Inspirational Gifts for Women

The important women in our lives deserve some well-thought-out inspirational gifts. You might be on the lookout for a special gift for your mother, sister, friend, or mentor. Some might also want several inspirational gifts for their female work team members of family members. Whichever the case, there are quite a lot of options to choose from.

Different women have different tastes and preferences when it comes to gifts, but an inspirational item is sure to please most people. After all, we all know women who are amazing multitaskers and are giving a hundred percent every single day. It’s only natural that one gets burned out at the end of the day, but the right motivational quote or affirmation can lift them right up!

The range of choices for inspirational gifts can be overwhelming, so let’s shorten the search a bit. Below are some considerations to take into account when shopping for the perfect inspirational gifts for her. We’ll also throw in some ideas for actual gifts along the way:

Practicality and Usefulness

An inspirational gift doesn’t just have to be a motivational quote or saying. It could very well have a practical use as well. If your female co-worker has an empty-looking office or cubicle, they might like a wall hanging to brighten things up and keep them motivated. If you want something smaller, a notebook with their favorite quotes or even a mug with a positive affirmation will start their day on the right track.

One good example of a practical yet inspirational gift might be this engraved coffee or teaspoon. The inscription is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, and it’s always nice to have a personal spoon when you’re in the workplace. It’s also a cost-effective option, so you can get a few for the next special occasion:

Where to Buy
“Be Fierce Today” Engraved Coffee or Tea Spoon
Chanasya Hope and Faith Prayer Inspirational Message Gift Throw Blanket
Graham Dunn She is Clothed with Strength Proverbs 31:25 Small Fence Post Wood Wall Art Plaque
KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Friendship and Inspirational Messages
An Inspirational Colouring Book For Everyone: Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire Paperback


“Be Fierce Today” Engraved Coffee or Tea Spoon

Many people like to have their coffee or tea first thing in the morning. Some might even like to sip a hot caffeinated drink throughout the day, so gifting them a spoon is quite practical. If you get this engraved version, though, you’ll be sending a positive message to your friend every single day.

Apart from the “Be Fierce Today” motto, you can also choose to get the engraving customized. This could be your friend’s name, their favorite quote, or anything else which holds special meaning. However, make sure not to wash this spoon in the dishwasher, as it might be ruined with this method.  

Individual Preferences

When you’re giving an inspirational gift to anyone, keeping their personal preferences in mind could help you in making the right choice. For instance, many inspirational quotes and messages are taken from the Bible or some other religious text. Some people might actually prefer to display such sayings, while others might not like such a blatant display of religion.

If you’re getting several token gifts for a group of women, it’s probably safe to stay in the secular zone. Go for quotes by famous personalities, or literary figures if the group is inclined towards that area (your book club, for instance).

Other preferences might be in terms of colors, materials, the role of the item, and several others. As long as you choose something motivating and decorative or practical, you should be in the clear. For instance, the blanket we’ve reviewed below is available with certain quotes from the Bible, but you may also get it in a more neutral pattern, such as a plain long fur or a flag:

Chanasya Hope and Faith Prayer Inspirational Message Gift Throw Blanket

This throw blanket gives your loved one warmth and hope at the same time, as it’s printed with uplifting quotes all over. It’s available in a range of colors, including teal and purple, so you may choose according to a certain décor.

The blanket is soft, plush, and a perfect gift for those long winter nights. Your friend or family member would love snuggling in there, especially if they have some hot chocolate and a good book in hand. The quotes are sure to bring a smile, but you may also choose for some plain options if the intended recipient isn’t religious.

The Budget

Fortunately, inspirational gifts don’t have to break the bank. For a reasonable price, you can get a perfectly nice wall hanging that your friend or family member will absolutely adore. However, make sure that you check out the dimensions and reviews about the item before placing an order. This will help you determine whether you’re getting a quality gift for your loved one or not.

The plaque we’ve reviewed below is one example of why you should check out the details before ordering. While the quality and appearance of this hanging is decent enough, many feel that it’s too small for the price. If the recipient has a nice little corner to hang this, however, you might want to go ahead with this option:

Graham Dunn She is Clothed with Strength Proverbs 31:25 Small Fence Post Wood Wall Art Plaque

This wall plaque measures about 12 by 6 by 0.25 inches, and is made from high-quality wood MDF materials. It’s made in the United States, so we can be fairly sure of the quality. The fence pattern design lends a rustic look, which should go well with many living rooms.

You can hang this plaque on the wall or set it up on a table/shelf. It will make for an excellent house warming gift or any other occasion. If you have a cherished friendship with any religious female, they’d be sure to appreciate this offering.


Not everyone might appreciate overly sentimental gifts, but that depends on your relationship with the person. For instance, your best friend since childhood might be moving away, and you want a gift that will last a long time. A decorative hanging or a book of quotes might be just the thing here, while you might also want to get creative with a collage or jar of notes.

If you decide to go with the latter, the jar below might provide a handy shortcut. It contains several notes for your friend, which they can enjoy on a daily basis:

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Friendship and Inspirational Messages

If you want a gift that keeps on giving, you might want to get this keepsake jar from KindNotes. The notes here are in their own tiny envelopes, giving an adorable display every time. Whenever your friend needs some inspiration, all she has to do is sip into the jar and get a lovely message from you right then.

Even when the notes are all read, the jar itself will be a cherished gift. You may also choose to have blank notes in order to personalize your gift yourself. There are around 31 notes in a jar, which might not be enough for some.


It’s always best if the inspirational item you get has some decorative quality. When we’re stressed out, the sight of something beautiful can go a long way to rejuvenate our spirits. You might find that your female friends place special importance on beautiful items, so try to select bright, colorful objects if possible. Of course, they might prefer something more sober, so it depends on the specific recipient.

Creating something beautiful is also a therapeutic exercise for most, so you might want to combine the two aspects in one gift. This coloring book for adults seems like the perfect solution, as one can use it for their own stress relief and have something to show for it at the end of the day. Check it out here:

An Inspirational Colouring Book For Everyone: Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire Paperback

This coloring book by Papeterie Bleu is inspiring, motivational, and appeals to the artistic sense. Even if your friend is not interested in art, they might find it very soothing to color these pages. Adult coloring books have proven to be an effective means of stress relief, so why not combine inspirational quotes with this exercise?

Those who have used this book have expressed great satisfaction at the relaxation, inspiration, and fun they’ve had with it. There are about 35 pages for your artistic leanings, all of which provide a therapeutic experience. Since the pictures are on separate pages, you can even pull out some of the best results and hang them up.

If you want something other than a coloring book, there are also several motivational books to choose from. These will make portable and versatile gifts that everyone would love to have on their shelf or coffee table.


The list of inspirational gifts for her is quite large, but the factors above should help to narrow it down. Above all, we would say keep the preferences and tastes of the recipient in mind. If you’re buying in bulk, however, you might want to keep it as small and neutral as possible.

In any case, we’re sure that everyone would appreciate an inspirational gift from you this season! It’s a great way to welcome someone into the workplace, or show them how much you appreciate your relationship.