Where to Buy Matcha Green Tea Powder? Here is the Answer!

Matcha is a big thing among tea drinkers, and you must read this article if you don’t know what matcha is. It’s a powder of green tea leaves, it is made in a very special way.

Plants for matcha are used twenty-one days before harvesting, and all veins of plants are removed. This is called shaded growing when Camellia sinensis makes more caffeine and theanine.

These ingredients are ingredients that make you feel better, relaxed, but with more energy. Matcha is used in tea ceremonies in Japan, where special methods of preparation are used.

The tea ceremony is a very deep and spiritual event and if you haven’t visited any ceremony until now, I recommend you to do it. It is very life-changing.

Best place to buy matcha powder

Amazon is definitely the best place to buy Matcha Green Tea Powder. The largest selection and the cheapest prices are available on Amazon.

History of matcha

Matcha preparation originates in China when Zen and Chan Buddhists made a powder of green tea leaves.

When the method of preparation is improved, it was used in Japan too.

After this, matcha became an important part of many tea ceremonies across Japan. Production of this tea can last more than two weeks, up to three weeks maximum, and only the finest buds of the plant are used.

There are three categories of matcha tea – cooking grade, with most affordable price, it is used in food preparation, premium grade, the best quality of matcha, for everyday use, and ceremonial grade, highest quality of green tea.

Matcha health benefits

Matcha has various benefits for the human body. First, when you drink matcha green tea, you will feel the wave of energy with a relaxing effect.

Tea contains caffeine and theanine, and this is what makes you feel relaxed and ready to finish all your daily commitments.

Also, matcha green tea is healthy for your brain and heart, and it can help you to reduce your weight. Drink tea every day to get all the benefits from it.

Where to buy matcha green tea powder

Matcha green tea powder is a very popular type of tea and you can buy it online or in your nearest health store.

Many stores have various products, and matcha is definitely one of them, but if you live in a small town, there is a high chance that matcha green tea powder is not available in your local health store.

If you can, visit your nearest health store and ask them if they have matcha tea. But, if they don’t have it, you will spend some money without getting tea and this is not good, right?

A safe place to buy matcha powder is the internet.

There are various online shops with teas and you can navigate and find the best deal for you. Of course, one of the safest and popular websites where you can buy matcha is Amazon.

Amazon offers various types of matcha green tea and prices are affordable. There are more and less expensive types of matcha, you just need to find tea with a price that fits your budget.

Also, if you decide to buy tea from an online shop, always purchase tea from sellers you trust and it would be good that some of your friends already bought tea from that online store before.

In the next few paragraphs, we present you top three top rated and best selling matcha green tea powder on Amazon.

Best Matcha Green Tea Powder to Choose From

Where to Buy
Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder
Matcha Green Tea Powder – Superior Culinary
Matcha Green Tea Powder by Zen Spirit

1. Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder

Jade Leaf matcha green tea powder is organic and authentic powder full of energy and antioxidants.

It comes in four different sizes - 30 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, and 454 grams before you order check what sizes are available. Of course, if you want to try this powder first, order a smaller package.

The powder comes from the Uji region, and it's great for lattes and smoothies.

This type is classified as classic culinary grade matcha, which means it's used for dishes and baked goods. One gram of powder contains around thirty-four milligrams of caffeine.

2. Matcha Green Tea Powder – Superior Culinary

Matcha Green Tea Powder - Superior Culinary is USDA organic tea powder from Japan, it gives you energy and boosts your mind.

It belongs to the culinary category and this means it is used for lattes and smoothies just like the previous one. It comes in three sizes - bag of thirty grams, a bag of one hundred grams and ceremonial grade of 1.4 ounces.

With more than a thousand reviews and around eighty percent of five-star rating, this powder is an excellent choice. If you order superior culinary matcha green tea powder, you will receive free eBook with recipes.

3. Matcha Green Tea Powder by Zen Spirit

Matcha Green Tea Powder by Zen Spirit is without sugar, USDA certified and premium grade powder, it is available for order in two sizes - thirty grams and one hundred grams.

Make cookies, ice tea, smoothies or anything you want with this premium green tea powder. Full with antioxidants and catechins, green tea is a way to start your day.

If you want to make something new and tasty, you can even find some recipes on the main product page on Amazon, so don't forget to check that.

By the way, the powder is tested for heavy metals and radioactivity, and it is without them for sure.

Final Words on Matcha Green Tea Powder

If you can’t find matcha green tea powder in your city or place you live, you can always order tea from online retailers.

Amazon is definitely a safe place where you can order tea. Before you order, check out shipping policy and refunds, just to safe.

Do not buy anything for online shops that looks fake because this is not a safe thing to do. Amazon offers various match green tea powder products and I hope you will find something you like above.