Jewelry Ideas for Bridesmaids

Thinking of what kind and style of dress your bridesmaids should wear is just the first thing to consider. To complete your bridesmaids’ looks, we highly suggest you should opt for accessorizing them with pretty pieces of jewelry that will not only match on your wedding day but it can also double as a “thank you” gift for them for all the efforts they put into helping you create your special day.

But it can be a little bit difficult to accessorize your bridesmaids especially when you have to take into account their different sizes, personalities, and sizes. It doesn’t matter if your bridesmaids have the same or different dresses, their accessories will help to complete their looks and bring everything together. If you’re still lost on how to accessorize your squad, worry no more because we got you covered. We are here to guide you on how to pick the perfect jewelry for your bridesmaids.

1. Leave it up to them

You can let them decide individually on how they will shine through your wedding day by letting them accessorize for themselves. Different accessories will give your bridesmaids their unique looks especially if they will be wearing the same bridesmaid dress. You can ask them to choose their own bracelets, earring, necklaces, and shoes. You can even give them guidelines if you want them to wear pearls only or metallic accessories.

2. Give them a theme

You can also suggest to your bridesmaids to have accessories that will complement your wedding day look by giving them a theme. For example, if you would be wearing a sparkly headpiece, your bridesmaids can wear a similar clip on their hair. This is the best option if you want to create a look that will work together aesthetically because similar accessories can help unify the feeling of your wedding.

3. Go for a minimal (or no) accessories

Another tip is to ask your bridesmaids to skip the accessories altogether or maybe ask them to wear just a simple pair of stud earrings. This is perfect especially if the bridesmaids’ dress is embroidered and shimmering which means wearing a big sparkly necklace would overkill their look. Sometimes, when it comes to accessorizing, less is more. They don’t need to be sparkling in jewels, a simple statement bracelet can perfectly complement a strapless or sleeveless dress.

4. Gift them their accessories

Accessories or jewelry can be a great gift to give to your bridesmaids. Imagine giving them dangling tassel earrings to wear on your special day, and when they wear those earrings in the future, they will be reminded of your wedding day. If you really want your squad to wear a specific type of necklace on your wedding day, you might as present it to them wrapped up as a gift. And this one can help unify their looks especially if your bridesmaids would not be wearing matched dresses.

5. Get Creative

You are not restricted to accessories like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can get creative and maybe even ask your hairstylist to glam up and add some sprigs into your bridesmaids’ hairdos. And you don’t always have to opt for expensive pieces of jewelry and accessories, you can try to find lower priced items that look elegant but glamorous at the same time.

If you want to have some ideas on what accessories you should pick, here are some jewelry and accessories that we can recommend to you.

Where to Buy
Rose Gold Tassel Earrings
Customized Name Necklace
Cuff Bracelets
Rhinestone Crystal Choker
Heart Locket Necklace
Open Cibic Silver Necklace
Customized Bridesmaids Bracelets
Teardrop Dangle Earrings
Rhinestone Headpiece
PAVOI Handpicked AAA+ Freshwater Cultured Single Pearl Necklace Pendant
Bridesmaid’s Jewelry Set
Bohemian Cuff Bracelet
Feather-Shaped Earrings
Friendship Rings


This lead and nickel-free earrings are the perfect jewelry if you want to opt for a subtle look. The rose gold color and the ombre tassels will give you a simple but chic look.

These necklaces will add a more personal touch to your bridesmaids’ look. This can also be a pretty squad necklace that will remind you and your bridesmaids your special day.

These elegant cuff bracelets can make your dress look more elegant. It will also add a statement to your bridesmaids’ dresses. But remember, if their dress is already embroidered and shiny, you should opt for a simpler accessory.

This jewelry is a perfect addition to your bridesmaids’ ensemble especially if they have simple dresses. This will make their look sophisticated and stylish.

This locket necklace is the perfect accessory because it can also be your friendship necklace to remind all of you the day you tied the knot.

This necklace is perfect if you want to opt for a minimalist look. It comes in a gift box that says “I couldn’t say “I do” without you by my side” that’s why it makes the perfect bridesmaids gift.

This thin bar bracelet is minimalist, chic, and cute. You can choose if you want it to come in sets of three, four, or five. It is customizable so you can put each other’s name and the date of your special day.

What can be more classy as teardrop earrings? This jewelry is the perfect addition to your bridesmaids’ ensemble to give her a simple but classy look.

This tiara comes in five different designs that will surely glam up your bridesmaids’ hairdo. This headband adjusts to your head so it’s not too tight and it will not slide off from your hair.

If you are planning to give your bridesmaids jewelry as your gift, then this set is the best choice for you. It has a necklace with a pendant, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a pretty hair comb.

This is a great bracelet if you’re having a bohemian themed wedding. You and your bridesmaids will fall in love on how this cuff bracelet will amplify your wedding look. Plus, it comes with an exquisite gift box and pouch that makes it a great gift.

This feather-shaped earrings are the perfect pair if you have a toned down dress. This will make your look more sophisticated and simple at the same time.

We know that it may sound kind of old school but we believe that friendship rings don’t go out of style. In this case, you can choose your initials and your bridesmaids’ initial on the ring. It will be one of that jewelry that you all have to remind you of the day one of you tied the knot.

Nothing says simplicity and elegance than a piece of jewelry with a pearl. This pearl pendant necklace also comes with a pendant where you can put your initials on.

This nature-inspired hair comb that is perfect for any kind of dress. It will add a stylish look and it is picture-perfect if all of your bridesmaids are wearing a headpiece.

We hoped we helped you decide and pick the perfect pieces of jewelries for your bridesmaids, we know that planning a wedding is not easy that’s why you have your bridesmaids whom you can count on to.