Hot pink & glitter gel manicure {How to embed glitter}

I wanted a fun, bright manicure for Spring, but I was feeling a tad lazy. I didn’t just want a plain color. I also didn’t want to sit and do nail art since I’d just soaked off my previous set of gels. I decided a glitter accent nail would be a fun way to jazz it up without being too time consuming. Rather than use a glitter nail polish, I used loose glitter on top of my gel. The pink color is called Gossip Girl by Gelish MINI.
Here’s a quick tip on how to add regular, loose glitter to your gel manicure: after applying and curing your base coat and colored gel of choice, use an eyeshadow brush to pick up some glitter and dab it on the nail. Continue dabbing the glitter on the nail until you get the coverage you like. Then shake off any excess glitter from the brush and nail. Use the side of the brush to press the glitter into the nail. Don’t worry about ruining your gels- you’ve already cured the layers you have on. Pressing the glitter into the nail will ensure a smooth finish on your nail and the nail won’t feel “gritty” when you’re done. Then apply your top coat and cure it. Don’t forget the free edge! I prefer two layers of top coat after doing glitter to ensure good coverage and a super smooth finish.


The great thing about this embedded glitter is that it won’t wear or flake off at all! They will stay perfect looking for as long as you wear your gels, which is usually about two weeks for me
I think this mani will go perfectly with my new maxi maternity skirt.
What do you think?
For more tips make sure to check out my DIY Gel Nails tutorial.





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