Classic Toys of the 70s

The 1970s was an important decade for toys because there was a great expansion on technologies along with the growth of Hollywood and the combination generated some classic toys. It’s a decade where toys such as LEGO, Barbie, and more advanced educational toys emerged. If you grew up in the ‘70s, it’s possible that you owned many of these toys, but if you did not and you want to learn what toys the kids played back in those years, here’s a list of the classic toys of the ‘70s.

1. Hot Wheels

Even though Hot Wheels was released in 1968, it gained its popularity during the 1970s. These die-cast toy cars were originally intended for young adults and children but they have also become popular with adult collectors because Hot Wheels has limited edition models. Hot Wheels have been licensed by automobile manufacturers to make scale models of their cars, that’s why Hot Wheels is allowed to use the original design blueprints and detailing of cars like Pontiac, Nissan, Toyota, and a Corvette. If you want to reminisce the good old days or you just want to own your own Hot Wheels, you can purchase them here.

2. Star Wars Toys


The film Star Wars changed 1970s pop culture. That’s why their tie-in toys were off the shelves in 1977. It became so popular that the demand for the toys made it very hard-to-get. That’s why today, a lot of toymakers decided to expand their toy options and started to sell star wars toys online to cater to the demand of children who were waiting for the toys. If you want to own a classic Star Wars toy, you can get them here.

3. Connect Four


Connect Four is an iconic game that seemed to be present in almost every household during the 1970s. This game started arguments between siblings because they realized that the first player has more chance of winning if he does the right moves throughout the game. This game has “crushing defeats” that could match with the games such as Sorry! And Risk. If you want to relieve the good old days with your sibs, you can head on down to Amazon and add it to your cart.

4. Pet Rocks


You wouldn’t have to worry about anything for this pet. Because it does nothing unless you throw it out the window. You read it right, it’s a rock that comes in a box, with a manual. Yes, a manual. A smart man named Gary Dahl invented these Pet Rocks and the idea came to him while he was in a bar with his friends who are complaining about their pets.

Hence, he came up with the idea of having a pet you won’t need to feed, bathe, walked, or groomed. You wouldn’t even have to worry if it becomes sick or if it dies because it wouldn’t. These Pet Rocks come in a cardboard box complete with air holes and an instruction manual that says “Do not remove your pet until you read the instruction booklet”. The Pet Rock became a thing for almost six months and Gary Dahl was able to sell about 1.5 million pieces of it for four dollars each. If you want to have a pet but don’t want to take the responsibility of taking care of it, then you should get your very own Pet Rock here.

5. Speak and Spell


Speak and Spell is an educational hand-held toy that was manufactured by Texas Instruments. It is a toy that has a cool robotic voice that teaches kids how to spell and speak with the touch of a button. If you want to have this retro toy for your little one, you can get it here.

6. Stretch Armstrong


Stretch Armstrong was a large, soft,  stretchable toy that looks like a muscular man with blonde hair who is wearing black trunks. This doll can be stretched from its original size of fifteen inches to five feet. And it was originally manufactured by Kenner in 1976. One fun fact about Stretch Armstrong is that he was filled with corn syrup. If you want to have your very own Stretch Armstrong, you can purchase it here.

7. Magna Doodle


Magna Doodle is another educational toy that became popular in the 1970s. It is a magnetic drawing toy that has a magnetic stylus and a drawing board and sometimes it comes with a few magnet shapes. When this toy was first released in 1974, Tyco, the toy company that produced this toy, sold over a million of these magnetic boards. You can buy these magnetic boards here.

8. Mattel Electronic Football


This handheld portable device was launched in 1977. They were a 9-volt-powered handheld device that has a custom display where you can play football. We believe that this toy helped pave the way for the Game Boy. If you want to have that classic retro fun, you can get your own electronic football toy here.

9. Pong


Pong is probably one of the first arcade video games. It features a two-dimensional table tennis game. It was originally manufactured by Atari in 1973. The next year, Atari thought that they should make a home version of this arcade game. Since then, Pong became a household name, which entertained not just the kids. Experience the retro fun again, and buy a Pong game here.

10. Micronauts


Long before Transformers was a thing, there were Micronauts. These are articulated action figures that were manufactured by Mego in 1976. They were based on the Micromantoyline that was created by a Japanese toy company named Takara. However, the Micronauts’ time in the limelight was cut short because Mego decided to discontinue the toy line in 1980 after the company filed for bankruptcy. But, if you want to own one, you can still find these toys online here.

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