How to Make the Most out of Your Storage Space


    No storage units? No problem. Let us help you make out the most of your storage.

    Regardless of how huge your estate villa is or how small your apartment is, we all require space to make our homes feel welcoming and spacious. Sometimes, we might have a lot to store and little space: cramming your items can not only be a hassle but make your storage space a lot less functional. Therefore, here are 6 clever ways to maximize space for storage in units.

    Start With Decluttering

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    The first step to utilizing most of your storage space is to get rid of unnecessary items. Not only your storage rooms but learn to effectively declutter your homes to make them more spacious and clean.

    Removing unnecessary items from your storage makes room for useful ones. It helps you save time which you otherwise would spend in finding what you need. Furthermore, it might as well cut down the costs you spend on additional items after not being able to find them in your storage space.

    Break up your storage into sections, tossing out items to keep or discard one by one. Consider donating or recycling instead of throwing your stuff in the trash can if possible.

    Assess Your Space and Items

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    Another essential task after decluttering is assessing your storage items and space. It will help you in utilizing storage potential to the full.

    What kinds of items do you store? Are they tools, pantry items, books, sports equipment, pots, clothes, or more?

    Your storage shelves and hooks should be able to accommodate them. You surely don’t want to invest in beautiful spacious shelving only to realize that your items are too heavy or bulky for them. Make sure to look at the width and height of your storage space as well. See if you can make your unit more effective by additional storage solutions like hooks, bins, and shelves.

    Buy Uniform Storage Solutions


    After decluttering and assessing your items, now is the time to invest in a storage solution.

    Excellent storage solutions streamline your stuff and create more space. They allow you to group your items, so everything feels like at home.

    Professional organizers recommend getting ones that suit your need the best. For instance, if you want to store sports equipment and gardening tools, a plastic container is not the right fit. You will need a cabinet stack or sturdy shelves to store your items safely. Therefore, make a note of the stuff you’re tossing in when you declutter. Invest in the right but infirmly sized storage solution.

    For most people, a shelf with box containers works well. We recommend using clear plastic containers as they stack up against the well neatly, allowing you to see through them for easy retrieval. You might want to get a decorative basket if you store items in dens or bedrooms. For storage space in the garage or the basement, you have several options available. Do consider getting hooks and pins to hang some items.

    Think Vertically

    cardboard boxes

    To make the most out of your storage space, you have to think vertically. For instance, if you have a 5ft wide wall and boxes of 1ft width, you can fit only five boxes across it. However, if you stacked them vertically, you can create as many rows of 5 boxes across the wall’s length, making towers of storage containers in your space!

    Not only does this increase your storage capacity exponentially, but it also makes your storage unit a lot more spacious and functional.

    Therefore, don’t discount the space at your feet and head to use your space to its full potential. Stack up uniform storage solutions like boxes in vertical columns all around the walls of your storage space. You can even label columns with grouped items like gardening equipment, holiday clothes, sports equipment, and a lot more. Take advantage of higher spaces by getting a ladder to reach those areas. However, make sure you store items concerning their weight and delicate material. For instance, do not store glass materials low on the ground with heavy things on top. Keep your lightweight boxes on the top, increasing the weight and material sturdiness as you go down. This setting will also prevent injuries if the boxes fall on you. Use plastic or hard material containers for the floor. Stack everything well!

    Label Your Boxes


    The benefits of labeling your storage boxes are endless. They give a lot more organization, style, and functionality to your unit. They help you save time as you don’t have to go through everything for just one item. Labels also help cut costs as you might end up buying additional products if you lose them within your own storage space.

    Make grouped labels for your storage containers. All you need is some paper, sharpie pens, and tape.

    Take Advantage of an Off-Site Storage Unit or Other Rooms


    Sometimes, even after decluttering, one may have essentials for which you have no space. If this is the case for you, try investing in an off-site storage unit for a while. Just make sure you don’t end up paying hefty fees.

    You may also utilize spaces in your home other than your storeroom. For instance, try setting up a shelf for non-expensive items in your garage or porches. We highly recommend a porch storage shelf for plants: not only does this help you store other things in your storage unit, but it lets you adorn your porch beautifully.

    Therefore, think out of the box and go beyond your storage rooms!

    The Takeaway

    With our six primary tips, you can now make the most out of storage space. Make sure to declutter your units regularly: toss out useless items in a basket for donations or recycling. Invest in cost-effective and need-based storage solutions that fit your space and needs. Store your stuff in containers stacked against the walls vertically: get pins and hooks for hangings as well, utilizing the storage space between your head and feet to the most. Amidst all this, keep your unit clean and organized by labeling your containers for ease of retrieval.

    Lastly, think out of the box to utilize space in other rooms of your home as well. So why are you still waiting? Get to work today and use your storage potential! Do check our tips on maximizing space in your apartment.


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