Ready for Kindergarten?

Guess what I’m doing today?
(If you read the title of this post you probably guessed it has something to do with Kindergarten, so good job)
That’s right- time to get my littlest baby registered for Kindergarten. I can’t believe it’s that time already. I was looking through my files and folders of important documents looking for her birth certificate and shot records and found both the kids’ hospital paperwork. I guess I kept pretty much everything the hospital discharged me with, complete with their room service menu and a tiny sample of nursing cream. I got a little nostalgic looking at all of this stuff!

Wish us luck! They told me to bring Lily with me because they like to do a little mini “screening” process to help place all of the children according to their needs. I’ll have to update you all on how the whole process goes. 
I’ve been warned of some pretty crazy lines friend’s have waited in trying to get the “good spots” for their kids in Kindergarten, but this school advises not to arrive early and that spaces aren’t filled on a first come, first serve basis. Good to know, because I wouldn’t want to have to defend myself against an angry soccer mom over something like a PM shift.
Oh, the joys of school-age parenting!