with a long handle and wide blade that flips and turns food before transferring it into a serving dish. That is exactly what the turner spatula does! The blade is usually thin, so it could slide easily under food without damaging it because no one really wants a chopped-up grilled sandwich! 

    It is best to look into the kind of blades that are strong yet easy to maneuver so you can turn your burgers and steaks with confidence. Small holes for removing excess grease or other liquid is also a great choice in choosing the best turner spatula. Turners also have different kinds depending on their blades and perforations:

    • Perforated Turners – These turners use small holes to drain out the grease or excess liquid when you flip over the dish. 
    • Slotted Turners – These turners are reliable in handling delicate dishes because of their slots.  
    • Solid Turners – These turners are the perfect pancakes since they’re solid and don’t have any slots or holes.

    2. Fish Spatulas

    Metal spatula on the wooden table top

    This spatula is closely related to the turner but doesn’t have a sharp angle. Instead, its gently curved blade makes it flexible, giving you the ultimate control in handling extra delicate dishes such as fish. It can also work as a great alternative for slotted turners when you’re drying, and you don’t want to get all of the greases on your dish.

    3. Scraping Spatulas

    using a scraping spatula on a cake

    Common for baking, a scraping spatula is used for sticky bread dough and even stirring scrambled eggs. These flat spatulas are essential for bakers as their flexible rectangular blades can have a multitude of functions for mixing, spreading, and scraping. It’s also a fun tool to use when reaching into the deepest corners of the pot to prevent sticking or burning. 

    4. Offset Spatulas

    You would also want to have thin spatulas in your drawers! Having the flexibility of fish spatulas and the angle of the turner, these offset spatulas are most helpful in baking and frosting cakes. They’re also perfect for making bite-sized pancakes!

    5. Silicone Spatulas

    You might have heard that silicone spatulas are ideal for baking, but they can also be used for stovetop cooking because they allow you to reach the corners to prevent scorching and sticking. They’re also so easy to clean that you don’t have to worry about ruining your nails. You can also pick the colors to match your color-coded set-up in the kitchen!

    6. Spreading Spatulas

    View of a woman layering the cake with a spatula on her hand

    This spatula is great for spreading frosting on cakes or pushing batter in an even layer. Its blade is easy to use and helps keep your knuckles free from icing. It can also be used to serve slices of cake or pie because of its long and flexible blades that always create a smooth and level finish. 

    7. Giant Spatulas 

    You can only fit so much with one spatula, so you might also consider getting a giant spatula! This one can be used for large items such as big cakes or large-sized pizzas. It’s like a flipper but only bigger and made special for large items! 

    8. Wooden Spatulas

    View of wooden spatulas on the kitchen top

    Wooden spatulas are the best fit if you want something that would last you a decade or even more! They’re relatively inexpensive and even good for the environment. It’s also the best material that helps in preserving non-stick woks. You can also find it comfortable to use, so it won’t burn your hand. Just ensure you wash it immediately and dry it thoroughly since wood is an organic material that can be home to bacteria. Nevertheless, wooden spatulas are a timeless item in a kitchen when handled with care. 

    Choosing the right spatula must be the easiest of the many kitchen tools you need to secure your kitchen. Make sure to follow the quick tips we provided you to ensure that you get the best spatula for your kitchen! 


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