How to Use Diagonal Drawer Dividers

Opening your drawer can be compared to falling down a rabbit hole. When you’re not looking, clutter takes over – and items tend to end up in that mysterious area where misplaced socks and bobby pins end up. Getting a drawer organizer is a simple solution, whether you’re already a die-hard KonMari cleaning ideology fan or are hesitant to throw out years-old invoices.

Drawer organizers help in building containment and providing an appropriate home for everything. They allow you to further refine a category in one easily viewed space by isolating your thongs from your briefs and bikinis. So there’s some logic to the madness.

Organizing drawers diagonally rather than at right angles can provide you with considerably more freedom in utilizing the space inside the drawers. It’s the kind of aha moment you’re shocked you didn’t think of sooner.

Using Diagonal Dividers


Diagonal dividers maximize drawer capacity and enable longer items to be stored in the drawer. You can buy a pre-made diagonal drawer organizer and slot it in.

The only problem is that your drawer must be the exact size of the organizer. If the drawer is too small, it will not fit. If the drawer is significantly larger, you will wind up wasting a lot of room.

Diagonal Space Saving Bamboo Drawer Divider

Organizing kitchen drawers with these items can result in an endless mess: electric knives, huge kitchen utensils, hairdryers, spoons, rolling pins, pliers, hair flat irons, whisks, scissors, ladles, wine openers, graters, and so on. And this is how to solve the dilemma.

This may astound you, but you may arrange super-long tools with smaller kitchenware by storing items diagonally. This tray can help you with that, and the dividers even pull out if you need to create room for something extremely large.

Almost any little, huge, or awkwardly shaped object can be housed with this diagonal bamboo drawer divider. With this space-saving divider, you can organize your beauty products in the bathroom, home cabinets, or bulky utensils in the kitchen drawer. It is also ideal for storing other items like sewing supplies and arts and crafts.

Where to Buy
Diagonal Space Saving Bamboo Drawer

Product Features

Space Saver: Designed to be deep enough to accommodate bulky items while making the most of the drawer space.

Customizable: Slots may be removed to change the form and size of the bin, giving you organizing abilities!

Ingenious Design: The diagonal slot layout allows you to store extra-long things (up to 16 inches) and unusually shaped or small utensils. The tray measures 17 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 2.5 inches thick outside.

Superior Design and Quality: This tray has a reinforced bottom and a solid finish, along with eco-friendly materials that will survive the test of time. You’ll adore its rich feel and classy appearance, which has been exquisitely created.

This organizer box is specifically designed to bring order to your disorganized drawers and assist you in utilizing the available space. It is designed to fit most drawers, but we highly suggest measuring your drawer before purchase to ensure a proper fit (please allow for an extra 1/4 to 1/2 inch for loose-fitting).

How to Make Your Own Diagonal Drawer Dividers


If you don’t want to waste time going from store to store looking for the proper diagonal dividers for your drawers, you can construct them yourself! You don’t even need to be very handy to make one! And depending on what you need to keep, you can build one to fit your space.

Here’s how to make a diagonal drawer organizer:

What You’ll Need

  • Damp rag or microfiber cloth
  • Saw and miter box
  • Tape measure
  • Craft board
  • Pen, pencil, or marker
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Drawer liner
  • Wood glue


Empty your drawer: Remove everything from the drawer and clean it with a microfiber cloth or a damp rag.

Measure the inside of your drawer: Take measurements of the drawer’s length and width. To give yourself some wiggle space, remove a little less than 1/4 inch from each measurement. Do two measurements!

Cut the sections for the organizer frame: Dot where you’ll need to cut the frame pieces, then use a saw to cut them to size. If you need assistance cutting a straight line, you can use a miter box.

Attach the frame: Assemble the frame using wood glue so that each piece is at a 90-degree angle. Set aside the frame to dry. Tip: Using kraft paper or newspaper to cover your workspace isn’t a bad idea.

Make a list of your utensils: Sort utensils in the drawer by size (lengthwise) or like with like. Determine where you want your diagonal dividers to go using these groupings. There is no correct answer here.

Measure and mark the diagonal pieces: Now that you’ve determined how many dividers you’ll need and where they’ll go, measure the space between them on the frame and mark the sections where they’ll be cut.

Cut the diagonal sections: Cut every piece to size with the miter box and saw. The miter box is required to cut the components at a 45-degree angle. When the components are in place, they will sit flat against your frame.

Glue the partitions in place: Set your diagonal pieces to ensure that everything fits as it should. They may need to be sanded or trimmed. Glue the pieces together and leave the whole thing aside to cure if everything looks good.

Line your drawer: Cut a piece of drawer liner to fit the bottom of the empty drawer.

Organize your drawer: Once your organizer’s glue has cured, slip it into your drawer and start organizing.

Important Reminders


  • You can construct a frame to remove the dividers as needed. If your organization needs do not change in the future, you may glue the diagonal pieces right at the sides of the drawer.
  • If you don’t feel confident using a miter box or saw, the helpful employees at your local hardware shop may be able to cut the pieces for you.
  • You can utilize a 3/8-inch-thick craft board from a local hardware shop. Purchase one piece for each divider and four pieces for the frame (one for every side).