Best Hidden Beaches in Hawaii


    Blessed with 750 miles of coastline, it’s no doubt that Hawaii boasts countless beautiful beaches. One has yet to claim that they have discovered them all. But fortunately for most of us beach lovers, there are many hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

    If you have the penchant for finding out something beyond the usual and popular, why don’t you start with discovering Hawaii’s best hidden beaches? These beaches are secluded and uninhabited, and they have very little to no commercial activity. That very seclusion leaves these beaches with matchless beauty and tranquility. However, they are inaccessible by regular means of transportation, so you have to make sure first if you are willing to take the trouble to get to any of these beaches (and we think, they are all worth the work).

    1) Secret Beach, Kauai
    The beach’s actual name is Kauapea, but it is quite secluded that it deserves its more well-known moniker as the Secret Beach. Located between Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea Point on the northern shore of the island of Kauai, the Secret Beach is well way off the tourist’s radar, so having a moment of quietness and solitude is highly possible there.

    It is inaccessible by land vehicles and can be reached only by hiking on rocky trails. Aside from its natural beauty and seclusion, the Secret Beach is actually expansive compared to other beaches in Hawaii, measuring about 3,000 feet long and 75 feet wide. The isolated nature and beauty of the beach are further enhanced by jutting red cliffs and brilliant azure waters. Black lava rocks line the beach.

    2) Honomalino Beach, Big Island
    The Hawai’i Island, aka Big Island, has lots of picturesque secret beaches to offer like in many other major islands in Hawaii. Located on the southwestern shores of the Big Island, Honomalino Beach should be included to your “secluded beaches to explore in Hawaii” bucket list. The gray-sand beach is flanked by tall, swaying coconut trees and contrasts beautifully against the deep-blue waters that gently wash the shore. At low tide, the beach gets even longer and wider. It can only be accessed by foot, so hiking is the most ideal way to get there; it is best done during early in the morning.

    3) Makua Beach, Oahu
    Makua Beach is one of Hawaii’s most secluded and scenic beaches. It is nestled away from the Waianae coast – far from the more crowded Waikiki beach – and backed by the surrounding Waianae Mountain Range and Makua Valley (from which the beach takes its name). Makua Beach is a truly an isolated piece of paradise, with no signs of man-made development whatsoever. You will have all the golden beach to yourself and do your favorite activities there – swimming, surfing, sunbathing, snorkeling – without anyone or anything distracting you. As it is isolated and uninhabited, there are no lifeguards patrolling the beach so it is best to stay at the shore as close as possible.

    4) New Kaimu Beach
    The New Kaimu Beach is indeed a new, “young” beach. In 1990, this beach was formed after the eruption of the Kilauea volcano, and the lava buried down a town named Kaimu. Before the eruption though, this beach used to be really popular among tourists and there was a significant amount of commercial activity there. It’s surely a far cry to the New Kaimu Beach now – rugged, isolated, uninhabited and bereft of any human activity and commercialism – but we say it is more beautiful now than ever.

    5) Makalawena Beach, Big Island
    This stunning beach is located on the west coast in the Kekaha State Park in Kalaoa Kona in Big Island. And why is this stunning? Check these out – isolation, no crowds, white sands, black lava rocks, crystal-clear blue waters, lush vegetation and several inlets for endless opportunities of delightful and peaceful swim. This slice of tropical paradise is truly worth the trouble. To get to Makalawena Beach, you’ll have to hike for about 20 minutes. Or to make things a bit easier and faster, arrive at a four-wheel-drive vehicle.


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