What You Need to Cool Down The Interior of Your Home


    With hotter months approaching, we all face the temptation to invest in luxurious cooling appliances. Unfortunately, these saviors come with a hefty tug on our budget: an increased use to rid of the elevating heat surprises you with an enormous electricity bill every month. 

    But worry no more! There are many alternatives to keep your home interior cool this summer.  From items costing a fraction of the price of A.C to a few tips and tricks for overthrowing the heat pathways, you no longer need to invest in super expensive cooling appliances and pay hefty electricity bills. 

    Let’s get started!

    Keep Your Windows Closed

    During the blazing hot summer days, even cracking the window a bit can fill up your whole compartment with humidity. Keep your windows shut during sunlight hours, especially when your windows are facing the sun. But when the nighttime hits, you can certainly open up your windows to bathe your house of fresh cool air as the temperature plummets at night. You may also open your windows early in the morning. However, if the temperature inside the house is hotter than outside, you may open your windows with shade for air ventilation. 

    Invest in Covers and Shades


    Heat not only enters via the windows but may make it in through other paths as well: for instance, glass doors, balcony, and patio. Make sure you cover these sites to block the heat from entering your place of serenity. Consider getting a patio umbrella, mesh liners, awning, aluminum foil covers, and much more! 

    Acquire further coverage by adding blinds to the windows. We highly recommend getting glass and windows tinted black to prevent the sun. You may use woven solar screens to absorb ultraviolet radiation to get through the windows. 

    Get Some Plants

    Indoor Plants

    One of the best ways to keep your interiors cool is by having plants around. They help lower the temperature by absorbing carbon dioxide — carbon dioxide molecules trap heat, making your interiors warmer. They also absorb pollutants from your house and produce oxygen keeping your surroundings fresh. Bigger plants can also cover the entire house or patios on exteriors.  The cherry on top? They adorn your residence with magnificence.

    Keep Light Color Themes


    If your residential exteriors and interiors have dark colors, they’re more likely to absorb heat from their surroundings. Therefore, for the summers to come, adorn your home with bright and light colors. Rethink your combinations and have an artsy yet cool vibe this summer! 

    Set Counterclockwise Ceiling Fans


    Ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise in summers. This movement with blade pitch causes a downdraft, carrying the hot air up to the ceiling. It then swivels the air around to cool and then pushes those cold gusts of air down to us. This motion of the fan provokes the evaporation effect, vaporizing the sweat on the skin. If your ceiling fan is not rotating counterclockwise, it does the opposite of what a fan is supposed and expected to perform. If you feel your fan thumps around hot air, this is likely the reason. 

    Ice and Standing Fan Trick

    If you can’t afford to depend on an A.C unit or pay heavy electricity bills, this trick is a life-changing one. This brilliant trick utilizes the combination of ice and a standing fan, functioning like a homemade A.C. To make it work, all you need to do is place ice blocks in front of your fan. The warm air initially goes through the blocks of ice, cools down, and then proceeds to disperse throughout the room, delivering you chilly gusts of wind needed during the heated summer days. 

    Eliminate Humidity

    We all know a hot summer’s day brings a bunch of humidity. Humidity refers to moisture in our atmosphere: just like carbon dioxide, it traps heat as well. 

    There are many ways to get rid of all the humidity that our house absorbs when the sun blazes up high. You can execute the crosswind effect for this. When the low conditions of the night hit, open up your window and face your standup fan towards the cracked up window, so it plucks the humid air out and lets the fresh and cool breezes reign back. Investing in a dehumidifier can also be favorable in your situation. Dehumidifiers discard all the heating moisture from the environment. Some feature benefits like reducing the amount of dust around and diminishing the risks of mold as well.

    Switch to Energy-Saving Bulbs


    Light bulbs produce a lot of unwanted heat. On top, they account for energy wastage as well. Therefore, switching to energy-saving bulbs can solve this dilemma. We highly recommend compact fluorescent lamps.

    So why are you waiting? Get an energy-saving bulb to kill two birds with one stone: save energy and produce less heat throughout the house.

    Allow Room for Natural Ventilation


    Home ventilation systems are an amazingly effective way to air out your house and freshen up the interiors. Ventilation regulates air circulation in a home through the exchange of indoor air and outdoor air. It helps cool down temperatures.

    Ventilation comes in two ways: natural and motorized. We highly recommend natural ventilation. Renovate or design your house in such a way that two pathways face each other directly. From windows to doors, the choice of this aeration pathway depends on you! Therefore, if you can’t install a door, install a moderately sized window. During summers, keep both the trails open, so one opened direction pushes the hot air out while the other brings fresh and cool wind inside. 

    Ventilation also aids in a healthy home by eliminating humidity, pollutants, harmful gases, and molds. 

    Use Exhaust Fans


    Install exhaust fans in your homes so they can do what they do best, exhaust!

    Exhaust fans are designed to throw out unwanted gases, moisture, and heat in our home. They are powerful in sucking away hot air. Turn them on so they can get rid of the building temperatures inside your house. So use them to cool down your space!

    By getting rid of unwanted heat as fast as exhaust does, you can allow yourself to open up a window to let fresh air fill up your house.

    The Takeaway

    So, these are some ways that you can cool down your house during the summer. These ways can’t only keep you and your residence cool, but they also save your pocket from expensive ways to get rid of heat disturbance.


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