Why are Organic Skin Care Products Better?

Why are Organic Skin Care Products Better
Why are Organic Skin Care Products Better

Skin is the largest organ of your body, and without any doubt, also one of the most important. The skin is also remarkably receptive to things applied to it, so much that up to 60% of everything you applied gets to your bloodstream through it which is then distributed to the entire body.

This is why it is necessary to take precaution to what you apply on the skin. Ordinary skin care products are made with strong chemicals that can pose serious threats to your health. Some of these products may also contain toxins that mess with your health and hormones.

It’s no surprise that many people are now switching to organic skin care products which are free from these toxins and harmful chemicals. If you’re not still convinced, have a look at some reasons below which prove organic skin care products are far better than ordinary products and make the switch today.

Ordinary skin care products contain harmful chemicals

Have you ever read the ingredients label behind a jar of any non-organic skin care product on top of your dresser? You’ll see many names there which are barely recognizable by an average person.

The truth is almost every non-organic skin care product is choke full of man-made synthetic chemicals that include mineral oils, sodium laurel, laureth sulphate, harmful toxins and more. These ingredients contain residue of pesticides and other chemicals which pose a serious health risk in the long run.

Many studies have in fact found out that these chemicals and other ingredients in non-organic skin care products can cause hormone imbalance, skin irritation, organ toxicity, and worst of all, cancer.

Organic skin care products are non-allergic

One of the biggest drawbacks of non-organic skin care products is that they can cause mild to severe allergic reactions to some people. This is usually due to strong chemicals and other synthetic ingredients used to make modern skin care products.

Organic skin care products, on the other hand, are made with natural ingredients that rarely cause a severe allergic reaction unless it is made with a natural ingredient that is known to cause allergic reactions to some people (such as peanuts).

With organic skin care products you are safe because if you have an allergy from a certain ingredient, you can easily identify it by reading the product label.

Organic skin care products are far more effective

Believe it or not, plants that are grown organically are scientifically proven to contain higher levels of positive antioxidants, vitamins, and other important components. This means that skin care products made with natural and organic ingredients are far more effective than non-organic products.

Another important thing to note is that most organic skin care products have 95% active ingredients whereas non-organic only have 5-10% active ingredients.

These are just some of the reasons that make organic skin care products better than ordinary products. Switch today and feel the difference.