Decluttering Your Kitchen for Better Workflow


    You should feel uneasy in any untidy area of the house. Movement and daily tasks are hampered, and the kitchen is no exception. A cluttered kitchen ought to be forbidden. It not only impairs everyone’s perception of it, but it also slows down your kitchen operation. Despite your love for cooking, you won’t be able to prepare meals well. Additionally, it will take longer to do a straightforward task in the kitchen.

    You might have observed that sometimes even after cleaning the counters and washing all the dishes, your kitchen still appears to be a mess. Ever questioned why? You need to immediately tidy your kitchen because you’ve been hoarding items there. But where should one begin this decluttering, and what belongs in the kitchen and what doesn’t? Read on as we tell you the secrets to decluttering your kitchen for an effective workflow:

    Cleaning Up Your Kitchen: Where to Begin?

    Kitchen cupboards

    All you need to get started are a few boxes to store the stuff you will be throwing away and one or two large garbage bags. The goal of this particular challenge is not to have a bin for stuff that you find that go somewhere else in your house; however, you could wish to have one for that. When you’re ready to start, simply set the timer and move rapidly through all of your cabinets, drawers, and surfaces in a systematic manner around the room to see what you can get rid of.

    Questions To Ask Yourself When Decluttering

    Do I use this?  

    You shouldn’t have to give this much thought. You can either use it or not. The question is NOT, “Will I potentially use this one day? ”.

    Is this item extra?  

    You need how many wooden spoons? Use all four cookie sheets, or just two? Determine what you require, then frequently use it. For such “once-off” occasions, keep in mind that you may always borrow goods from friends or family. Pick your favorite and give the extras to charity!

    Does this help to make my life convenient? 

    Even though you don’t necessarily need some things, you frequently utilize them and they make life easier. For instance, you use your rice cooker at least a few times per week. Although you could prepare rice on the stove instead of using the rice machine, it certainly makes things go more smoothly.

    Decluttering Your Kitchen for Better Workflow

    Laughing young female housewife posing during general cleaning, tidying up in cupboard kitchen

    Toss everything related to takeout

    The extra chopsticks, ketchup packets, and wrinkly salt and pepper rectangles? Gather and discard. These kinds of little, unrelated goods are difficult to store and take up more room than they should. Get rid of whatever you don’t use frequently and try to only take what you need the next time.

    Clear off your fridge

    Your fridge and kitchen will appear more cluttered if you have random menus that are available online, art class projects that may be shot and filed, and magnets from your neighborhood pizzeria. Remove everything you don’t need to refer to or frequently glance at.

    Straighten up one pantry shelf at a time

    The result of a redone pantry is certainly pleasant, but tackling a shelf for a few minutes is equally pleasing to the senses and will motivate you to complete more tasks in the future when you have time.

    One drawer at a time

    You may make steady progress in reasonable steps by tackling one drawer at a time, such as your utensil drawer, kitchen tool drawer, or even the dreaded junk drawer. Relocate errant objects, get rid of duplicates, only keep what you use, etc.

    Go through your mug collection

    Get all of your mugs out and place them on a table or counter. Then only re-add the ones you use and adore. Donate the remainder.

    Permit yourself to get rid of what you’re “supposed” to have

    Perhaps you own a cast iron skillet because it appears that everyone does, but you never use it. Or perhaps you purchased an ice cream maker because you aspire to manufacture your ice cream in the future. Look through your kitchen for items you seldom use and remove them to donate.

    Use shelf riser

    Dishes of various types piled on top of one another appear and feel cluttered. For immediate order, separate them with shelf risers.

    Get rid of duplicates

    Most households don’t require six pairs of tongs or several peelers. Even if something works, you don’t necessarily need to preserve it if there are other options available that function just as well. For each sort of tool you use, keep just one.

    Rotate your kitchen, seasonally

    Kitchen storage organization use plastic case. Placing and sorting food products into pp box

    It might be wiser to keep seasonal items like the roasting pan and ice pop molds somewhere else. Rotate items in and out of your kitchen according to what you use frequently and when by putting them in storage or on a high shelf in a closet. Why not organize your kitchen similarly to how you do your summer and winter wardrobes?

    Keep a donation bin

    So that you always have a place to put items as you’re ready to part with them, keep a bin, box, or bag in the bottom of a closet. You can put items in the box, such as spatulas that you find but never use. Donate the box after it is filled before starting over.

    Re-evaluate your counter space

    Keeping as few objects out on the counters as you can is a great approach to making your kitchen look uncluttered. Consider which tools or small appliances you would keep out and which you would store if you had the space.

    Use hooks

    Food storage in pantry, woman holding jar of sugar in hand.

    Decluttering frequently entails taking items out of your home, but it can also involve controlling the clutter you must keep. Aprons can be readily hung on pantry walls using adhesive hooks, and rags or bottle brushes can be hung inside cabinet doors using adhesive hooks. They add immediate orders and make crucial space available.

    Decide on a certain number to keep

    You don’t need more than one water bottle or lunch box for every member of the family, for instance. Pass the remaining items along after each individual selects one.

    Shop your house

    To check whether you have any organizers you can use in your kitchen, go around the other rooms of your home. This will allow for more space in those areas and enable you to organize your kitchen.

    Be ruthless with your food storage

    Kitchen storage

    To get rid of every container without a lid and every lid without a container, look through your collection of food storage containers.


    You should master the art of decluttering since your home is your painting. Your home should be a calm, orderly retreat for oneself as much as for the benefit of guests. Imagine planning to prepare a fancy supper for yourself, but deciding against it once you reach the kitchen due to the chaos.

    A kitchen that appears spacious will make you happy because it won’t impede your ability to prepare meals. Instead of fretting around all day, you will enjoy your time there. You’ll be shocked to discover how few items you required if you just maintain mental focus while decluttering.


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