Essential Items for a Safari Visit


    Since a wildlife safari is one of the best experiences that a person can have in their lifetime, it’s on most people’s bucket list. For those of you who set out to check it off of their bucket list, it’s important that you do it right the first time.

    So, how can the perfect safari experience be achieved?

    Simply by ensuring that you pack and bring along everything that is essential for a perfect safari holiday.

    Which brings us to the question, what are the essential items for a safari visit?

    Well, fortunately, we have compiled a list of everything that you can possibly need on a safari to enjoy the experience to its fullest. Let’s jump into it and discuss the list right away;

    1. The Right Clothing

    The Right Clothing for Safari

    While there’s no strict dress code for going on a safari, there are a few basic understandings regarding the way you should dress to ensure your safety in the wild.

    • Whites, camouflage, and bright colored clothing are a big ‘NO’
    • Choose colors that are more subtle and blends in with the environment, like beige, khaki and certain shades of green
    • Darker shades like blues and blacks should also be avoided as they are known for attracting tsetse flies
    • Do not pack clothes that restrict your movement
    • Go for long-sleeved shirts, blouses, and tops if you want to avoid getting sunburned and mosquito bites
    • African weather is just as wild as the land itself and varies throughout the day. So, don’t forget to pack a couple of sweaters and jackets as well
    • Pack a pair of shorts if you don’t mind getting a few scratches here and there. If shorts are not your thing, pack hiking pants
    • Buy yourself a pair of hiking boots for the trip as well, as they will provide you with better control of your body during your expedition
    • Don’t forget to pack a hat as well as it will be helpful against keeping you safe from a sunstroke

    2. The Must Carry Gadgets

    The Must Carry Gadgets

    If you want to make the most of the adventurous trip, there are a few gadgets that you definitely have to have with you. The most essential of those include:

    • Since a lot of animals worth seeing are in a habit of staying at a distance from humans like giraffes and zebras, binoculars will really help you in enjoying a close encounter with them from afar
    • A digital camera with a preferably high-quality zoom is also a must, especially, if you want to take some great pictures as a memorabilia of the trip. Don’t rely on your phone cameras unless you plan to stare down wild animals directly in eyes
    • Battery packs, chargers, extra memory cards, and lens cleaners should also be packed for photography convenience
    • If you plan on spending a couple of nights in the lodges in the wild, you must also have headlamps as these areas can get pitch dark even in the early hours of the night
    • And of course, a waterproof backpack to carry your camera, batteries, binoculars and all the other stuff that you may want have on you

    3. Pharmaceuticals


    For those of you who are on prescription med, we cannot insist on the importance of bringing them along on the trip. Apart from that, there are also certain over the counter drugs that you definitely must pack. These include:

    • A first-aid kit, in case you face any small emergencies or health issues
    • Basic OTC medicine for treating nausea, sore throat, headaches, flu, indigestion, antiseptic lotion, eye drops, and anti allergens
    • Pack an insect repellent if you want to spend a peaceful night under the open sky
    • If the country you are planning to visit is commonly known to have malaria transmission, also pack malaria medicine just to be on the safe side

    4. Sunscreen

    Sunscreen, Sun cream Bottle

    This one should be a no-brainer. Spending too much time under the sky with no protection leaves you open to sunburn. A sunscreen bottle has to be the most obvious item on your safari checklist.

    5. Compatible Adapters

    Planning a trip with a phone

    Depending on the country you are planning to visit for the safari, there’s a likely chance that the power adapters that you have for your electronic gadgets like cameras, phones, and battery packs; might not work there. So, do a little research about your destination country to buy and pack a supported adapter for all your gadgets.

    In certain cases, you may also have to opt for a step-down or a step-up power converter.

    6. Guidebooks

    Tourist Guidebook

    While you will have guides to answer any and all of your questions if you are planning to take a guided tour, having a few guidebooks handy never hurts. For starters, they can help in introducing you to the local cultures. These guidebooks also share information on the locally spotted animals, even the rarest of breeds.

    Having them handy or giving them a quick glance will help you in identifying most species of birds and animals by yourself, adding to the level of your excitement.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are planning to go on a safari soon but don’t feel you are physically active enough for it, get a couple of items from this list to create a home gym and get yourself in shape for the wild. If you are planning to throw a going-away party, here’s a list of essential items for a party to help you get organizing.

    We hope you find this list useful and manage to squeeze everything we mentioned into your luggage. However important all these items maybe, they’re not more important than your travel documents and your emergency contact information. So, keep them handy at all times.

    In the end, we wish you have a safe, wonderful and joyous safari. Good luck and bon voyage!

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