Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon wrap up

Yesterday I finished up the read-a-thon I was participating in. I feel like I was pretty successful with this one and I got a good amount of reading done. I posted my goals here last week, so let’s see how I did:
  • Read at least 100 pages each day. Done. Technically, there was a day where I didn’t read, but my average ended up being 115 pages per day & 809 pages overall. Not bad I suppose.
  • Finish 2 1/2 books. Not quite. I didn’t finish The Scorpio Races like I had hoped, but I finished up Gone Girl, read 3/4 of  The Scorpio Races, & read 3/4 of The Indigo Spell.
  • Participate in at least one Twitter chat. Done! I meant to participate in both, but the timing didn’t work out for the first one. The second one was fun though!
  • Visit other blogs and make some new book friends. Done! I’m proud of myself for this one, because it’s been hard to get around to other blogs lately.

All in all it was pretty fun! I will definitely participate in the next one.