Baby Breathing Monitor Helps Parents Relax a Little

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is something that every parent is worried about when their infant child is asleep. These worries are not uncommon, but moms and dads do not always have to feel that way during the evening. Rest assured that the risk of SIDS is very low. Besides, there are lots of ways to prevent it. One of them is using a baby breathing monitor.

A baby breathing monitor is a device that basically lets you know whether your baby is awake and making noise and movements. With a baby breathing monitor, you do not have to keep a vigilant eye on your baby 24 hours a day. You do not also have to sit close by your baby’s crib and sleep with one eye open. Even if you’re not inside the nursery, the baby breathing monitor will send you an alert if your baby stops breathing.

However, babies do not breathe in the same normal rhythm as older children and adults do. Moreover, babies tend to have pauses in their breathing. These breathing pauses are normal, but they can cause the monitors to sound off an alarm. Such false alarms can cause worry and stress to parents who think that their baby has stopped breathing. When these false alarms occur during bedtime, it will be hard for the parents to have a good night’s sleep.

But with the proper use of the baby breathing monitor, parents will enjoy the biggest advantage that it offers: peace of mind. There are times when parents would lean in close to their children during the night, losing their sleep because of worrying. But now with the baby breathing monitor, parents will be able to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

There are two types of baby breathing monitors:

1. Mat monitor

Mat monitors are typically placed on a hard surface under the mattress in a bed or crib. It has sensors that can detect even the baby’s slightest movements.

  • Advantage – it is a more reliable type of baby breathing monitor, as it is less prone to making false alarms.
  • Disadvantage – it is not very portable.

2. Wearable monitor

Wearable monitors come with clips that can be attached to a baby’s diaper, sleepwear, or clothing.  Some brands have other features, such as a room temperature tracker.

  • Advantage – it is portable and easy to use.
  • Disadvantage – it is more prone to produce a lot of false alarms. It also tends to fall off or become loose, especially when the baby makes a lot of movement.

The best baby breathing monitors on the market right now:

Where to Buy
Babysense 7
Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor
Snuza Go!
Sense-U Baby
Levana Oma Sense Portable Baby Breathing Movement Monitor

1. Babysense 7

Most parents conclude that the Babysense 7 is the best baby breathing monitor to date. Babysense 7 is an HSA and FSA-approved alarm device that can detect even the smallest movements through the mattress. It sounds an alarm if no movement is detected within 20 seconds, or if the movement slows to less than ten micro-movements per minute.

As for its safety factor, parents do not have to worry about it because this system is completely safe and does not have direct contact with the infant. Installation is fast and easy. It only needs two sensor pads to provide ample coverage in the crib.

2. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

The Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is also an excellent choice. This mat-type monitor can detect even the slightest movements from your baby. It can also monitor sounds that your baby makes. If no movement has been detected after 20 seconds, the device will sound off an alarm.

The device has other attractive but useful features such as a room temperature tracker and an easy-to-read full-color display. It also has the “Nursery Night Light,” which gives off a glow that is relaxing to the eyes.

3. Snuza Go!

If you are looking for a dependable wearable monitor, you should seriously consider Snuza Go! You can clip this onto your baby’s diaper or clothing. Its size and design allow you to bring it even when traveling with your baby.

You can set your preferred audible alarm at 20, 18, or 15 seconds with no movement. It can also detect weak or infrequent movements. The monitor also sends you an alert if the baby’s abdominal movements fall to less than eight movements per minute.

4. Sense-U Baby

Sense-U Baby is another good wearable monitor that connects to your smartphone. It is available for both iPhone and Android phones, and it can be operated via a Bluetooth connection. If you are using an Android device, you can also download the free MonBridge app to maximize its range.

It sends you alerts when your baby is not breathing or moving, or is rolling from back to stomach. Sense-U Baby is very portable, which means you can carry this unit in your travels with your little one.

5. Levana Oma Sense Portable Baby Breathing Movement Monitor

Levana Oma Sense is a wearable, battery-powered and portable monitor made in Canada. What makes Levana Oma Sense stand out from its competitors is its patented “WakeUp” feature. This technology includes fluctuating vibrations, LED and audible alerts to increase your baby’s responses to stimuli, encouraging him or her to return to regular movement.

If regular movement has not been re-established five seconds after the first alert, it now sends an emergency alert to the parents with audible and LED alarms.