Jewelry Ideas for Bridesmaids


    Even though it is not a requirement, it’s become a fairly popular tradition for brides to buy their bridesmaids the jewelry they’ll wear on their wedding day. It’s easy to understand why coordinated bridesmaid jewelry sets have become standard. This is the best way for brides who have a very specific idea of what they want their wedding party to look like to guarantee that every bridesmaid will accessorize with something they like.

    It is also a thoughtful gesture above all else. Giving your bridesmaids jewelry in any form—earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a combination of items—is a considerate way to appreciate all they’ve done for your special day.

    Jewelry Ideas for Bridesmaid

    Hands of bridesmaids and bride with drawings on the wrists

    Establish a price range that you are comfortable with before choosing a bridesmaid jewelry set. If you’re purchasing jewelry for a number of friends, the cost can add up quickly. Consider factors like necklines and colors when choosing pieces that complement their bridesmaid dresses. Choose very adaptable pieces if your bridesmaids will all be wearing different dresses. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite bridesmaid jewelry designs.

    Romantic Heart PendantHeart Necklace

    To honor the emotion that is bringing you altogether which is love, ask your bridesmaids to wear matching heart necklaces.

    Hearts shape rose gold pendant necklace on pink background

    Sparkly Geometric Earrings

    Geometric Earrings

    Your bridesmaids can shine without going over budget with stunning crystal earrings. They make the ideal statement pair for a formal event because of their geometric design, which feels both modern and sophisticated.

    Accessory, Earrings

    Floral Jewelry Set

    Ornate Jewelry

    You want something fancy, right? It’s a match made in heaven how the necklace and earring set combines lovely florals with stunning crystals. They’ll look fantastic with a formal bridesmaid dress with a sweetheart or straight neckline.

    Beautiful golden earrings decorated with diamond in flower shape display in jewelry box

    Dainty Huggies Earrings

    Huggies Earrings

    Jewelry for bridesmaids made of opalite and gold is both simple and elegant, so it goes with just about anything. The double-huggie design gives it a special touch.

    Huggies Earrings

    Stunning Gemstone Necklace

    Gemstone Necklace

    With lovely gemstone pendants, you could go in a lot of different directions. Choose a color that best complements the bridesmaids’ dresses, or select various necklaces based on the birthstone of each bridesmaid. A silver or gold chain will go well with their other accessories.

    Gemstone Necklace

    Crystal Bracelet

    Crystal Bracelet

    Who doesn’t adore a bracelet made of crystals? Your bridesmaids’ wrists will have a subtle shine from the gold and crystal jewelry, which they can easily reuse.

    Pretty Layered Necklace

    Layered Necklace

    As we all know, outfits with V-necklines go great with a V-shaped necklace. An accessory with two layers offers twice the charm without being excessive. Depending on the style of your squad, choose a silver or gold finish.

    Layered Necklace 1

    Infinity Earrings

     Infinity Earrings


    Stunning infinity earrings are just as meaningful as your relationship with your bridesmaid. If you give them earrings with an infinity symbol, their hearts will undoubtedly melt.

    Vintage Pearl Pendant

    Pearl Pendant

    Bridesmaid jewelry made of sterling silver is utterly classic. The gleaming freshwater pearl will blend in seamlessly at a classic wedding.

    Bold Beaded Bracelet

    Beaded Bracelet

    Bold beaded bracelets are a great option if you want the jewelry worn by your bridesmaids to stand out. It can be personalized by adding their initials, which makes it a fantastic gift.

    What Jewelry Should Bridesmaids Wear?

    The bride will ultimately decide which specific accessories the bridal party will wear. Keep in mind that jewelry is not required, but it can add a nice finishing touch to bridesmaid outfits. Whether it’s because it doesn’t fit your vision or they’d just prefer not to, your crew is under no obligation to wear jewelry. There are many things to consider, though, if you do want your bridesmaids to accessorize their outfits with some shiny items.

    Can they mix and match their jewelry, or do you want them all to wear the same piece? Are there specific accessories you want to buy or can they wear something they already own? You’ll need to make a decision regarding the types of jewelry you want your squad to wear before diving into these crucial questions. Here are the pros and cons of each to get you started.

    Bridesmaid Earrings

    Nearly anything looks good with earrings. It all comes down to picking the appropriate style for each person’s hairstyle. A small, understated pair of studs will look great with an updo. The stylist suggests something bigger with a little bit of movement, like drop earrings, for people who have their hair down. One thing to remember is that not everyone wears earrings. Before adding anything to your shopping list, make sure your bridesmaids are on board with the idea. For those without pierced ears, you might want to look into some clip-on options.

    Bridesmaid Necklace

    It’s completely acceptable if you’re set on having necklaces for your bridal party. For higher necklines, a longer chain is advised, and for lower necklines like sweetheart and V-necks, a simple pendant. It might be best to forego the necklace entirely and concentrate on other accessories when wearing necklines with more statement pieces like ruffled.

    Bridesmaid Bracelets

    Bracelets are a lovely way for your bridal party to feel connected on your big day because they are a symbol of friendship. They will be a sweet and understated addition to your bridesmaid attire that won’t overshadow the dresses you spent a lot of time choosing. With that in mind, some guests may not notice bracelets if your bridesmaids are dressed in long sleeves.

    How To Choose Bridesmaid Jewelry?

    Choosing the appropriate bridesmaid jewelry for each outfit can be challenging, especially if each person has a distinctive style. It’s crucial to consider cohesion and curation, and the simplest place to start is with your color scheme. You want the metal you choose (yellow, white, or rose gold) to go well with the color of your bridesmaid dresses. Matching cool tones with cool tones and warm tones with warm tones is the best way to achieve this.


    Lastly, just keep it simple. While choosing your wedding party’s accessories can be enjoyable, remember that a few understated pieces will go further than flashy and eye-catching choices. The bridesmaid jewelry shouldn’t draw attention, but it should be more stylish than their standard, everyday accessories. Wear some lovely jewelry, but keep it understated, elegant, and classic for this occasion.


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