An Introduction to Closet Organization

“If you want to be successful, start off by making up your bed.” These words of a top-ranking admiral in the United States Naval Forces succinctly explain how organizing the slightest of things can go a long way in your life. Though this task looks like a futile effort, it is one of the most underrated chores of your whole day. Why is that, and how do we accurately organize our closet? All your questions are going to be answered in this article, concisely. So, let’s get right into it.

Significance of Organizing Your Closet

Refreshes Your Mind

Organizing your closet is very tiring. It’s one of those tasks that combines both physical and mental power. However, your hard work will never go to waste. When you organize your closet, it’s not only the closet that is being sorted out, but it’s your mind as well. Your sub-conscious relives the memories attached with the objects and decides whether that object is useful or not; it starts to reorganize ideas and is revitalized whenever you open up your closet. A fresh brain is what you need to kick start your day, and assembling your wardrobe seems to do that exquisitely.

Maintaining Quality

Nothing hurts more than seeing your favorite item gifted by someone special, losing its value and quality. However, if you give attention to organizing your closet frequently, you probably would never have to experience this feeling ever again. If your shirts and shoes are always put aside in heaps of dust, then there’s no doubt that they will eventually lose their quality. So, to increase the longevity of your important items, categorize your closet persistently.

Extra Storage

Having extra storage space for your items is always welcomed whenever it comes to standardizing your house. The organization of your closet can help you do that. By having a fully optimized closet, one can quickly gear up for buying new and improved items by getting rid of the previous ones. Clinging onto your old items has a profound effect on the psychological behavior. Assembling your closet will help you remove stress and boost your energy.


Helping others is one of the most heavenly feelings one can experience, and shaping your closet assists you in doing that. Even if you don’t have many clothes in your closet, there is always that one item you never use.  By the organization of your closet, you can pin-point those items and give it to someone who is in desperate need of it. Always remember, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”


Organizing your closet makes you hygienic. By stuffing your clothes in heaps and piles, you will tend to mix your sweaty gym shirt with clothes that you will wear for office the next day. Therefore, to avoid the mingling of fouled garments with clean ones, always keep an attentive eye on your closet. This will help you stay confident all the time as your dress will always be neat and clean.

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How to Organize Your Closet?

Organizing your closet is a complex process, but the results are worth the hard work. If not optimized by keeping in mind some minute details, it is only a matter of time until this effort of yours instead of being constructive would become destructive, because your closet would again look the same in just a few days. Therefore, whenever you are about to organize your closet, always consider the following guidelines:

1. Step One

The first thing that you should do when reorganizing your closet is to withdraw all the items from your closet. Some people like to rearrange the things already present in their closet. This practice doesn’t help at all. This way, the closet, instead of looking fresh, tends to look more disturbed. Removing items signifies the detaching of all things, including shirts, shoes, purses, wallets, etc.

2. Step Two

After withdrawing all the items from your closet, the next thing is to decide which clothes to keep and which to lose. This decision depends on several factors. Keep in mind the season, during winter, store the summer clothes in your trunk but never in one part of your closet. This practice helps you give that extra storage space in your closet for some new clothes.

3. Step Three

Hooks are an excellent addition to get some extra storage on the rear of a door or empty walls in your closet. Additionally, there are several closet organizer tools that you can use to manage your closet items. The most useful being shoe organizers and jewelry organizers. These are important because shoes tend to take away the impression of a tidy closet while jewelry becomes challenging to find in a closet.

4. Step Four

After you have decided which clothes you want to keep and which to lose, start putting your items in the right place. Ironically, the place where we would want the dust to be the least tends to be the dirtiest. Therefore, clean your closet thoroughly before organizing it.

5. Step Five

Start adding things in your closet in the following way:-

  • For storing your rings or earrings, use ice-cube trays in your drawers. This is a cost-effective and safe way to place your jewelry in the drawers.
  • Pack the clothes that are out of season in plastic containers and store them in a shelf.
  • Hang the clothes you’d wear the next day and keep the unironed clothes adequately folded.
  • Categorize your drawers, e.g., put handwear and footwear in separate drawers.
  • Label your drawers.

6. Step Six

Try placing a long mirror into your closet if you don’t have it already. A mirror in your closet can benefit you in two ways. First, a need for a mirror in a closet is essential as naturally, every person wants to dress-up properly before walking out of their closet. Second, equipping your closet with a mirror will tend to make your closet look bigger.

Some tips to consider when organizing your closet:

  • Install a Wall Shelf

Don’t worry if you run out of space in your closet – instead, overcome this problem by installing a multi-level wall shelf. You can paint the shelf white or the same color as of the wall, so it blends in with the wall.

  • Use Shelf Dividers

Shelves are great for storage, but the items can easily disorder on them. You can use a shelf divider to prevent your shirts from trespassing into your trousers territory and vice versa.

  • Take Care of Your Dirty Laundry

If your laundry basket takes up a lot of floor space, ditch it and use a durable canvas bag such as the Household Essentials 149-1 Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag. It is equipped with a built-in hanger that allows the bag to be hanged out of the way, making your closet look much more organized.

  • Use Garment Bags to Keep Your Clothes Dust-Free

If you wear formal dresses and suits only a few times a year, the best way to protect and keep them dust-free, when not in use, is storing them in the back of your closet in garment bags.

  • Keep Your Belts In-Line

Small items, including belts, can be the trickiest to store, often taking up space for larger garments. Moreover, the tough leather material of some belts makes folding them impossible. Your best bet here is to use a belt organizer.

  • Separate Your Closet Using a Curtain

Don’t have closet doors? No problem. You can hang a curtain to separate your closet from your bedroom, so it doesn’t distract the interior design scheme.

  • Try Wicker Baskets

Need some extra storage space to keep your junk out of sight? The best and cheap way to do so is by using wicker baskets. They even look amazing on open-shelves.


Hopefully, you are now much more informed about the importance of closet organization and the ways you can organize it. Make sure to follow all the steps in the given sequence and consider the tips so you can organize your closet in the best way possible. If there is something that we skipped, do let us know.

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