Wheat Berries, The Perfect Grain

Wheat Berries, The Perfect Grain

Wheat berries are a true whole grain! You may not recognize the name, but without these kernels, there would be no flour. Wheat berries are loaded with nutrients and are as easy as rice to prepare — perfect for a meal at any time of year.

What are wheat berries?

They are nothing but Whole Wheat grains with the husks removed.  The ones responsible for imparting nutrition to our body the bran, the germ, and the endosperm remain intact and that’s why consuming these are extremely beneficial. For the least number of calories, you get the maximum amount of fiber and nutrition. I mean with such a bargain what is it that you are waiting for?

They look like thick, short grains  like brown rice. Industrious folks grind them into whole wheat flour for baking; you may not have the time to regularly grind your own flour, but it’s a fun thing to try at least once especially if you have a Vita-mix blender.

When boiled, cooked wheat berries have a chewy bite and subtle nutty, earthy flavor. They’re sturdy enough to handle bold salad dressings and still delicate enough to taste delicious with some milk, honey, and cinnamon.

If you like sprouts on salads and sandwiches, add a little water to wheat berries and you can grow your own wheat sprouts.

Why are wheat berries part of “A Healthy Kitchen”?

Since the wheat kernel is left intact, virtually none of the nutrients are stripped away.  A cup of cooked wheat berries has about 300 calories and is packed with fiber, protein, and iron. Tasty sprouts are loaded with vitamin E, a cell-protecting antioxidant, and magnesium, which is good for healthy bones and muscles.

Where do you purchase wheat berries?

Look for wheat berries at a health food store or in the natural foods section of your local supermarket.  If you purchase your wheat berries from a bin, be sure to ask the store manager how often the grains are changed out.  You may want to purchase organic wheat berries at a local natural foods store, and if they have been changed quite regularly, it makes them fresher than packaged varieties.

Here are some sources for wheat berries:

Where to Buy
Non-GMO Project Verified Hard White Wheat Berries
Organic Wheat Berries
Augason Farms Hard White Wheat Emergency Food Storage 24 Pound Pail
Be Still Farms Organic (5lb) Hard White Wheat Berries Ideal for White Wheat Bread


Non-GMO Project Verified Hard White Wheat Berries | 100% Non-Irradiated | Certified Kosher Parve | USA Grown | Feld Traced (We tell you which field we grew it in)

Each bag of the Palouse Brand has a code to identify which field the whet berries were grown and what the harvest date. They handle everything from growing, harvesting, trucking, processing, bagging, and shipping.

Organic Wheat Berries

From Live Store, this item will give you premium-grade and 100% pure wheatgrass which is rich in protein and other essential nutrients to keep your body healthy. 

The berries are guaranteed to produce a vast of delicious and healthy wheatgrass. 

Augaon Farms Hard White Wheat Emergency Food Storage 24 Pound Pail

From Augason Farms, there are 236 servings. This wheat is perfect for emergencies, food storage, survival, camping or every day live. It is shelf stable for 30 years.

Be still Farms Organic (5lb) Hard White Wheat Berries Ideal for White Wheat Bread – Berry Grain in Wheat Bulk – Non-GMO Hart White Berries Bulk – Vegan White Berries – Healthy Diet Berries

These Hard White Wheat Berries are versatile and pair perfectly with soups, stews, and salads. Serve as pilaf or grind them to make flour. They are certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.