10 Factors to Consider Before Buying Personalized Gifts

10 Factors to Consider Before Buying Personalized Gifts
Giving gifts on any occasion can be tricky. Even if you know the other person well, you don’t want to give them a gift that they won’t like. There are a lot of gift items available for sale online and in real life, but sometimes they just won’t do any good.

If you have a very special friend or relative, you probably want to gift them something extremely memorable. In such a case, there’s nothing quite like a personal gift to make both the giver and recipient extremely happy. Choosing and purchasing a personalized gift could also be quite difficult too, so make sure you consider the following factors before doing so:

1. Time of Giving

Start planning the gift the moment you know about the occasion in question. For instance, you should ideally start shopping as soon as possible after you get to know the date for someone’s birthday or bridal shower. Plan everything well in advance so that you don’t have to go rushing into a store and buying the first shiny item you see. Such a gift might be heavy on the pocket, but it is not personalized or customized at all.

If you’re thinking about giving a personalized gift, allow yourself at least two or three weeks to get it all together. A craft project for a gift could easily take that long. You don’t want to be late with your gift, nor do you want to show up to a party without it. Be proactive and start upon your task right away; otherwise, you might get frustrated at not having enough time.

2. What They Want

If you’re close enough to get a personalized gift for them, you should know the recipient enough to know what they want. An exploding box, for instance, is a highly personalized gift that takes many hours of work and a lot of effort. However, it’s not something that everyone would want. It takes up a lot of storage space and is essentially useless right after you open up the box itself.

Ideally, your gift should be something that the recipient would love to have and use as well. If your friend isn’t interested in sports, they probably wouldn’t like to receive a sports channel subscription. If they’re on a health kick these days, though, they might highly appreciate a customized set of workout clothes. Consider their interests, hobbies, requirements, and their overall personality before you start planning a personalized gift for anyone.

3. The Occasion

Before you start thinking of getting apersonalized gift personalized gift for anyone, think about what it’s actually for. If you’re giving your friend a token gift just as a surprise, it doesn’t have to be anything much. It might even be a little book of poems you worked on together or perhaps a collage of the pictures from your school days. Options like these may take some effort on your part, but they’re ultimately inexpensive and not difficult to put together.

If the occasion s something bigger like a wedding or a birthday, it’s probably best if you put a bit more thought into your personalization. You could still go for the collage and poems idea, but try to jazz it up as much as possible. For instance, you might take all those pictures and get them printed on a lampshade or even a cushion. This would make for a really fancy gift that your friend could cherish as well as use to decorate his/her new home.

4. Customer Reviews

If you’re ordering your gift online, you’re probably making use of a customization service. This could be a bit of a risk, as with all online shopping. The best way to avoid this is to read up on the customer reviews for that particular service.

Personal experience is highly valuable for businesses. When you read the experience of a previous customer you get to know what the quality and experience of this gift is going to be like. Get some real insights from actual people, and you wouldn’t be confused when ordering a personalized gift online.

If there are no customer reviews on the page or website for a customization service, look upon this as a red flag. The company you’re approaching for your special gift is probably a very new one or is simply not popular enough to gather any reviews. If you still want to go with them, you should ask around for a genuine customer review. Alternatively, you should also request a guarantee of sorts.

5. Alternative Prices

You may have decided on one particular item to gift your friend or relative, but don’t just settle for the price you see right now. Check around and see if any other buying or selling platform has the same item for less. There are several new startups on the market that could be offering your coveted gift at a much lower price as part of the promotion. Shop around a bit and see where you can get the best offer.

In the case of a very high price all around, you should also consider looking for online coupons and vouchers. Along with mobile voucher apps, these can help you out in getting an excellent price for even a customized item. Since such gifts are usually a bit more expensive than the generic kind, be prepared to pay a little more for them in any case.

6. The Packaging

You’ve put a lot of thought into selecting and personalizing a gift. Don’t waste all that effort by packaging it in a generic kind of box or wrapping it up in some simple wrapping paper. We’re not saying that you have to buy expensive customized boxes or fancy paper, but there’s a lot you can do with what you already have.

With a personalized gift, you should showcase the entire thing instead of hiding it away. Personalize the package or wrap it up in some quirky paper in order to make a lasting impression. You can even hang it up in the intended recipient’s room and decorate around it for a bigger surprise.

7. The Colors

If the occasion is a party with certain colors for the decoration, the gift you choose should be in the same colors. This would add to the elegance of the whole event. If there’s no color scheme, you can choose any combination that means a lot to your friend.

As an example, you may know that your friend loves the color yellow. Even if the gift you got her has no special color, you can wrap it up in yellow paper and decorate it with ribbons in different shades of yellow. You can also make an entrance with yellow roses in hand for a complete gifting experience.

8. Writing

No gift is complete without a card, but don’t settle for simply writing your name there. The card could very well be part of a personalized gift. In fact, it might even be cherished and stored away for longer than the actual gift itself.

You hence need to make sure that your card is everything it should be. Write a little poem, a funny anecdote, or just a nice personal note on your card to make it all the more special. What’s really important is that you double and even triple-check the spellings, grammar, and punctuation on the card. Get someone else to look it over in order to make sure it’s up to the mark. A little carelessness in this area could spoil the experience of the whole gift.

9. The Personal Touch

Having a personal touch in a personalized gift seems like an obvious deal. However, many people tend to think that simply customizing a gift means they’ve made it have personal meaning. this is not always the case since there are now all kinds of services available for making special presents.

For instance, you may know that your friend likes a particular book. If you go out of your way to have that book’s cover printed on a mug, that’s a highly thoughtful and personal gift. Still, adding a little something of your own would make it even more special. You may add a picture of the two of you enjoying that book, for one.

If you don’t want to make changes to the actual gift, consider simply putting in a heartfelt card or letter. We’ve already covered what the card should be like. You can write about anything under the sun, especially with regards to the gift, and the experience would be all the more special.

10. The Unique Factor

No matter what kind of a gift you have in mind, personalization also means that the item you give is unique. It may not even be an item but an experience, but it should stand out among anything else that your friend receives. Having a unique gift would not only help the receiver to remember you but also make them appreciate your contribution all the more.

A unique gift would show your care and effort, also identifying the connection you have with the receiver. Even if it doesn’t cost much, the unique effect and personalization would show everyone how hard you worked on the gift. This thought would have even more value than the gift itself.


When there’s a special occasion coming around, you have a lot of choice of gifts on the market. Whether it’s a parting gift or one that’d given just out of the blue, a little personalization never hurts. It can enhance the value of your gift and give it a lasting impression.

Even if you’re unable to find or customize a gift at the last minute, a few touches like a card, a curly bow, or even an old picture could give that unique effect. This way, you’d be sure to give your friend or relative the happiness of knowing that you gave them a lot of thought that day.