Whew! What a week

Hmmm, the words I could use to describe the last week of my life are as follows:
Yeah. I’ve been busy. While you will be sad to know that I haven’t been busy crafting or sewing or anything, you may enjoy the fact that I’ve been working on myself as a person. Good, right?
Without going into too much detail, basically God is good. And I finally, truly, 100% have learned & accepted this and it’s the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I seriously never thought I’d be here, at this point in my life.
First things first…if you are married, or are thinking of ever becoming married, I highly recommend this book written by a pastor I love
It’s written by Pastor Mark & Grace Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. I’ve actually attended this church and it was the first church I’ve ever been to where I actually understood what was being said & it was said in a way that it pertained to real life and made sense. It was a great experience and I would love to still attend MHC, but alas, we live too far away. 
Anyways…this book is awesome. I can’t say enough. It was super easy & fun to read. And I’m not one to just sit & read a Christian book and enjoy it. Not me at all! While it does have a  lot of bible verses & scripture in it, it’s not so much that you can’t understand what the heck the authors are talking about. Make sense? It’s got a lot of stories from their lives that put everything into perspective and give a great “real life” example of how to put the scripture to use in your marriage and life. I sat & read this in two sittings and couldn’t stop reading! I only wish this book was written years ago. It has seriously changed my life and my marriage, and how I treat and talk to my husband. The chapter called “The Respectful Wife” really hit home and I cried thinking about the way I’ve spoken to and about my husband in the past. It was eye opening and it really humbled me and encouraged me to really put more effort into my relationship with my husband. It’s been amazing! So again, if you are married, engaged, or dating and want a really good read…this is for you!!! Go pick it up. I found it cheapest here, through their website. (it was cheaper than amazon or B&N). $12 for a hardback…not bad at all!
In my quick update I posted a few days ago I mentioned that I was super busy just spending time with my family. I think that was the day after I finished Real Marriage and I was pumped! Still am. Those couple of days where I just unplugged and really connected with my husband and kids was great. I will treasure those days forever…I truly felt God’s presence at work in my home this week. I’ve seen a huge change in myself, my husband, and my children, and it’s not just because I read that book. It’s so much more…the book was just kind of a catalyst in some of the other life changing stuff going on. I hope to share more about that in the coming weeks & months but right now, that’s all I’ve got! 
Here’s a few pictures from the last couple of days. Nothing super special…just us hanging out & little moments I caught with my phone. (I need a new phone SO bad…the quality of the camera on this one sucks. Sorry! We’re thinking of finally upgrading to iPhones soon).
I love this man so much. I was polishing my nails & he asked if I wanted him to serenade me with a love song. Of course I said yes!!!! (he’s amazing on the guitar, for real. He shreds).
Lillers got a new Monster High doll from daddy.
Ayden lost his 6th tooth! No tears or anything…such a brave boy.
Lily learned how to fold laundry. She did a darn good job & said she would help me all the time now. Score.
And this is probably my favorite by far. Lily drew a picture of our little family. We are standing in front of daddy’s work & there are hearts around us, flowers on the ground, the sun is shining & we are eating ice cream cones. Cute huh?!
Daddy took it to work & it’s on display at the tattoo shop for everyone to see. So sweet 🙂 
(I think Lily got hungry and ate the corners off of the paper!)
I’m hoping to do some actual sewing this week. I know I keep saying that but life keeps getting in the way. Plus I don’t have my own sewing room anymore (sad face) so I have to use the dining room table. It takes forever to set everything up and then by the time I’m ready someone usually wants to eat! I need to get my stuff a little more organized and maybe purchase a smaller table I can put in a corner in my bedroom & at least keep some of my stuff out so I don’t have to set it all up each and every time I want to sew. I sure miss my crafty room! I got so much more done when I could just leave a project where it was at and not have to worry about putting it all away each time. Fingers crossed for a bigger house with a spare room when our lease is up in a few months!