Which travel kettle to choose? Comparison of Models

If you cannot imagine your life without traveling, but like to drink your own brew of tea or coffee, you must have considered purchasing a travel kettle at some point. With your combined love for traveling plus those hot, home-brewed beverages, you need a travel kettle that can be your sidekick on any journey.

Before you make any purchase, check whether your shortlisted kettles are equipped with dual voltage or not. Many countries use a different voltage than the United States, so you want your trusty kettle to remain functional no matter where you are.

Fortunately, the best kinds of travel kettles have dual voltage options. This will make traveling and living abroad a bit easier, especially if you can’t do without your favorite tea kettle choice. Let’s take a brief look at the various benefits of a travel electric kettle:

Benefits of Getting an Electric Kettle for Your Travels


Quick Results

You can read up on several kinds of fast boil kettles, but most travel kettles can get your water hot very quickly. 

Boiling water might seem simple, but it requires the right equipment. With an electric kettle, you would require some sort of heat source, matches or a lighter, and a pot to boil the water in. With a travel kettle, you might have a cordless power source and the container already on hand. This makes for a quick process and a more convenient operation. 

Easy to Use

Most electric travel kettles are simple to use. All you have to do is plug them in, put in some water, and press a button. Even if the kettle is full of features and has several temperature settings, it’s not going to be too hard to figure out. 

Energy Savings

Travel kettles use limited energy to heat water. This means less energy consumption than if you were to use a microwave or a stovetop for the same task. This is why many people might prefer an electric kettle for their home kitchen as well. 


If you usually have a lot of people to serve or are traveling in a large group, an electric travel kettle could save you a lot of time and energy. You don’t have to keep lighting a fire or turning on the stove every single time you need some hot water. 

If the electric kettle has a large capacity, you’ll also be able to heat up enough water for the whole company in one go. This might take a long time with the stove, while the microwave won’t heat a lot of water evenly or safely. 

We may agree that electric travel kettles are a necessity for some, but how do we go about deciding which one is best for us? The factors below would help us make this decision before our next trip. 

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Travel Kettle

Speed Level

Speedy results are one of the most attractive features of any travel kettle, and among the main reasons why people buy them. When you’re traveling, you usually want to shorten your routine for making the perfect cup of tea and coffee. 

Some kettles might take a few minutes to get our water to boiling point, while others can accomplish this in about 90 seconds. That extra minute or two might be crucial at times, so see if it’s worth the extra price. 

At any rate, your travel kettle should be quicker than using the microwave or a stovetop version. 

Temperature Settings

If you’re a tea connoisseur, you’d want absolute precision when it comes to the temperature of your water. The same goes for coffee brewing; if the temperature of the water is too high or too low, the result wouldn’t be as delicious. 

For instance, you want boiling water for regular black tea, but a somewhat lower temperature for oolong, white, or green teas. Having the water just below boiling level is also a better option for coffee. 

This is why you should get a travel kettle that has variable settings for temperatures. This might not be a feature in the cheaper brands, so be careful before placing an order. Plus, you want to make sure that the settings include your ideal option. 

Price Range

There might be some very cheap travel kettles out there, but they usually have limited features. A kettle with more capacity and more features will obviously cost more. You could be looking at options as low as $15 or going higher than $100. It all depends on how much you’re willing to invest in the perfect cup of tea or coffee while traveling. 


Do you just have to make a cup of tea for yourself while traveling, or does the whole group want one too? The number of tea or coffee drinkers on hand would determine the size of your perfect tea kettle. 

Travel kettles usually come in a smaller size, but some foldable options might have room for more water.  

However, you also need to think about the space a large kettle will take up when you’re traveling. This might not be an issue for road trips, but you’re quite limited when traveling by plane. 


Some might want a travel kettle for their home kitchen. If that’s the case, they also probably want it out on the counter. Make sure that the kettle looks good enough for display, as you don’t want an ugly model ruining the look of your kitchen. Some might not care too much about aesthetics, so to each their own. 

Cordless or Corded

It’s much more convenient to have a cordless kettle or one that has a detachable cord. This will save you from going back and forth with the cups, and also allow you to pour in a safe manner. 


Most travel kettles have a body of metal or plastic. There might also be glass options, but they’re likely to break easily. In any case, steel or glass versions are healthier than plastic, even though the latter wouldn’t be so hot to handle. 

Plastic is also more lightweight than the other two materials, so you might want to look for a combination model. A kettle with a plastic exterior and a metal interior might be the best way to go. If plastic gets into contact with the hot water, this may negatively influence the flavor of your tea or coffee. 

