What is Amazon Basics?


    When finding deals on Amazon, it’s hard not to notice AmazonBasics. Launched in 2009, AmazonBasics is one of the online selling giant’s popular private level brands, along with Amazon Gear Store and Pinzon Bedding & Bath.

    AmazonBasics provides a huge set of choicesAmazonBasics provides a huge set of choices for everyday items such as electronic accessories like batteries, earphones, keyboards, HDMI cables as well as home necessities like bath towels, dinnerware sets and bed sheets. If you need a school backpack for your kid, a dog bowl for your pet, or an ergonomic chair for your home office, it’s all covered in AmazonBasics.  Basically, it provides the type of items that are basic and commoditized – everyday items you don’t want to waste time shopping for.

    Products sold on AmazonBasics are not different with off-brand versions of popular products other retail stores offer. Amazon seems to be into targeting products that sell very well on other sites and brands, and then creates their own that are often nearly identical to the original, launching them as new AmazonBasics products.

    If that’s the case, you might be asking what is their products’ edge from the popular brands. The most obvious benefit would be the low prices offered for electronics. None of these would be the flashy type of items that will make your friends green with envy, but it will surely get the job done with less expense.

    PackagingFor Amazon, their advantage would be less expenses in packaging. Amazon’s packaging is easy to open, cheaper to produce, more environment-friendly and less expensive to ship because they don’t need to compete with packaging of other brands on store shelves.

    Judging by the number of positive reviews the products have gotten, AmazonBasics is doing pretty well. Most of the products have several thousand user reviews, each with four-plus star averages, while none of them have fewer than 3.5 stars. Users are saying their purchased AmazonBasics products still work well after a few years. It is because Amazon is excellent at benchmarking and has a very strict quality control. Products that mostly get low star ratings are discontinued as soon as Amazon starts struggling with it, so they don’t drag the average down. They make sure that they provide a decent amount of selection which are actually of great value.

    The list of product categories for AmazonBasics include:

    • Audio accessories
    • Computer accessories
    • Audio/visual accessories
    • Camera accessories
    • Batteries
    • Office accessories
    • Storage & organization
    • Bedding
    • Bath
    • Kitchen & dining
    • Patio, lawn & garden
    • Pet supplies
    • Sports
    • Travel accessories
    • Outdoors

    Best SellerAccording to CNET, the #1 best seller at AmazonBasics for February 2017 is its 48-pack of AA Performance Alkaline Batteries, which boasts of superior performance that perform as good or better than the most popular battery brands on the market.

    Next in line would be the Portable Bluetooth Speaker BTV1 and its smaller brother, the BTV2. Both are available in different colors and are sold on a low, low price.

    To get more insights on AmazonBasic products and to get the best Amazon deals, it would be helpful if you would check out some site and Amazon shopping user reviews. With AmazonBasic, the e-commerce site promises “to make products that you need, want, and above all – love.”

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