All About Hair Dyes

You may come across someone with beautiful hazelnut or blonde hair and might ask yourself; Is this real? Chances are that this might not be the natural hair color and could simply be an outcome of hair dyes.

Many hair dyes are healthy while many others could be toxic as well. Certain hair dyes perform more than others. Nonetheless, hair dyeing is one of the most common practices and surely, many of us love coloring our hair.

History of Hair Dyeing

Greek Historian, Diodorus Siculus, describes that in ancient times of 1600-1700s, the Celtic people dyed their hair using a range of organic techniques and materials. Some of these techniques were fine while the others simply appeared terrifying.

The ancient Celtic people bleached their hair and washed it several times a day. This would automatically change the coloring of hair in a few days. Some people used bleach along with lime for the hair and combed them back from their foreheads which gave an instant shaggy look to the hair giving them a dark brown color.

Henna was one of the first ones which is even used today in South Asian Culture. Turmeric, amla, and seena were also popular in the beginning. Hair dyeing dates back to the 1860s when the first synthetic dyes for hair were discovered.  In 1907, the founder of L’Oréal finally created the first synthetic dye while many other companies entered the industry onwards. Today L’Oréal stands as one of the best brands of all kinds of cosmetic products.

Off Scalp Hair Dye Techniques

Traditionally, only one particular color was applied to the hair and that was done all over, but modern hair dyeing involves multiple colors with design patterns. Recent trends show that there has been more demand for highlighting, lowlighting, and splash lighting. Highlighting requires hair treatment with lighteners while low lighting requires treatment of hair with dark colors.

On the other hand, splash lighting is relatively unpopular and involves the hair bleaching from ear to ear in a horizontal manner.


Foiling Technique

Perhaps the most common technique of hair dyeing is foiling. Expert hair consultants believe that this is quite an easy technique and could also color the hair most accurately. Foiling requires a piece of foil being applied to the hair and has holes to take out strands of hair from the head. Hair dye is then applied only to the desired strands while avoiding all other hair that are not intended to be dyed.

Balayage Technique

The only difference between this and the foiling technique is that there is no foil involved in this one. If you are interested in giving your hair a more natural look, this technique will help you in doing so. Balayage requires determined and accurate hand-painting of the hair which is one of the main reasons why it is relatively more expensive than others.

On Scalp Hair Dye Techniques

In case you are looking for a more solid and long-lasting hair dyeing, certain on-scalp hair dye techniques can be followed.

Root Touch Up

One of the most widely practiced hair dyeing techniques all over the world is the root touch-up formulation. In this method, the color is applied near the root of the hair which is generally the first inch of hair near to the scalp. The process is repeated after every month or so. As a result, when the natural color grows, it can also be colored using a root touch-up.

One of the primary benefits of the hair dyeing technique is that it does not infuse hair dye in your hair at an excessive amount right away. Rather, it is a slow process to dye your hair fully which helps in balancing out the side effects of hair dyes.

All Over Color

When someone wants their hair dyed completely, they would go for an all-over color technique. In this technique, the hair are fully bleached and the hair dye mixture is applied. Usually, people do this when they are looking for a permanent hair color. This also completely changes the look of the person using the colors.


Block Coloring

It’s simple! If you want your hair dyed out in multiple hair colors, the block coloring technique is used. The specialist uses the concept of primary and secondary colors to give the hair a unique and attractive look. In addition to that, block coloring is a method that is most helpful in developing color dimension and color contrasts.

Benefits of Dyeing Hair

Strength – One of the key benefits of dyeing hair is that it gives strength to the hair. This is mainly because the temporary hair dyes are usually an additional coating on the hair which makes them strong and not being broken easily. However, the strength might not be a key benefit in the case of permanent hair dyeing.

Protection – Protect your natural hair by applying hair dyes to them. With the additional coating, heating the hair or over-exposing them to the UV rays of sunlight will not cause any damage to the internal hair. In addition to that, hair dyes give protection from environmental issues such as pollution.

Covering Gray Hair – A primary benefit of dyeing your hair permanently is that it eliminates all kinds of gray hair. Your hair get singularity due to precisive dyeing. There are very few chances that new gray hair grows because the hair dyes are very strong in coloring and eliminate any chances of fading.

Style – Pick up a new hair color for a new kind of styling and varied hues. Some people may look way more attractive when they have dyed their hair in another color instead of their natural hair color. Create a new outlet for self-expression by dyeing your hair to a newer style.

Conditioned – When hair dyes are applied, they are automatically conditioned. As a result, one can easily tame down their hair making them more vibrant and interesting. In addition to that, permanent hair dyes require regular washing with a shampoo which becomes beneficial for hair health. Many ladies have also said that their hair got softer after they got them colored.


Best Hair Dye Products

With tutorial videos all over the internet especially on YouTube, one can always dye hair at the comfort of their homes. As a result, day-to-day care and combing your hair becomes easier.

Where to Buy
Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream, 50 Medium Natural Brown (Truffle) (2 Count) Brown Hair Dye
John Frieda Precision Foam Full-coverage Hair Color Kit for Deep Color Saturation, DARK NATURAL BROWN
Just For Men Easy Comb-In Color (Formerly Autostop), Gray Hair Coloring for Men with Comb Applicator - Jet Black, A-60 (Packaging May Vary)


1. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream

Garnier is one of the top brands of cosmetic and hair dyeing products. The company is one of the pioneers of making hair dye products dating back to 1904. One of the main benefits of buying this hair dye is that it will cover your gray hair completely and won’t leave a single mark. Being enriched with natural fruit oil, we can say that it has little to no side effects on your hair.

Keep in mind that this is a permanent hair color formula available in a wide variety of colors. This is a non-drip creme formula so that you have the best hair dyeing with minimal problems. Even recommends this product!

2. John Frieda Precision Foam Full-coverage Hair Color Kit for Deep Color Saturation

For those who are looking for deep color coverage, this one will do the job. What it does is that it helps in penetrating the strands with deep color saturation. Therefore, complete coverage is ensured leaving no patches behind. For ease of use, the application foam is white not making any post-coloring mess.

Cover your gray hair today and have the guarantee of fade resistance. To provide an enriching outcome on your hair, you can use the after-color conditioner. This is a complete kit that includes the color developer, conditioner, foam, gloves, and the complete user manual.

3. Just for Men Easy Comb-In Color

Many men face the problem of fading their natural black hair. This might not look appealing and for that reason, buying a simple comb-in color like this one could work out. All you need to do is apply this hair color on your hair with a comb. The simplicity of this process allows you to do it at your home.

For up to 8 weeks, your hair will become jet black once again until the new gray hair does not grow. Don’t worry! You can wash your hair as much as you want, and this color will not fade. In only 10 minutes, you can regain your attractive look with black hair. We have suggested this product because of being ammonia-free and peroxide-free which means this hair color will not cause any harm to your hair.



Hair dyeing is a cool way to try on new looks and creates a subtle style with a personality impression that others find appealing. Just make sure that whenever you are trying out hair dyes, you don’t do any experiments right away. This is because permanent hair color will not be easy to remove or change. Tutorials from YouTube or a nearby hairstylist could help you out.

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