Best Cordless Vacuums

Isn’t it sometimes too exasperating that you have to struggle with corded vacuums when you clean a large space? Or you’re tired of lugging heavy vacuums up and the down the stairs? You may want to ditch your old vacuum cleaners for the handier cordless ones! They not only make cleaning a breeze but they are also surprisingly versatile, as well. In addition to cleaning floors, they also can also reach lower and higher areas around the corners of the house. You might well call the cordless ones the best vacuums out there because of their ease of use and convenience.

There are some drawbacks to cordless vacuum cleaners, however. Most of them do not come cheap, especially the better models. Some cordless vacuums do not do their cleaning job efficiently (as the corded ones do) to validate the expense. Another concern is the battery life — the more power that a cordless vacuum cleaner consumes, the shorter its battery life. That’s why it’s best to read vacuum reviews and compare vacuum discounts first before buying one to ensure that it will be worth your money.

Here are some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market we’ve seen recently:

Where to Buy
Dyson V8 Absolute
Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum
Eureka Quick-Up Bagless Stick Vacuum
Hoover Air Cordless
Eureka NEC122
PUPPYOO 536 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382


1. Dyson V8 Absolute

The Dyson V8 Absolute is one of the highest-rated cordless vacuum cleaner models at online marketplaces such as Amazon. No wonder — it is the best of the bunch out there; call it the Rolls-Royce of cordless vacuums. It features the most powerful suction compared to other cordless vacuum cleaners and has a longer battery life — 40 minutes — than most rivals. It is light, easy to maneuver, and comes with a more intense brush bar power than its predecessor, the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum. And oh, you can also use it as a handheld vacuum for cleaning up furniture, curtains, higher corners, and hard-to-reach areas. 

2. Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

Do you have pets that heavily shed their fur? Are you sick and tired of painstakingly picking them up by hand? Well, worry no more because the Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum will make your carpets, rugs, bare floors, and furniture fur-free in mere minutes! The Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum is easy to work around and can suck in dirt from hard-to-reach areas. It can clean almost every type of flooring and has an hour-long battery life.

3. Eureka Quick-Up Bagless Stick Vacuum

The Eureka Quick-Up Bagless Stick Vacuum is another one of the highest-rated cordless vacuums on Amazon. It’s on/off motorized brush roller can easily pick up dust and dirt from carpets, rugs, and any type of flooring. Don’t dismiss its four-pound weight because, despite its relative lightness, it is otherwise efficient in cleaning away dust, dirt, and many other kinds of messes. With its foldable handle, storing the Eureka Quick-Up Bagless Stick Vacuum is incredibly easy.

4. Hoover Air Cordless

The Hoover Air Cordless doubles as an upright vacuum cleaner and handheld. Its most outstanding feature is the WindTunnel 2 Technology which sucks out the dirt that has been deeply hiding in your carpet or rug. You can say that it sucks up dirt in almost the same manner as the conventional vacuum does. It is also equipped with an LED light — which is a novelty feature not seen in other vacuum cleaners — to help you locate the sneakiest dust and dirt. It also comes with a bevy of attachments to suit your particular cleaning needs.

But the Hoover Air Cordless also has its share of setbacks. Weighing around seven pounds, it is pretty heavy and unwieldy to handle. Plus, its battery life is woefully short, lasting only 15 minutes.

5. Eureka NEC122

This is another cordless model from Eureka and one that has PowerPlush technology. The main feature here is a plush roll for brushing that can remove particles from hard and soft surfaces. This vacuum weighs about 5.3 pounds, so it shouldn’t be a hassle to move around.

There’s also swivel steering, easy maneuvering, and low nozzle to recommend this vacuum. The nozzle makes it easy to clean under large items of furniture without having to move anything. Finally, you get several accessories to help with all kinds of cleaning, especially vinyl flooring.  

The downside here is that the battery lasts for around 15 minutes, no more. However, this should be long enough to vacuum a small apartment.

6. PUPPYOO 536 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The PUPPYOO 536 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with a dual design, which means that you can use it as a handheld or stick vacuum. You also have dual settings here, with high power and standard modes.

If you use the power modes wisely, the battery here can last for around half an hour. Even when on the highest setting, we may expect it to work for around 22 minutes at a time. Since there’s power suction on this option, sucking up all kinds of debris shouldn’t take too long in any case.

This option weighs 5.5 pounds, which is light enough to move easily. You can keep track of the capacity level through the see-through trough, while the indicator light will apprise you of the battery status. We also like the fact that a button makes it easy to empty the dirt when you’re done.

7. Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382

Many online reviews say that this is hands-down the best cordless model there is, no matter what kind of surface you need to clean. It will work equally well on carpets, rugs, vinyl flooring, or even hardwood flooring.

In addition to being cordless, this model is also bagless, lightweight, and dual-use. This means that it can be used as a handheld device or with the bristle brush to give a deep cleaning effect. The main feature here is the large soft brush roll, which would at once snap up the debris and give any surface an immaculate look.

What’s more, we also get quite a few accessories in the package when we order this vacuum cleaner. Whether you want a cordless vacuum for heavy or light cleaning, it’s sure to get the job done.

One downside, however, is that this vacuum tends to be a tad top-heavy. This means that you either have to hold on to it at all times, or prop it up somewhere so it won’t fall down.


There’s no doubt that the right cordless vacuum cleaner will make our lives easier. There might be some issues with short battery life, long charging times, and other downsides. However, when you do get one of the best models, the quick and efficient cleaning is worth it. We’d recommend a cordless vacuum cleaner for anyone who doesn’t have much time for cleaning and lives in a relatively small space. Try one out and see the difference!