Your Ultimate Guide to Styling Sweaters


    The air is getting a bit nippy, so it’s time for you to think about making sure your fall sweaters look great on you. But sweaters aren’t just for keeping you warm. With the right styling tips, you can look stylish in them as well.

    Here are some ways you can wear your sweaters with style:

    1. Wear a floppy hat

    A floppy hat looks feminine and fun, while it also keeps your head warm. Wear a hat with a neutral color so that it looks good on any type of sweater, though a bolder-looking hat can look great with patterned sweaters.

    2. Pair it with a pencil skirt

    This combo is great, though you should tuck in the front of your sweater to make your proportions look right. A sweater with a pencil skirt oozes with sophistication, and it works for the office as well as dinner with your friends. You can keep it casual with some loafers, though you can make it a tad more formal with strappy heels.

    3. Match your sweater with trousers of the same color

    This monochromatic look is always a good go-to option as you don’t have to worry whether your top and your bottom match. It saves you a lot of time when you’re trying to decide your outfit, and it’s a classic look that never goes out of style. Accentuate the look with a nice purse.

    4. Wear a cozy scarf

    Do you have a favorite scarf? If you do, use it. That’s especially true if you’re going to use the same sweater over and over again, so people won’t notice that you wore the same thing. Put on a pair of skinny jeans, oversized sunglasses during the day and you’re good to go.

    5. Wear a statement necklace

    Don’t go with a subtle necklace. Pick one that people will notice. Wearing a statement necklace is an easy way of enhancing your attire and it only takes a few seconds to put the necklace on. Pick a contrasting necklace to emphasize your outfit, or you can go with a neutral-colored necklace to complement your sweater.

    6. Put a layer on top

    Layering is good when it’s cold outside, and it also makes you look quite sophisticated. Stick to neutral colors, put on your heels and lipstick, and give it a go. You can try a sweater over a plaid shirt too.

    7. Try it with metallic pleated skirts

    This combo makes you look ready for a party. It’s pretty and feminine, with the added advantage of being easy to pull off. It can even work for some casual workplaces. It goes best with a purse that crosses your body, a pair of sunglasses, and cool booties. If you’re not into metallic colors, you can still go with a simpler color or material.

    8. Go with leather leggings

    If you’re already a fan of black leggings, then you need to try your sweater with leather leggings. It makes you look more elegant, and if you’re going on a date you can complete the look with a pair of black strap heels. But during the day when you’re going casual, you can always have on your clean white sneakers.

    9. Try it with ripped jeans and sneakers

    This is definitely a casual look reserved for lazy days, but with the sweater you still look collected even when you’re casual and carefree.

    10. With a tweed skirt

    Tweed really works for the workplace, especially when wearing a tweed skirt with your favorite sweater. Put on a blazer if you want to go for a professional look. With tweed however, you want to make your look simple and clear cut.



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