What were the popular fashion accessories of the 60s?


    Psychedelic prints, neon-colored tops, big headdresses – the ‘60s was definitely a period of change. Being a decade that broke so many traditions and founded new cultures, the 1960s fashion reflected a nonconformist style, making it so trendy and resonating with the call of the times. New styles coming from small villages into the cities had gained traction. These experimental fashion designs made it to the haute couture creations of the most popular designers of that time. Not only that, but these designs also made it to the mass market of clothing until they became the trend of the century. 

    No one can possibly describe the ‘60s fashion in any words. The fashion during this decade was bipolar in every sense. In fact, there seems to be a dichotomy between the early ‘60s and the late ‘60s. Apparently, they are at the polar extremes in the fashion spectrum. The early ‘60s was more conservative and restrained as it reminisced of its preceding decade, which was the ‘50s. Without a doubt, fashion during the early ‘60s was more classic in style and design. 

    However, the leftover effect from the ‘50s never seemed to leave us. The late ‘60s seemed to explode like a pressure cooker with everything that’s been bottled up since the ‘50s. Women felt freer to show more skin, while designers felt bold to try more colors and other nonconformist styles. In the end, the late ‘60s emerged as the exact opposite of the early ‘60s. With psychedelic prints, tie-dye shirts, and long untied hair, everyone felt freer during this period. 

    But can you ever imagine miniskirts, neon-colored blouses, and curved PVC dresses without bangles and geometric-shaped earrings? It goes without saying that what really completed the fashionable outfits of the ‘60s were the fashion accessories that have survived the test of time. Even today, you’ll see these trends come back and get retrofitted to the current style. Despite the fashion of the ‘60s varying a lot of times within the decade, the popular fashion accessories really stuck with the people. 

    Young designers became keen on finding new angles to the established styles of the preceding decades. With new, man-made materials, they were able to come up with various forms of accessories made from different materials. From modern plastics and synthetic fibers to unconventional fashion materials such as wood pieces, these designers completed their easy-care outfits with eye-catching and fun accessories. Manufacturers in both the US and the UK quickly turned these bold ideas and inventions into marketable and mass-produced novelties that remain popular today. 

    To learn more about these popular fashion accessories, we have prepared this guide just for you!

    Top view of usual fashion accessories found in a woman’s closet 

    Popular Fashion Accessories of the 60s:

    1. Animal-printed handbags

    When we think of the ‘60s, we think of leopard prints and alligator-skin patterns! Leopard-printed and alligator handbags are great pieces to complete any outfit during the ‘60s. Handbags are also special in the way that they’re satchel-shaped, which makes them elegant in every line and detail. Even with the polished gold details to the leather lining, everything is well thought out to match any style. 

    Green alligator skin handbag

    2. Animal prints and skins in shoes

    As mentioned above, animal prints and skins eventually became one of the key trends emerging from the ‘60s. Other animal prints also had to step into the scene, from the leopard-print coats to the crocodile bags. Pairing any outfit with snakeskin shoes became one of the most iconic looks of the decade to emerge from the 1960s. Leopard print coats, crocodile bags, and snakeskin shoes were some of the most iconic looks of the decade. Even seeping into jewelry, the interest in exotic animals had become big in the ‘60s.

    3. Beret

    Aside from being the symbol of Parisian fashion, berets can also be a trendy accessory as they offer a wide range of unique designs. From cotton berets with handmade pearls to traditional black berets, you can use this accessory to complete your whole look. Whatever the season, you’ll find that it’s a great time to wear this accessory. 

    4. Pillbox Hat

    The most fashionable icon of the ‘60s was Jackie O – the wife of then-President John F. Kennedy. Everybody wanted what she wore. Everything she wore was simply and unfalteringly elegant. This made her a fashion pinup for all women worldwide. Pillbox hats were her signature, and this accessory was a staple in every shop back in the day. 

    Studio shot of a woman with rounded sunglasses 

    5. Rounded and Oversized Sunglasses

    Sunglasses were also a vital fashion piece in the ‘60s. John Lennon wore his classic glasses, while Jane Fonda rocked the cat-eye hybrids during this period. These accessories never go out of style, as we’re still wearing these today.

    Woman with mini dress and long white boots

    6. White Boots

    Nancy Sinatra made these accessories popular thanks to her all-time hit, “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” which made the fashion crowd go wild. Even the go-go dancers, who were known for wearing knee-high boots, enjoyed wearing white shoes (and boots) in their performances which delighted the audiences. This was the season’s peak street style!

    7. Jewelry 

    The ‘60s was a period for innovation for jewelry designers. They began creating their first technically innovative pieces during the 1960s. This suited the times when the rather usual stone-set jewelry began to be superseded by the rising styles, which were mainly made from synthetic materials. Industrial design and fine art became a big thing in manufacturing the pieces of jewelry that continue to sell in shops until now. 

    Black and white photo in the 1960s 

    8. Gold chain-belts

    Exhibitionism was also a key factor in the 1960s since people were encouraged to show off their bodies. They used gaudy accessories such as gold chain belts to help get the message across. Any outfit can be finished off with this accessory. 

    Woman posing in a studio with a belt on the waist

    The 1960s saw the abandonment of the traditional and boring rules of fashion. They stepped out of the box and started an era of unconventional and non-conforming fashion trends. When you’re in the mood to use this period as a fashion inspiration, watch out for these popular fashion accessories that never go out of style. 


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