Why What You Don’t Eat Makes A Huge Difference


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    Choosing not to consume foods that are harmful to you is one of the essential keys to getting and staying healthy. We all know what foods are terrible for us, even if we sometimes will not even admit it. You may agree that eating burgers, donuts, and soft drinks are not excellent. We all know this, but we still make excuses and pretend they are ok. These foods, and others, cause a tremendous amount of damage to our bodies, and simply removing them means that this damage can be averted or possibly reversed.

    The damage can range from bad skin and lack of energy up to diabetes, heart disease, and death. But if we all know what is bad for us, why do we continue eating it? Do we all have a death wish? Part of the answer is that many people are perplexed about what is good for us and what is not, especially when the popular press seem to love stories about how bad foods are good for us.

    Remember that popular media exists to entertain us, not to educate or inform us. Much of what they print is just PR for large companies and large food organizations. They are happy to publish a story of how research shows that this food is good for us, but they tend not to mention the hundreds of other research pieces that show that it is terrible. It may be because they take these stories directly from PR companies and do not bother to research the information correctly, or at all. They also usually fail to mention that the research received funding by either a food company or industry lobby group. And many publishers also accept advertisements from these companies, so there is an apparent conflict of interest. The best advice we can give is not to get your health advice from the popular press.

    You may want to get health advice from holistic doctors that have many years of clinical experience. You can also get educated by healthy people. There are so many charlatans out there offering health advice that you need to be careful. We have seen obese people providing weight loss advice, but do not understand why anyone would listen to them, although plenty of people do. If they cannot control their weight, why do they think they should be advising others, as there is an evident lack of credibility? Be careful about taking advice from these people. They may be well-meaning, but by listening to them, you could end up damaging your health.

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