Easy Everyday Kitchen Cleaning Tips

One of the most important places in your home that get used almost daily is the kitchen. It gets messy in seconds – as if even placing your foot in the kitchen somehow fills the sink up to the brim. Even with the height of messiness that this kitchen presents us with, there is no way we can never enter our kitchen.

From having toasts ready to giving your daily morning coffee a whirl, the kitchen is the most used place in every home. Since it is the source of everything that feeds you and your family, having a clean kitchen is important. Whether your kitchen is newly constructed or you are working on maintaining your old one, cleaning it every day is a task you cannot ignore. 

Here, we have some of the easiest but important kitchen cleaning tips that will help you maintain a spick and span kitchen. 

Easy Everyday Kitchen Cleaning Tips

1. Minimalism is the Key 


You know how much dirt, food debris, and crumbs accumulate underneath the appliances or jars resting on your counter. The key is to remove all the extra things from the counters and put them in the drawers or cabins of your kitchen. If possible, you can have a sliding cupboard built for appliances that you use daily. In addition to keeping up your organization game, this tip will help keep your counters clean. 

The next time you are trying to clean your kitchen after a meal, you would not have to remove or shuffle things from the counter. Also, clutter-free counters look appealing. They have an esthetic appeal that gives a shiny look to your entire interior. 

2. Clean the Sink On-The-Go 


This is probably one of those tips that are easier said than done. However, if you master this hack of everyday kitchen cleaning, half of your worries will fade away. It is not easy to clean the dishes while preparing food and keeping up with the kitchen’s workload. 

However, fret not – we have you covered here too. As it is extremely tiring to keep washing the dishes with your hands while you cook, chop, or do any other task, what you can do is to keep your sink filled with warm soapy water. Keep dropping the dishes in the water when you are done using them, and you can get to them later.

Once you are done with the cooking chores, you can get back to the dishes, sponge them thoroughly and rinse them. Also, leaving the sink dry at night is an excellent way to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Make sure that you wipe off the dishes with a dry cloth and cutlery after washing them. This saves you a lot of time the other day to keep them away. 

3. Cleaning the Cooking Top 


What appliance do you use the most in your kitchen? It is your cooking top. Everything that is cooked on it or even boiled mostly gets the taste of it. The tip here is to do damage control as soon as it happens. If you spilled milk or soup on the stove, do not let it sit there. Clean it with a soapy sponge and wipe it off before turning it on again. 

This everyday cleaning tip goes a long way in maintaining a clean kitchen while prolonging the life of your cooking top. Ignoring this tip will render you in hot waters when you deep clean it once every fortnight or month. 

4. Go Clean, Go Green 


The best part of cleaning the kitchen every day with homemade chemical-free agents is the fact that you can be satisfied with how you are taking care of your family. Although there are various chemical agents you can easily get from the market, if you have the patience of making one at home, it is best. 

The simplest and most basic chemical you can make at home is by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda and two of vinegar. Adding half a teaspoon of dish soap to this mixture is the last step, and then you can fill up your spray bottle and get to all those dirty crevices, nooks, and corners. 

5. Have Your Armor Ready 


Have you heard of cleaning armor? Well, the way we have to tackle all the grime and grease that sits in our kitchen, we all need a cleaning arsenal for combat. Having all the different types of cleaning cloths, spray bottles, chemicals, mops, sponges, etc., in one place comes in handy. You can store these under your sink or any other most-reachable cupboard. 

6. An After-Meal Routine is Necessary 


Create a daily routine for yourself involving a thorough cleanup of the kitchen after the last meal. This is extremely important for maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen and easing your deep cleaning days. Do not leave the dishes in the sink overnight. Make it a routine that you place the dried pots, pans, and cutlery back in the cabinets so that you come to a decluttered kitchen in the morning. 

Also, have a sponge or a microfiber cleaning cloth ready to wipe the countertops after every activity involving food or any liquid. Moreover, this routine should strictly involve emptying the trash can. This is vital for the health of the whole family. The more regularly you take your trash out, the less unhealthy your kitchen is. 

7. Sweep the floor 


No matter how much you handpick all the crumbs or debris, the kitchen floor needs to be swept once after the last meal. This is important for keeping away all the bugs and insects that might infest the busiest place of your home. A handheld broom and a dustpan can easily do the job and leave you with a clean kitchen every day. 

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8. Kitchen Towels 

You get your hands dirty with the gravy you were pouring, and you reach out to the nearest towel. Then you get soap on your hands, and you do not like the slippery feeling, and you find the kitchen towel for the rescue. There is just so much this towel does for you that it needs to be changed at least once every day. 

This ensures a healthy cooking and working style in the kitchen. You can get them in bulk or reuse some old ones to save some on the budget. Reusing the same towels every day accumulates more germs than you can ever imagine. 

Some Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen 

  • Boil the cleaning cloths in soapy water before washing to get the pungent smell away that accumulates over time
  • Using a vacuum brush attachment to clean the cabinets from inside and outside makes the task effortless 
  • Use a solution of liquid bleach and water to have your white cutlery always shining like new 
  • Liquid dishwashing soaps are gentler on the dishes than the bars 
  • Dipping the dishes in hot soapy water gives the best results after washing them 
  • As soon as you use the oven, clean it instantly. This would help avoid the dirt and crumbs buildup 
  • A microwave plate cover is a lifesaver if you hate all the food splattering on the roof and walls while warming it up 
  • Using essential oils with a diffuser leaves your kitchen spotlessly clean and smelling wonderful

Clean it up Right Away 

The key to having a nice and clean kitchen is to keep up with the daily cleaning. Letting the dirt, grime, grease, and food debris sit in the kitchen sink, countertops, corners, or underneath the appliances will only increase your deep cleaning load. It will also risk the life of your loved ones.