What Type of Battery Is Used in Beard Trimmers?

An electric beard trimmer is important for hair care. Best of all, it’s intuitive and offers a wide variety of settings just by cutting and touching a common head. Advances in battery technology in recent years have allowed wireless trimmers to work up to an hour or more. Many beard trimmers on the market also use blades that require little maintenance. Consumers usually look for oil-free self-adhesive steel blades before use.

Adding more to the perks of an electrical trimmer, most cordless beard trimmers are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which last longer than the popular replacement Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). On average, it does about 50-60 minutes of work with a lithium-ion trimmer compared to about 30 minutes for the NiMH model. The “fast charge” is another nifty feature of some wireless trimmers that gives you a few extra minutes to get the job done.

3 Types of Batteries for Your Beard Trimmer

As we have discussed, battery-powered trimmers are the best option nowadays. So for using it, you need a perfect battery. For getting a perfect battery for your trimmer it’s important to do some prior buying research. To help you with this we have collected a list of the best batteries for you.

But first, let’s learn about the types and categories for a better understanding. We commonly have 3 types of batteries that can be used in a beard trimmer.

Alkaline Batteries

The first is AA alkaline batteries known to everyone. This battery is stable for decades, inexpensive, efficient, and easily extracts devices from flashlights to cameras, music players, and more, until the battery is discharged.

Despite the many obvious advantages, including the low cost and long durability, these batteries still have drawbacks. Most alkaline batteries only work well for low power devices. Clock or remote control. Alkaline batteries are also known to emit “battery acid”, which is paradoxical because the liquid they can drain is an alkaline solution, an aqueous potassium hydroxide solution. These leaks can become contaminated during cleaning and damage electronics and equipment but are not hazardous.

Lithium Batteries

AA lithium batteries are becoming more common these days. These batteries are costlier than AA alkaline batteries, but they have much more potential energy than alkaline batteries, and in some electronics, they last almost 10 times longer than alkaline batteries! AA lithium batteries are lightweight, durable, and measure decades rather than years. However, their prices make them an illogical choice for regular use.

Rechargeable Batteries

Finally, there is the rechargeable battery category AA. These devices represent upfront investments that can seem overwhelming, especially since they require the purchase of a charger. However, its reusable nature will soon make AA batteries valuable.

Where to Buy
Eneloop Panasonic
Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger for C Cell, D Cell, AA, AAA, and 9V Rechargeable Batteries
Panasonic Eneloop Pro
Duracell Quantum Alkaline
AmazonBasics High Capacity Battery
EasyPower Survival Frog
AmazonBasics alkaline performance
Lithium Energizer Ultimate
EBL 2800mAh Ni-MH
Rayovac High Energy


10 Best Batteries for your Beard Trimmer to Pick

1. Eneloop Panasonic

Panasonic’s rechargeable Eneloop Ni-MH battery is rated at 2,100 charges and can be charged hundreds of times. They arrive before solar power, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. Eneloop combines performance and convenience with dry cell batteries using cost-effective rechargeable NiMH battery technology. It is the best choice for you and the environment. Panasonic’s Enerof lasts longer than conventional batteries on a single charge but can last for years.

  • No problem with memory effect
  • Works well at low temperatures
  • Maintain a 70% annual salary for 10 years

2. Energizer charging universal

The Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger for C Cell, D Cell, AA, AAA, and 9V Rechargeable Batteries automatically shuts off the circuit when batteries are fully charged. Charges 4 AA batteries to full capacity in five hours. The charging status of your batteries is indicated by the LED light bar indicator.

  • Overcharge Protection
  • Maximizes Battery Life
  • Delta V Auto Shut-Off

3. Panasonic Eneloop Pro

The Panasonic Eneloop Pro can only charge 500 times which is far less than many others, but it’s the right choice if you need power. Its capacity is 2550mAh, which is higher than similar alternatives and works well in extreme temperatures. They are ready to use Rechargeable Ni-MH battery.

