How Can You Get Your Child to Like Reading?

In a world full of play stations, news about the latest iPhone release, and amazing online E-games, getting your child to like a book and make reading a lifelong habit can be a pretty tedious task. Gone are those days when books by Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, or A.A. Milne were seen in every child’s hand.  While your child’s peers get their hands on the latest gadgets and receive thousand-dollar devices on their birthdays, if all you give them is a J.K Rowling magic story, it can be heartbreaking for them and might make them feel inferior to others.

Under such circumstances, it might seem that there is little you can do to make your child pick an old classic. As a parent, we understand that you are concerned about the healthy growth of your child and that you know how important it is for your child to read as books are a friend that stays. Let us look at some definite ways that will help you divert your child’s attention towards reading.

Read with your child every day

Spending time with children is an integral part of parenting, especially at a younger age. Introduction of a good children’s book at this time can make sure they develop a liking for reading. For starters, you should take the lead and read the story out loud for them, and then once they start reading by themselves, you can stay with them while they read.

Keep books around the house

Make sure you have books lying around the house, so your child grows up with books within their sight. If possible, keep a bookcase in their room and make it as appealing as you can so their heart lunges out to pick something from it. Books have a charm, and all you have to do is sell them to your child.

Discuss the happenings of books with your child

Most of the time, your child will need someone to discuss what they read in their storybook. They will be puzzled by the magic these books offer them. It is your responsibility to be present for them and solve their queries for them.Most books have themes that can perplex a young mind, and helping them out is your job. Discussing books with children and providing them a new perspective on parts of the plot will further increase their interest in the book.

Make sure they get time to read everyday

a girl sitting on a rock and reading, trees and grass in the backgroundIf your child goes for an extracurricular activity after school, like a piano class or football training,you ought to manage their schedule appropriately so they can find time to read almost every day. Asking a lot from your child will have adverse effects on their performance,so keep things simple. Give them enough free time to relax and read so that they don’t start to hatereading.

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Choose books that interest your child

It will be a bad idea to give your child a book called Principia Mathematica by Isaac Newton at a young age, though for some kids, that might be the trick. It’s always good to be on the safe side.

Choosing a book like one from the famous five series by Enid Blyton or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl can inspire your child to start reading. These authors have mesmerized generations with their work, and it’s almost fair for your child to also get to experience the wonderland Roald Dahl takes him into.

Get them a library membership

This can increase ten folds the chance of your child developing a habit of reading. Libraries are built to provide a quiet environment for readers and intellectuals. Once your child starts liking the place, we are pretty sure they will always want to be in there with their favorite book. So make sure you get them their first-ever library card and a book to go with it, so they know where to start.

Create a cozy reading spot for them at home

If your child is still very young or is reluctant to go out on their own to a library, make sure you provide them with a comfortable and cozy spot to read at home. A place that is comfortable, well-lighted, and is not very noisy will do the job. Make sure they are supplied with a cup of hot chocolate or their favorite snack while they read.

Express your admiration for authors and books

Tell your child what it means to be a reader. Talk to them about the legacies different authors have left behind and how the world loves their masterpieces. Tell them how a particular book played a significant role in who you are today and how a book can similarly influence them. Books have an essence, and talking to your child about them will make them grow fond of books.

Reward them for every book they finish

Positive reinforcement can be a tool that you can use with your child. Handing a small token of achievement to them once they finish a book can increase their reading speed and desire to read. You can sometimes reward them with a new book once they complete the older one but make sure you give them something as a prize.

Take them to a literature festival

Literature festivals can be a good way to introduce your child to the world of readers. Literature festivals that offer activities for young readers and where actors play the famous scenes from different books can be a pretty exciting thing for your young child. Make sure they never miss out on such an opportunity. Buy them new books from a book fair and encourage them to spend more on books than video games. Make sure your child never has to part ways with their favorite author.


If your child is adamant about holding a screen at all times, then the least you can do is install an application that allows them to read online. Most books are available online now, and it’s an excellent way to make sure your child has a soft copy of the book at all times. Tell them how they can access different online stores for books and check what they read. Make them read no matter the means.

Last Word

Hopefully,you are now equipped with new ways to make sure your child develops the habit of reading. Reading is one of the healthiest part-time activities that your child can adopt, and as a parent, it’s your job to see to it that they do. Most often, what we read is who we are, and people who do not read miss a very significant part of their lives. Encourage your children to be readers today so that they can become leaders tomorrow.