Decluttering Your Kitchen for Better Workflow

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the house. Regardless of gender, everyone has to spend a substantial amount of time there because, after all, everyone gets hungry. Some people are found in the kitchen because cooking is their passion, while others barely fix themselves a bowl of ramen. Nonetheless, the kitchen is meant to be used one way or another.

Any part of the house that is untidy should make you anxious. It hinders movement and everyday chores, and the kitchen is no different. A messy kitchen should literally be illegal. Not only it looks bad to everyone, but it also slows down your workflow in the kitchen. You won’t be able to cook efficiently despite your love for cooking. Plus, it will take more time to finish a simple chore in the kitchen.

You may have noticed that sometimes you’ve washed up all the dishes and cleaned the counters, but still, your kitchen looks messy. Ever wondered why? That’s because you’ve been hoarding things in your kitchen, and you need to declutter as soon as possible. But where to start this decluttering from and what should stay in the kitchen, and what should leave? Read on as we tell you the secrets to decluttering your kitchen for an effective workflow:

1. Set a Time Limit 


You may have decided to get rid of the unnecessary stuff from your kitchen, but you can’t expect it to be done in a day. The kitchen has been like this for years, and it will definitely take more time than you think. Start by setting an hour in the morning just for this purpose. Make sure that no one has anything significant to do in the kitchen during that time. 

By setting a specific time like this, you will focus more on the task at hand. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will get distracted by other chores throughout the day. Keeping yourself dedicated is the key here. Once you are determined to improve your kitchen, it will turn out perfect in no time. Remember, your aim is to make your kitchen more spacious and tidy, not pretty. 

2. Start Analyzing

Stand back and take a good look at your kitchen. Point out the things lying in your kitchen that you don’t use regularly. Using a sticky pad at this point is an excellent idea. Mark the items that are not routinely used. If anything is not used recently, it is time for it to be placed in a box. 

Clear counters are nothing less than a heavenly sight for a kitchen enthusiast. As a rule, there should not be anything extra lying around. The counters should only have things that are used several times in a day, like a dish rack in the corner or a container for cutlery. Many people keep all their electronic appliances on the counter. This habit is sure to eat up space and interfere with the workflow.

3. Check Your Cabinets


Women often have a habit of collecting things in hopes that they will come useful one day. The collection of mugs and extra dishes keeps increasing until they do nothing but take up space. Take a cardboard box and fill it with every mug that has not been used in a month. Do the same for plates and other dishes. Seal the box and put it out of sight, preferably in the storage room. Make a mental note or a reminder on the calendar to check up on the box. If you find yourself never using anything from that box again, it is time for it to be sold or given to someone needy.

You can always buy disposable mugs and plates in case you’re having a party at your house. In situations like dinner with parents, the fancy dinner sets should not be in the kitchen. Keep them in cardboard boxes somewhere you can easily reach. Take them out only when needed. 

4. The Appliances


Cooking appliances look very elegant and cool sitting on the countertops, but unless you have a huge kitchen, they take up quite a lot of your kitchen space. It is understandable that you have your stand mixer on the counter, but unless you are an avid baker who bakes frequently, even that mixer does not belong in your kitchen. So many people get caught up in buying heavy appliances only to be used once a year. We understand that you can afford them all, but you need to see the reason behind their purchase as well. 

Try making space somewhere else in your house – a pantry or maybe a deep cupboard. Put all your appliances in it and take them out whenever you need them. This way, you will know which appliance is used more frequently and which is not used at all. You might want to sell some after realizing that they are not used at all. It’s never too late to learn from your mistakes with a vow not to repeat them.

5. Pots and Pans


In order to effectively declutter your kitchen, you need to take a good look at the number of pots and pans you have collected. Depending on the size of your family and the style of your cooking, you can get rid of some of the pots. Instead of having a pot for every size, why not use a medium-sized one for all purposes. If you host big gatherings at every event, keep a big pot in the storeroom and take it out accordingly. There is no sense in keeping pots for every size when most of them are often not used.

The same goes for frying pans and skillets. Put the ones that are not frequently used in the store or give them away. Heavy iron-cast pans are not only expensive but are seldom used, and your kitchen deserves to be free of them.

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6. Make Use of Jars and Containers


You don’t have to keep heavy packets of everything in your kitchen cabinets after every grocery shopping. They look bad and takes up space. Instead, invest in smart-looking containers meant for placing on the counters or shelves. Most of such containers are air-tight and would not let your dry food get rotten. Fill them up with rice, sugar, pasta, and other staples that are regularly used. You can easily buy them online or from any store near you. 

7. Floating Shelves


As mentioned earlier, counters are never meant to be messy. One of the best hacks for this is to use floating shelves. They are a highly effective way of saving up space without making it look bad. They are cost-effective and comes in different designs. You just have to fix them with the wall and arrange your jars and containers on them. Most of them are strong enough to hold your mugs and plates too. You won’t have to worry about your dish rack anymore if you get used to these shelves.

Decluttering is an Art

Your house is your canvas, and you should learn the art of decluttering. Not only for a good impression on others but your house should be a peaceful, tidy haven for yourself too. Imagine deciding to fix yourself a fancy meal but not even bother cooking when you enter the kitchen because of all the mess. 

A spacious-looking kitchen is guaranteed to make you happy by not hindering your cooking workflow. You will enjoy your time spent there instead of fussing around all day. All you have to do is keep your mind focused while decluttering, and you’ll be surprised to know how few items you actually needed.