Extra Features

Some versions of travel kettles have features that can make their function much easier. These include an auto-shutoff, function, a keep-warm function, a water gauge, and many others to ensure a safe and convenient experience. 

There are actually several kinds of kettles to choose from. You might be interested in reading up on fast-boil kettles or want some folding options for easy portability. Fortunately, there are quite a few options out there, so take a look and shortlist your choices:

Where to Buy
Travel Kettle Stainless Steel by Unold
Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle
Bonavita Bona Voyage 0.5-Liter Electric Travel Kettle
Gourmia GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle
Bonavita Dual Voltage 0.5L Travel Electric Kettle



Travel Kettle Stainless Steel by Unold

The Travel Kettle Stainless Steel by Unold has dual voltage. You can use it at 120 v or 230 v. Its power is 1000 Watts which is more than enough for average users.

The heating elements are not visible here, which is good for the appearance of this kettle. Furthermore, it has a capacity of 0.5 liters, and you will also get two cups in the package. 

The kettle has protection against boiling on dry. When there is no water inside, it will stop working. The lamp is visible to show you when the kettle is on. These safety aspects are a considerable addition when you’re traveling.

The features of Unold Travel Kettle are presented in the next few sentences. This type of kettle is great if you are going on vacation soon.

Dimensions of this model are 7.1 inches by 5.1 inches by 6.7 inches. Weight is only 1.3 pounds, and it’s available on Amazon since 2013. You can put it in a backpack for easy transport.

Stainless steel parts are what make this kettle so great. More than fifty percent of buyers gave it five-star reviews, but there are also one star and two-star ratings, so you should read all reviews before purchase.

Some buyers couldn’t make a converter to work for this kettle, and this is the main downside of this product. The good thing, though, is that there is no plastic inside. 

Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle

Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle comes in several different colors – black, white, red and green. Its capacity is 17 and 34 ounces. This kettle offers an easy way to make your favorite tea when you are not at home. It has more than one thousand reviews, with more than fifty-five percent of these being five-star reviews.

With this choice, you will have your water boiled in just a few minutes. If you need an electric water kettle, this is an ideal way to make coffee, tea, or even instant soup if you like.

The features of Bodum Bistro kettle come next. Its main features are simple but very effective. There is one switch to turn the kettle on and off. The heating element is located at the bottom, and you can easily open the lid with a button.

The dimensions of this kettle are seven inches by four inches by seven point eight inches. Model is available on Amazon since 2012. According to reviews, kettle does a great job, it is not noisy, and it is small. However, some buyers noticed that this option doesn’t last long.

Bonavita Bona Voyage 0.5-Liter Electric Travel Kettle

The Bonavita Bona Voyage 0.5-Liter Electric Travel Kettle is another great travel kettle. It’s available in metallic color, but if you want to spice things up, I recommend you to buy a red one.

The dimensions of this model are 7.1 inches by 6 inches by 5.4 inches. The model is new and has been available on Amazon since March 2017. However, according to the frequently asked questions, the voltage for this model is only 110 v, so you cannot use it oversea without a converter.

According to reviews, this model is really awesome. It looks great, especially in red color. If you like something more regular, metallic is the right color for you. The kettle is sturdy and works well. 

Gourmia GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

The Gourmia GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle has a fast operation, boil-dry protection, and a double volt option. Its foldable feature makes this a perfect choice for your travels. The water capacity is around 800ml, which can give you a couple of cups in one go. 

The body here is of food-grade silicone, so we can rely on the water being safe for our consumption. Other hand features include a lid lock, an integrated spout filter, and a power sensor. While these aspects make this a safe option to use, you have to be careful on the chrome ring at the base. This can get very hot, so make sure no children or pets come close in such cases. 

Bonavita Dual Voltage 0.5L Travel Electric Kettle

The Bonavita 0.5L Mini Kettle is a stainless steel option, along with having quite a pretty appearance. It has the standard boil-dry protection and auto shutoff features.  The build is fortunately durable, and the double colt feature ensures that it’s also travel-friendly. 

One should be aware that the double voltage is not automatic here. You’ll have to toggle between the two, which could be a bit of a hassle. 

Final Thoughts about Travel Kettles

Travel kettles are a great idea if you want to drink your favorite tea while on vacation. However, before you take any kind of travel kettle with you, make sure to check with the hotel management at your destination. Many hotels might not allow such devices in their rooms due to the risk of fire or accidents.  And when you have some down time in your travels be sure to check out Casino med Bast utdeling and other great options.