Inspirational Gifts for Men

Shopping for men can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re of the opposite gender. Males might not appreciate many of the sparkly, pretty little knickknacks that most women would love. Some also believe that men are more expensive to shop for, as you have to go with a classic watch or wallet in order to play it safe.

However, we still say that men will definitely appreciate an inspirational gift, given that it suits their tastes. This means that we first need to make some effort in deciding and shortlisting the types of gifts to buy. This might seem overwhelming at first, but the factors below should help in the process: 

Think From Their Perspective

When it comes to giving gifts to men, we shouldn’t be thinking about the value from our perspective. Some men might be interested in home décor or cooking, but just as many are more interested in sports, cars, and other activities.

Perhaps what most men would really appreciate is something inspirational that will also contribute to their everyday lives, whether professional or personal. A practical gift will encourage them to make use of it, gaining benefit from the wisdom and motivating words at the same time.

Fulfilling a Need

Whatever you do, it’s a good idea to get them a gift that fulfills some sort of need for them. Many people might like to spend hours creating a beautiful crafts project, but the recipient might not appreciate the purely aesthetic value.

Instead, you might want to put some thought into what the intended recipient actually needs in his life. If he’s just moved into a new place, a set of hooks might be more appreciated than a simple wall hanging. In order to make the gift an inspirational one, you might choose some hooks that have a plaque with some meaningful quote on it.

He might also be looking to expand his hobbies, so take a look at what these are. If you decide to gift a journal with quotes on each page, make sure he enjoys writing first or has the need to make little notes on the regular.

Make Observations

Remember, men aren’t always as expressive as women, though there are always exceptions. Discussing what a man wants with the person himself probably won’t get you enough information to go on. Instead, you might want to make some observations on what he enjoys doing. This includes noticing what he spends his spare money and time on, as these are some good measures of what’s important in his life.

For instance, someone who’s usually thrifty might end up spending a good chunk of his savings on sports. This could be tickets to a game or some souvenirs, but it will give you a hint. Consequently, you might decide to give them something with quotes from great sports figures on it.

Conduct Some Research

Some men might have an interest or hobby that you don’t know much about. Don’t let this be a deterrent to getting the best gift; the internet is at your fingertips, so open that browser and do some research on the subject. Even if you aren’t a fan of sports, sculpting, cars, or whatever his passion is, you can always find out what the best gifts in those areas would be.

Once you know something about his interests, you can make a safer choice for the right gift. This research will also help you to avoid making unnecessary and expensive choices. For instance, if someone is interested in photography, you don’t have to get them an expensive new camera or lens. If your budget is limited, a book about famous photographers might be a better option.  

If you are going to buy some sort of gear, make sure to run the make and brand by him first. It might be that he’s not seriously contemplating replacing an old and trusty piece of equipment, so don’t even think about throwing it out! Even if he does want to replace it, chances are that he simply wants a new version of the exact same thing.

Browsing Some Likely Option

It’s perfectly all right if you’re still at a loss about what to get for a male friend or relative. Once you’ve looked at the occasion for giving and your own budget, it might be time to check out some actual items that could make a very inspirational gift.

To make the search easier for you, we’ve covered some of the top options for inspirational gifts for men below. These come in varying price ranges and are sure to suit even the most difficult recipient. As long as you’re fairly sure that it would suit his tastes, you’ll hopefully be safe while choosing off this list:

Where to Buy
The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men
Think Big Personalized A5 Lined Paper Notebook by Little Beside Me
Mignon and Mignon Personalized Bracelet
Our Bucket List
The Book of Awesome (The Book of Awesome Series) by Neil Pasricha 


The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men

This paperback book is a cost-effective way to please anyone who’s fairly religious. If your male friend has a deep connection to religion or is comforted by some well-chosen words, this might be a much appreciated gift.

The prayers, quotes, and verses chosen here are especially focused on helping men overcome certain difficult phases in life. There are some practical applications of these verses as well, so perhaps even a spiritual but not religious person might benefit from this offering. 

Think Big Personalized A5 Lined Paper Notebook by Little Beside Me

If a male is into writing and motivational words, this journal might be a perfect gift for them. It’s simple in design, but you can get it in a variety of colored and prints. The lines inside could also be dotted or solid according to your preference. You may even customize this offering with a name, initials, or a date on the journal.

The quality of this notebook is also impressive, as it’s made with UV printing technology. This makes the cover resistant to wear and tear. There are a ribbon bookmark and an elastic closure to keep this book secure and safe even when you’re on the go.

What we especially like about this option is the happiness guarantee. If someone isn’t completely satisfied when they receive this gift, the item can be replaced or fixed as needed.

Mignon and Mignon Personalized Bracelet

Jewelry for males is a rapidly growing market, so don’t overlook this option if it applies to your friend. This simple yet quality bracelet will let your friend have a keepsake of your thoughtfulness, while also uplifting them with a customized phrase or words.  

This bracelet is made of leather and engraved metal, and is suitable for fathers, friends, uncles, brothers, and any kind of male who isn’t averse to wearing jewelry. It’s masculine enough in appearance, so there shouldn’t be any worries on this count. The design is slim and neat, not bulky, while the engraving is precise and easily legible according to reviews.

Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couple by Lux Reads

This book is an excellent gift for someone who’s in a committed relationship, or for your own significant other. It’s all about experiences these days, so it’s handy to have a book of ideas for what to do together as a couple.

Some men might have difficulties in making decisions, especially when it comes to planning trips or vacations. With this book on their shelf, however, the ideas will just keep pouring in. Some might like to accompany this gift with a certificate for an activity in one of the destinations.

In short, this book will be an excellent wedding or anniversary gift for any couple. Even if someone is single, this work could give them several ideas on trips to take with friends.

The Book of Awesome (The Book of Awesome Series) by Neil Pasricha 

This book is one of an award-winning series, and with good reason. It helps one celebrates the little moments in life that we might overlook otherwise. If any of your friends are feeling down, this work might cheer them up in a matter of minutes.

It’s very easy to forget the things in life that are worth smiling about, especially with the news of the world getting us down. With a reminder of the awesome things that are still around, one can hopefully overcome the low feelings and get to smiling again.  


Even when men try to show a tough exterior all the time, they need inspiration as much as anyone else. Everyone faces difficulties at times, and a few positive words of affirmation are valuable for these dark moments. It might also help if they could read up on how to add motivational messages to their daily routine.

Whichever gift you end up choosing, the thought and effort behind it count for a lot. These inspirational gifts will hopefully help any male through some tough phases and help them achieve their goals more easily.