Great Lighting Ideas for a Game Room


    Having a game room at home is a delight! You erase the need to meet up with your friends outside your place and take hours to choose where to go. In the comfort of your own home, you can have fun with the family any time, and you can have friends and even co-workers at home for fellowship and merriment!

    Although game rooms have a lot of components for entertainment, there seems to be something missing. Decor perhaps? If you share that problem and think your game room could use a little more spice, consider adding a spark of joy in the form of lighting.

    But what lightings are appropriate for this type of room, and which could further accentuate the space’s jolly, sporty and competitive mood? This article explores the different ways you can decorate your game room with more brightness!

    Pool Table Light

    Colorful billiard balls on a green billiard table.

    Billiards is a great game option, especially for those who only wish for a low-impact activity with good bending exercises. Having lights over the pool table is a great idea for functionality and style.

    When installing pool table lights, make sure that ceiling joists are of good quality, stability and strength so that they can handle the weight of the lights, especially if you choose decorative ones (such as stained glass lighting). 

    Another thing to consider while choosing pool table lights is their ideal length, given the pool table’s size. Additionally, the space between the lowest portion of the pool table lights and the pool table should be around 40 inches but not greater than 70 inches. 

    Accented Ceiling Lights

    Beautiful basement entertaining room with LED lighting in tray ceiling

    Want a good accent of the lights without being too flashy, bright, and direct? Accented ceiling lights are a great option as it provides an attractive gradient of light spreading across the ceiling – giving your room a subtle but noticeable contrast.

    There are many options for accented ceiling lights. If you want to go beyond the usual white or yellow colored lights, you can! Some people purchase LED strips that display different colors, such as blue, purple, and pink. Other LED strips can even change colors transiently and have different light effects, such as blinking and transitioning. These strips are then positioned under a ceiling base to give that gradient effect. But if you don’t have these ceiling bases, no worries! Check out the next idea.

    Colorful LED Strips

    Online Cyber Technology Gaming Girl Playing Internet

    If you are a fan of vibrance and colors, you can get different colors of LED strips and position them around the room. These are often placed near the gaming area to get gamers in the mood. 

    By adding different light colors, the room transforms from a boring, simple room to a captivating, comfortable, fun space! You can also match the colors to the given color of the room. If the place is painted white or black, color choice is more flexible. 

    This is a good option for those who love certain color schemes or rainbows! You can add the LED strips parallel to each other in different colors to create a stunning arrangement of rainbow colors. Rainbow colors are a good touch for game rooms because they have long been symbols of inclusivity, diversity, and togetherness!

    Neon Lights

    Neon Sign - Game Room

    Want to go bold with a statement? Perhaps there’s this famous saying your family and friends would always talk about and even crack as an inside joke? Or maybe you just want to let it be known to all that this space is a game room where they must leave work behind and focus on the games? 

    Whatever your reasons are, neon lights are a creative option for you to consider. Other than words, neon lights can be customized to display an image or symbol that may be fun or meaningful for you, such as your family’s symbol, a logo of your alma mater, or even just the iconic Pacman ghosts. 

    Neon lights are more than attractive and functional: they remind people of what it represents and can even set the game’s mood. You can add neon lights encouraging sportsmanship and game participation if you want. Quotes like “Be a Good Sport,” “Let’s play together,” and “Work Hard, Play Hard” are popular options.

    Hanging Light Bulbs

    Little Asian Boy Enjoying Car Racing Video Game

    Whether Christmas lights, fairy lights, or circular bulb lights, hanging light bulbs are a wonderful touch to any game room. Yes, you read that right! Even Christmas lights can be used, and if you’re saving up, purchasing Christmas lights after the Christmas season is a smart trick to get good discounts for fully-functional items!

    Lights like these are pretty to see and can come in different colors. They can also give the room an out-of-this-world look, especially if colored yellow, orange, and white and placed against dark-colored walls! 

    They may be a hassle to set up, especially if they keep falling over, so make sure you have the tools and items to help you hang these lights across the game room!

    Hanging Lamps

    Hanging lamps are a nice idea for a game room. There are many different options in the market, and they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. They are also easier to set up than hanging light bulbs because it usually takes only one go per hanging lamp.

    If you plan to play games like table tennis or beer pong, this might not be a good option because these lamps can easily get hit due to their bigger size and hanging position. With that in mind, make sure you choose a strong and stable ceiling joist and a hanging lamp that is, as much as possible, not fragile or breakable.

    However, don’t let this spoil the fun for you! There are many fun designs of hanging lamps, such as one that looks like a basketball ring, with a basketball that serves as a light. There are also hanging lamps that come in the shape of your favorite characters or with words across them that symbolize beloved brands. 

    You can’t have fun if you can’t see things, accidents happen, and the mood has not been set. Take away the risk of ruining your special game day by ensuring you have wonderful lighting in your game room! Give your friends, family, and yourself the brightness and joy you deserve!



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