How to Make Prune Puree

Prune puree is a great replacement ingredient for fat in baked goods because it actually stabilizes the batter, much the same way fat does, but without adding fat to your diet.  And you know fat makes you fat!

Heres the easy solution

  • Combine 1-1/3 cups (8 oz.) pitted prunes and 6 T water in container of food processor.
  • Pulse on and off until prunes are finely chopped.

Makes 1 cup.

This mixture can be used as a substitute for fat in baking use 1 T puree for 1 T fat. Stores very well in refrigerator.

Note: You can play with the water amounts a little bit.  For instance, if you want chewier brownies, make your puree a bit thicker.  Have fun 🙂