Cool and Unusual Decor Ideas


    Your home comes to life with decorations. People will always start a conversation when they see your house’s cool decorations at events. The process of designing your home can be overwhelming even though it is undoubtedly exciting. It can be difficult to strike the ideal balance between form and function. Regardless of your personal preference, both the big picture and the minute details are crucial.

    Here are some cool and unique decor ideas if you like to decorate your home purely for aesthetic purposes or for guests to see.

    Cool and Unusual Décor Ideas

    1. Set up a cozy reading spot

    No special reading area? No issue. If there isn’t any extra space in your house to create a reading nook, make your formal living room double as a comfortable seating area. Choose furniture with elegant yet cozy fabrics and shapes that are ideal for entertaining or relaxing alone.

    2. Don’t be afraid of black paint

    The bedroom’s soft black paint color gives it a special, cozy feel that you couldn’t get with a lighter color. Add an eclectic piece of furniture that blends well with the darkness to give the space a more lived-in and comfortable feel.

    3. Style an empty fireplace

    Reconsider your fireplace styling choices. Make an empty fireplace into a tiny gallery in a space with lots of texture to display pottery and artwork.

    4. Set up a breakfast nook

    Breakfast with a view? Create a rustic, yet still polished, country-chic look. It also demonstrates that you can create the right atmosphere without having a real built-in nook.

    5. Spruce up your entryway


    Introduce a small console table if your foyer isn’t grand or if it is but it needs some love. Choose a traditional table and then hang contemporary abstract art above it for a formal yet contemporary look. Then, for a casual interpretation of the gallery wall, lean some portraits against the wall.

    6. Just add sheepskin

    Sheepskin throws are the simplest remedy for any room in your house that feels sparse. They are very reasonably priced, easy to move around your space as your needs and moods change, and they add warmth, texture, and comfort.

    7. Swap out your throw pillows

    The simplest way to spruce up your living room or bedroom is with a few new throw pillows. With the addition of a throw pillow, you can give the room a fresh new look by adding a new color, print, or shape.

    8. Bring a stool into the bathroom

    Place a stool close to the tub. The additional surface area will not only aid in an organization but will also give the room a more upscale appearance.

    9. Show your powder room some love

    When a room is extremely small, it’s simple to overlook it, especially since there isn’t enough usable space for décor. But it’s possible—and well worth it—to show powder some love. For example, a small room has its light blush pink walls and eclectic surrounding gallery of art.

    10. Install a Canopy

    Add a canopy to your bedroom to make it into a palace fit for a king or queen. The minimalist bedroom has a canopy made of white gauze fabric that hangs so elegantly and gives it an ethereal appearance.

    11. Swap accents seasonally

    You’ll can feel more enthused about what’s to come if you change your accents seasonally.  Try different pillows, shelf and wall decorations and other accent changes to give your home a new seasonal feel.

    12. Get inspired by nature


    Get inspired by nature to create an atmosphere that is similarly warm and grounded. Consider materials like marble, brushed concrete, seagrass, rattan, and jute.

    13. Simply tide up

    Since we don’t generally consider cleaning to be enjoyable, you probably don’t want to hear that adding a few items that facilitate organization can have a significant impact. By the front door, think about adding coat hooks or bringing in a chic coat rack. Place a small folding chair underneath it so you have somewhere to sit when you take your shoes off. This will stop those dreaded clothing pileups that were previously unavoidable.

    14. Color-block your wall

    Color-block your wall to make a striking statement. Choose to use two neutral tones or paint half of it in a striking color. For instance, to create an understated-yet-unique statement, black creeps up about a quarter of the way while the remaining portion is a nice shade of steel gray.

    15. Touch up the walls

    Give the walls of a bathroom a fresh coat of white paint to modernize it. If that sounds like too much work, you can simply clean up smudges with a magic eraser. It’s cheerful, energizing, and the ideal plain background for an enjoyable gallery.

    16. Layer rugs and patterns

    When you could use three rugs, why use just one? To give your floor visual interest, layer rugs with various colors, prints, and textures.

    17. Rethink your gallery wall

    Add a gallery wall to a hallway if the walls are looking drab or boring. Bring in old frames, or shop at a flea market or thrift shop, and arrange a lot of hand mirrors to create a gallery wall.

    18. Introduce a new throw blanket

    A simple but effective design tip is to drape a bright throw blanket over the sofa or the foot of your bed. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to test out different hues and patterns before committing fully to them.

    19. Opt for statement art


    Large-scale art can add a little excitement to a plain wall. To make a statement, opt for expansive photography or something colorful and abstract.

    20. Introduce Contrast

    Replace one traditional item in a traditionally styled room with something incredibly modern, like a geometric coffee table and an abstractly painted floor, to create an interesting contrast.

    21. Add a bench at the end of your bed

    No footboard is required. A bench will accomplish the same task. It will support your bed, provide a place to sit and put your shoes on, and allow you to store extra pillows and blankets.

    22. Rearrange your furniture


    Symmetry, who? You are not required to have chairs, and your couches don’t even need to match. If you don’t have enough armchairs for a traditional living room setup, just place floor cushions by the coffee table. Place your side table in the corner, flanked by two sofas.

    23. Play with proportion

    Each design element in a beautiful living room plays with shape and scale differently, providing endless design inspiration. Hang a large mirror for added impact and proportional intrigue. Choose a cool shape or color, keep it classic with an antique, or keep it simple and stylish.

    24. Put your collectibles on display 

    Install a floating shelf in the room of your choice, then arrange your trinkets on it if you’ve been collecting something for a while and aren’t sure where to put it.

    25. Introduce Florals


    An entire room can be made more attractive just by adding a lovely floral arrangement. Your bathroom’s unique rose gold faucet, sculptural vase with flowers, and wall decor will all look nice.


    If you’re updating your house from top to bottom, simply want to add pretty seasonal touches, or want to switch up your color schemes with a new accent color, these cool and unusual home decor ideas are ideal and helpful.

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