Eneloop’s low self-charging Ni-MH battery uses Panasonic’s advanced rechargeable cell technology and can be charged up to 2100 times. This rechargeable cell is ideal for beard trimmers and also for all household items including flashlights, wireless gaming devices, digital cameras, and mouse flashes, and wireless keyboards.

  • Sold separately or with charger
  • Available outside the package
  • There is also an aaa version

4. Duracell Quantum Alkaline

This 12-pack Duracell Alkaline Quantum is at the most expensive price point, but each battery inside contains more active materials than many of its competitors and has a PowerCheck feature. n Quickly and easily check how much juice is left. Alkaline batteries from Duracell Quantum are a unique power stage. It is the only battery with Hi-Density Core technology and a large number of power accelerators. Plus, the unique PowerCheck feature gives you instant control of your power level, so you can trust when you need it most. You can use these batteries in devices such as flashlights, remote control toys, game controllers, etc.

  • Expiration date marked
  • 10 years durability
  • Mercury-free

5. AmazonBasics High Capacity Battery

The high-capacity rechargeable AmazonBasics battery lasts up to half its charge for 12 months when stored at room temperature, and surpasses most models that can be reused when used in the weather. Cool while maintaining capacity.

  • Suitable for devices with high displacement
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • The size is slightly unstable

6. EasyPower Survival Frog

The cleverly designed EasyPower Frog Survival does not require a bulky charger. When it runs out, remove the cover and connect it to the USB port. It fully charges in just a few hours and comes with a built-in LED indicator to let you know you’re ready.

  • No cables required
  • Up to 500 charging cycles
  • Don’t always pay long

7. AmazonBasics alkaline performance

You’ll have a hard time finding another AAA that can match AmazonBasics Performance’s alkaline cost. This 48-part package contains strong corrosion protection technology and reliable components that work with everything from cameras to watches.

  • 10-year design for leak testing
  • Large package available for 100 pieces
  • Don’t go as long as the competition

8. Lithium Energizer Ultimate

Energizer Ultimate Lithium is the most durable in the world and can be stored for up to 20 years, so be prepared when the robot and/or zombie apocalypse arrives. . It is also suitable for extreme temperatures of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Incomparable lightweight model
  • Safe for external use
  • Expensive for single-use

9. EBL 2800mAh Ni-MH

The EBL 2800mAh NiMH rechargeable battery can be used when you need a flashlight in an emergency, or when you need a business camera for perfect photos. They have an intracellular network that provides a constant voltage.

  • Minimum self-discharge
  • Solid steel body
  • Storage collection included

10. Rayovac High Energy

A mercury-free alternative, Rayovac High Energy is manufactured in the U.S. and offers efficiency and safety through advanced power cycles that prevent leaks and provide adequate power. It’s best for everyday things like flashlights and computer mice.

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Budget price
  • Not as long-lasting as the rest

How to Replace the Battery in Your Beard Trimmer

Contrary to popular belief, it’s easy to replace the battery present in your trimmer. You just need to remove the door to the casing (the one outside the battery space) by unscrewing it and prying it open. Now remove the worn-out battery, dispose it, and then put in the replacement battery in the space. Some housings will have a diagram that you can take instructions from. For example, they will tell you the correct direction so that the positive sign is facing the appropriate way. Now push the battery and wait for the sound of a click – this is an indication you’ve fit the battery firmly and securely.


For better beard trimmer results, always choose a suitable battery that is compatible with your trimmer as well as efficient. Once you’ve picked a battery, maintaining and caring for it is essential. Always store the battery in a cool, dry place, not in a refrigerator or freezer (this persistent misconception is widespread, but it does not extend battery life).

A good quality charger will stop charging once it confirms that the battery is fully charged. However, do not leave the battery in the charger when it is fully charged, as this failure may result in loss of signal from the charger. If the battery is overcharged or generates a small amount of energy, it will not be fully charged at the end of its use. Charging too much will drain the battery faster and shorten its overall life, so it needs to be replaced sooner.