What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Ice Ball Presses?


    Hosting a cocktail party and finding a way to impress your guests? Use ice balls as a garnish for your cocktails to really impress your guests. An excellent method for chilling your drink without diluting it is to use ice balls or ice spheres if you want to sound fancy. They have a unique and interesting design and can be a great talking point at your next get-together. This article will cover the top ice ball makers available and how to select the best one for your needs.

    When cocktails and other tasty cold drinks are diluted with ice, they often lose their original flavor and become watery and bland. You can only expect so much from a cocktail, or any drink for that matter when the least impressive component is ice. No matter how little, it dilutes the drink and ruins the mood. An ice ball press, however, has made short work of this problem. If you’re curious about what exactly an Ice Ball Press is and how it functions, keep reading!

    What Is an Ice Ball Press?

    Instead of using little chunks of ice that dilute the flavor of drinks, an ice ball press can produce a perfectly round ice ball that is two inches in diameter, perfect for adding to spirits like whiskey or cocktails. A drink diluted much more slowly with an ice ball than with numerous small ice cubes since less ice is introduced into the glass.  

    It’s also entertaining to use an Ice Ball Press to make an ice ball for your beverage in a matter of seconds. Put an ice cube in the press, and let gravity do the remainder of the job. With the top of the press sliding down, the ice is melted and carved away. Two inches of ice, ready to be dropped into your beverage, can be seen when the press is opened.

    Copper-colored ice ball press with an ice ball in the center

    How Do Ice Balls Work?

    The type of beverage affects how quickly ice balls melt. For instance, a straight spirit of around 86 proof will be completely consumed before the ice ball melts. The ice ball, however, might melt more rapidly if the whiskey in the glass is of higher proof and heat. The longer you take to drink liquor with a higher proof, the more time the ice has to melt.

    A sphere is exceptional in that it can hold the most volume with the least amount of surface area. Therefore, a drink served with an ice ball has the lowest ice-to-alcohol contact ratio possible, significantly lowering the rate of dilution. Crushed ice, in contrast, has a low volume but a large total surface area, which explains why it dissolves so rapidly in your beverage.

    Furthermore, ice balls not only serve to chill beverages but may also provide an artistic touch. The reason for this is that the color of the water may be altered by adding fruit as it freezes, such as orange twist or cherry. Adding smoke or bitters to the ice changes the drink as the sphere melts. An excellent way to ensure that every last drop of your drink tastes as nice as the first is to use an ice ball.

    Ice ball in an old-fashioned cocktail

    Ice Balls vs. Ice Cubes: Which Is Better?

    According to some, ice balls are preferable to ice cubes since they melt more slowly and don’t dilute drinks as much. Others claim that the effort is not worthwhile because it takes more work to manufacture ice balls.

    Everything is up to personal taste when deciding whether ice cubes or balls are superior. Making ice balls is preferable if you want to cool your beverage without diluting it. We advise utilizing an ice ball maker if you’re seeking a quick approach to creating beautiful ice spheres.

     Sangria and ice

    Other Types of Ice Ball Makers

    Ice ball presses are one device where you can carve ice balls easily. But there are also other types of ice ball makers that can mold a perfect ice sphere for you, like the ones made of silicone. Depending on your preference, both types of ice ball makers effectively produce ice balls for your parties!

    Silicone Ice Ball Molder

    You may find silicone presses easily online if you prefer a different kind of ice ball press. For the best results when using silicone ice ball makers, fill each mold all the way up with water. They’ll turn out better if you give them plenty of time to freeze standing up in the freezer.

    Most silicone molds can be cleaned in the dishwasher, making it simple to eliminate any freezer-burned flavors or aromas that may have accumulated. To add variety, you may fill ice molds with other liquid or soft foods like mashed fruit and yogurt and freeze them later. Since they are easy to clean, they can be washed in the dishwasher after using them with other types of liquid.

    Red silicone ice sphere molder

    Things to Consider Before Buying an Ice Ball Press

    When looking for an ice ball press, there are things you need to consider. Prioritize how many ice balls you’d like to make at once. Those who only need to make ice balls occasionally should consider purchasing a small-capacity ice ball press. A commercial or party setting would benefit from the investment in a high-capacity ice ball press.

    Second, think about what the ice ball press is made of. You need a material that will last and can be cleaned quickly. Before buying an ice ball press, it’s a good idea to do some research online and read reviews written by people who have actually used the product. You want an ice ball press that will last longer and produce consistent ice balls.

    Collaged photo of making an ice ball with stainless steel ice ball press

    You’ve probably seen the perfectly spherical ice spheres used for spirits and cocktails if you’ve ever sipped a drink at a high-end hotel bar or other such places. Not only will your drink keep its cool temperature without getting watered down or losing flavor, but there are other benefits as well. Who knew you could make these sophisticated ice balls in the comfort of your own home? There are several ice ball presses available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Just make sure to balance them out based on your needs to avoid instant regret. Now that you have read our guide, picking out the best ice ball press for your needs should be a breeze.


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