Hanging your Pictures without Nails

The combination of hanger and nails is dangerous if you’re clumsy and if you don’t know how to patch a hole. This is why there are other ways of hanging and displaying your pictures without needing to drill holes to the walls, especially if you’re living in a rented place. You can collect a lot of art or have a lot of pictures framed, but hanging them can be challenging. If you don’t want to use nails, here are your available options:

Where to Buy
Command Sawtooth Picture Hangers
Command 3M Picture Frame Hangers
Azar 771620-WHT Pegboard 1-Sided Wall Panel
PLASTIC J Hook Style Peg Board Hook Kit Garage Tool Storage Fits
HomeDone Picture Hanging Wire
Hooker Furniture Palisade 3-Drawer 4-Shelf Bookcase in Walnut
Furniture of America Corley Contemporary 6 Shelf Bookcase
ARTEZA Black Steel Display Easel
Yubbaex Washi Tape Set Masking Black Gold Foil Print Decorative for Arts
Molshine Set of 6
ELMERS Cork Foam Boards
VASAGLE Industrial Ladder Shelf


1. Use adhesive hooks and strips

For easy, damage-free hanging, you can use a wide variety of adhesive hooks and strips that can hold the weight of a framed art or picture. If you want to hang a framed photo or art that has a sawtooth hanger at the back, you can use this set of 3M Command Sawtooth Picture Hangers for hanging pieces as heavy as 5 pounds. This package comes with four hangers and 8 strips.

If you want to hang a lightweight painting, adhesive strips will be just fine. The Command Large Photo Hanger Strips comes in 14 pairs of large command strips. Four pairs of these strips (8 in total) can hold up to a 16-pound frame. Both the hooks and strips are easy to use and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your walls.

Before you buy any adhesive product, make sure you check the weight rating. Also, don’t be afraid to use multiple hooks or strips even when hanging a single frame. This is to make sure that the piece won’t fall down and break. Until you’re more confident with using adhesives, it’s best not to hang your first frame directly over the bed or over a precious furniture or porcelain figures.

2. Use a pegboard

Do you want to create a gallery wall but you want a little less permanence? You can simply use a pegboard to make a customizable gallery wall that’s easy to arrange. And since a pegboard is full of holes, you don’t need to make your own with a hanger. Azar White Pegboard 1-Sided Wall Panel is a white pegboard that makes a great background for your art. Simply use pegboard hangers like PLASTIC J Hook Style Peg Board Hook Kit that can easily be attached to the pegboard. It comes in a set of 50 pieces. Hook these up at the back of the frame unto where you wish and you get an easy, wall-hanging decoration journey ahead of you.

3. Hang artwork from the molding

If you’re living in an old house full of built-in molding, you can use that to your advantage when it comes to displaying your framed art. You just need to buy special, inexpensive hooks that fit exactly over your rail. Then, use a picture hanging wire like the HomeDone Picture Hanging Wire to get the frame hanging exactly where you want it. It’s not a simple task to do – and perhaps more complicated than simply nailing your pictures to the wall, but it keeps your walls pristine. And when it’s done right, it will surely look fantastic.

4. Display frames on the mantel

Fireplace mantels are a great spot for displaying your works of art. These spots are often cluttered with knick-knacks and family photos, but try decorating it with an oversized, dramatic painting to kick your décor up a notch. Just lean back your framed artwork and enjoy. If you use your fireplace regularly, make sure you keep the temperature above the mantel safe so it won’t damage the artwork. Monitoring the room’s temperature and humidity is important when it comes to protecting your art.

5. Lean it on the wall

Perhaps the easiest way to display an artwork is to simply lean it on the wall. If it’s a tall frame, displaying it from the ground up is an easy choice. Do this especially if the piece is taller than most of the furniture in the room, so it won’t get lost with the rest of the décor. Another idea is to layer framed pieces on a dresser. Let the dresser or credenza lift the frame in an eye level.

6. Display frames on the bookshelves

The bookshelf is not just for showing spines of your favorite hardbacks – it’s also great for showcasing smaller, framed works. If you want to protect your walls, it will be helpful to make your bookshelves a multi-level display of your smaller framed photos or works of art.

If your bookshelves at home are already loaded with books but you still have wall space, why not acquire another shelf just for display? This Hooker Furniture Palisade 3-Drawer 4-Shelf Bookcase is a great display shelf for traditional to mid-century modern interiors, and it comes in a walnut finish. Then ends of this bookcase are not bordered, so it looks more suitable for displaying art, frames, vases, awards and the like.

If you’re prefer something slimmer and more suitable for contemporary interiors, the Furniture of America Corley Contemporary 6 Shelf Bookcase is for you. It’s pretty and unfussy, and provides different sizes of shelves through its tiered structure.

7. Display it on an easel

For avid artwork collectors, it may be fun to replicate that museum or auction experience at home where some works are displayed on an easel. And no, we’re not talking about easels that are for art in progress (though you can use one if you want to). There are stand-up, display easels like the ARTEZA Black Steel Display Easel perfect for presentations. This comes in a pack of three.

8. Stick it to the wall using washi tape

There are photos you just want to casually display in your walls – no need to frame them up because bare is part of your aesthetic. Taping photos or art printouts to the wall is more stylish using washi tape compared to using clear stuff. It works best also if you want to switch in and out your images on a regular basis. For displaying plain, black and white photos, you can add a touch of elegance using this Yubbaex Black and Gold Washi Tape Set that features black and gold in different designs. If you want something that adds a touch of pretty subtle colors and natural texture, get this Molshine Set of 6 Natural Color Washi Masking Tape.

9. Install a bulletin wall

Sometimes, there’s a wall in your house that you want to transform into a display center, and you want to be able to update it from time to time without needing to deal with nailing new holes and removing old ones. Why not turn one entire wall into a corkboard, so you can pin as much as you want without creating permanent holes. This 20” x 30” ELMERS Cork Foam Boards can be installed in your wall – though you might need to buy more of these to occupy your entire wall. It’s great especially for that corner home office or mood boards.

10. Use a ladder

Ladders are usually kept in the garage, but when placed in an awkward and unused corner, it becomes a potential for display storage with no nails required. If you got a wooden ladder, you can use it to create your own art display while adding a rustic touch to it. Metal ladders may look tacky, and may only look suitable in an industrial interior.

If your available ladder is in use, or if you don’t have one that will look great, it’s a great opportunity to make use of that awkward space. Purchase a ladder shelf like the VASAGLE Industrial Ladder Shelf. It’s sleek enough to fit in a corner but spacious enough to display your pieces. It has a vintage wood finish with rigid iron frame, which looks great for adding a delicate touch of the past to a modern interior.