Digital Picture Frames

Digital picture frames were developed along with the digital cameras in the 1990s. This makes it possible to view your photos on a larger screen by inserting the camera memory card in the digital frame. It was a huge thing at first, and it was a coveted item for decorating the house with. But when other portable electronics like iPads and tablets became popular, it outstripped the digital picture frame, because it offers more functionality than just being able to view photos and movies.

You’d often see them sold in bargain because they have lost its appeal, especially with the rise of smartphones and other smart technology. But still, digital photo frames are popular, especially with people who don’t like technology with too much function. Also, these picture frames are specialized, so they are meant to be on display.

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to display a slideshow of your images, digital picture frames are hard to beat. Here are some of the best digital picture frames you can find:

Where to Buy
Pix-Star FotoConnect XD Digital Photo Frame
Nixplay Original WiFi Digital Photo Frame
Nixplay Seed WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame
NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame
Nixplay Iris W08E Wi-Fi Cloud Frame
NIX Lux Digital Photo Frame
Skylight Frame WiFi Digital Picture Frame
Micca 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame

1. Pix-Star FotoConnect XD Digital Photo Frame

One of the most advanced digital photo frames, the Pix-Star FotoConnect XD Digital Photo Frame operates more like a tablet. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and uses a dedicated email address that allows you to easily send photos from your phone. The photos can be uploaded via more than 20 online cloud providers, including Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Smugmug. The Pix-Star can hold up to 20,000 pictures and stores them into its 4GB memory. Besides Wi-Fi, it also supports USB, SDHC and SCXC cards.

This frame comes in a 4:3 formatted display that has a low-consumption LED backlit for saving energy. This is available in 10 inch, 10.4 inch and 15 inch screens, with a high overall photo quality. The 10” frame offers 800 x 600 resolution, while the 15” comes in a 1024 x 768 resolution.

2. Nixplay Original WiFi Digital Photo Frame

The Nixplay Original WiFi Digital Photo Frame offers an all-day viewing of the photos of your loved ones and other special memories. You can add photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Dropbox directly to your own Nixplay’s online cloud with 10GB of free storage. You can also add photos and video directly to the photo frame via USB or SD/SDHC memory cards, or it can go straight to the mobile app for sharing photos over Wi-Fi.

This frame, available in 15” and 18.5” screen, offers an excellent anti-glare LED display and a wall-mount capability for hanging anywhere in your home or office. The amazing thing about it is that it automatically turns on and off when you’re in the room. It can be operated with voice control by combining with an Amazon Alexa device. This also comes with an 8 GB USB and remote control.

3. Nixplay Seed WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

If you want a good WI-Fi photo frame or if you’re buying a gift for someone who uses tech like Amazon Alexa, the Nixplay Seed is the digital picture frame for you. The 10” Nixplay Seed features a 9.7” screen with a 1024 x 768 high resolution display. It even comes with a dedicated motion sensor, so you don’t have to worry about turning the frame on and off. The Nixplay Seed is available in 10”, 10” ultra, 10.1” and 13.3” variants. All can be purchased in black, while the 10.1” can be purchased in woods.

With 8 GB of internal memory, you will have more than enough space for thousands of photos, including those that can be uploaded from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa. For additional storage, this photo frame offers free cloud storage for up to 10 GB, plus can connect separately for up to five different frames. However, it doesn’t have video or audio capability. It doesn’t have slots on the rear for inserting physical storage devices, but you can get your multimedia content via the Nixplay app, via social media and cloud storage mentioned earlier, and via email.

4. NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame

The NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame offers a beautiful 1024 x 768p-resolution LED screen that can play both photos and videos in the same slideshow. If you’re looking for the best frame with USB storage, the NIX Advance can give you the best value for money. It even comes with an energy-saving Hu-Motion sensor that turns off the frame after you leave the room. It also has a clock and calendar function, built-in stereo speaker and a remote control so you can shuffle images and choose photo transitions.

This is a traditional plug-and-play digital frame with no WiFi functionality. You can plug in a USB device or SD card into the back port and it can instantly play your photos and videos. The NIX Advance can be purchased in different sizes: 8” widescreen, 8”, 10” widescreen, 10”, 13” widescreen, 15” and 17.3”.  It’s a nice gift to give for technophobes and for your beloved elderly family members.

5. Nixplay Iris W08E Wi-Fi Cloud Frame

Nixplay Iris W08E is a digital photo frame designed to look like a traditional picture frame. It comes in silver, burnished bronze and peach copper frames, so you can use it to adapt to your interior décor. It comes with an 8 GB of internal storage but you can’t add more because it doesn’t have SD card or USB slots. It uses the Nixplay app – just download it in your smartphone and create an account. After it’s done, you can share it up to 5 family members or friends who own a Nixplay Iris. This way, you can gift it to your Grandma while she doesn’t need to add images herself. You can take pictures and upload it to the Nixplay Cloud and select the devices you want them to show up on. Each Nixplay account gets 10 GB of free cloud space.

It offers an incredible display quality with a 1024 x 768 HD screen resolution, and it automatically turns on and off when you’re in the room. It is one of the best frames you can find in terms of display quality. You can connect this frame to any Alexa-enabled device, and you can also connect your social media photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox and Google Photos.

6. NIX Lux Digital Photo Frame

The NIX Lux Digital Photo Frame is a beautiful digital frame with a 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. The first thing you’ll notice about it is its textured faux wood façade that gives it a pleasing look that mimics a traditional picture frame. This exotic rosewood veneer is made of recycled wood. It has a woven cable stand for displaying, which can be adjusted for landscape orientation. You can also mount it on the wall using a special mount.

This digital frame doesn’t have a Wi-Fi functionality, but it comes with an 8GB USB so you can add and play images right away. It also has an SD card slot that allows it to hold even more images. It frame supports JPEG and PNG images, as well as MP4 video files. You can choose to play videos with or without sound. The Hu-Motion sensor allows it to automatically turn on as you enter the room and off when you leave it. Besides the wood finish, it’s also available in a chrome silver frame.

7. Skylight Frame WiFi Digital Picture Frame

If you’re looking for a great gift for a grandparent living far away from their children and grandchildren, the Skylight Frame WiFi Digital Picture Frame can help cheer them up. Instead of using an app to upload photos, you would just need to set up a unique email address for the frame and mail pictures directly. These photos automatically arrive on the screen, where you can swipe through it and delete as you see fit. And yes, it’s touch-screen.

This photo frame has a 1280 x 800 resolution. It has a 10” color display and comes in a simple black frame. The frame can hold more than 8,000 photos.

8. Micca 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame

The Micca Digital Photo Frame is one the best budget digital photo frames. It’s easy to use by design – you just plug in and play this frame and it can play up to 10,000 photos from an SD card or USB flash drive. It offers a clear and high resolution screen and can play 1080p video as well. The sound is played through a built-in speaker or a 3.5 mm jack (but who would use that?)

It’s priced less than $50, so it doesn’t do much. It doesn’t have a motion sensor, but it does have a timer function. It has no Wi-Fi capability and internal storage, and it only uses an external SD card or flash drive up to 32 GB. It’s great for those looking for a very affordable option and those looking to use it for simple display purposes.