What Is a Wheeled Backpack, and What Are Its Benefits?


    What Is a Wheeled Backpack?

    Wheeled backpack stood in a garden.

    A wheeled backpack is a variation of the classic strapped backpack with the added convenience of wheels and a handle. They usually come in two varieties: rolling backpacks and wheeled duffel bags. 

    Rolling backpacks are designed to be used as everyday backpacks or wheeled around like a suitcase. It gives you both options, making it perfect for those who want to travel light but do not want to put a lot of weight on their back.

    Wheeled duffel bags do not have straps, meaning you cannot wear them. They are designed much like suitcases, and you can pull them along behind you. These bags are excellent for those who want more storage space, as they are pretty spacious.

    Wheeled backpacks are versatile and allow you to carry them like a regular backpack, and when you get tired, you can take them off and roll them along with you like a suitcase. 

    Benefits of Wheeled Backpacks

    Blue wheeled backpacks being pulled by bags.

    Wheeled backpacks are excellent for people who carry heavy items with them. Heavy backpacks can often cause excessive strain on your back, and having a wheeled backpack means that you can give your back a break when you get tired. These bags are also perfect for those with back and shoulder pain. 

    Here are some other benefits of wheeled backpacks.

    1. Easy To Carry

    One of the reasons why wheeled backpacks are popular is because they are straightforward to carry. They allow you to roll all your items with you instead of carrying them on your back. Using wheeled backpacks is an excellent way for those with back and shoulder pain to carry their items. All you need to do is pull it behind you.

    2. Comfortable To Carry

    Wheeled backpacks are comfortable to carry since their straps are often wide and padded to help distribute the weight evenly. Although they are not as comfortable as standard backpacks, you can choose ones with padding to ensure comfort. Sternum and hip straps are also incredibly useful for making wheeled backpacks comfortable. 

    3. Well Organized

    Wheeled backpacks have multiple compartments and pockets like standard backpacks to make organizing your belongings much easier. If you have smaller items, there are often smaller organizational pockets that you can use to store your items. As wheeled backpacks are often designed to travel with, you may find extra compartments like net sleeves, etc. These allow you to organize your things much better.

    4. Durable

    Wheeled backpacks are usually made using high-quality materials that make them much more durable than regular backpacks. Due to this feature, you can use your backpacks for much longer. Wheeled backpacks don’t tear easily and have anti-theft features making them secure and durable. 

    5. Travel-Friendly

    Wheeled backpacks such as rolling backpacks are great to travel with as you can take all your belongings with you without worrying about carrying them on your back. They are perfect for those who travel often and need their bag to be multi-functional. Wheeled backpacks are also great for navigating through crowds, as they are compact and easy to maneuver. Most wheeled backpacks are also designed to be easy to access, so you can easily take out or keep your items in them. 

    6. Easy To Store

    The design of wheeled backpacks allows you to store them easily, as you can stand them in the corner of your closet or under the bed. Most wheeled backpacks are compact, and the only part that occupies space is the wheels. 

    Types of Wheeled Backpacks

    Red wheeled backpack outside school.

    Many types of wheeled backpacks are available on the market, and they are helpful for different things and situations. Depending on your lifestyle, you should choose a wheeled backpack that fits you best. Here are the various different kinds available.

    1. Everyday Wheeled Backpacks

    An everyday wheeled backpack is designed for daily use. These backpacks are perfect if you tend to carry many items when you go to work, sports practice, or school. Usually, they have high maneuverability, making it extremely easy to roll along beside you. 

    Most everyday backpacks have good accessibility, meaning you can place and retrieve your items quickly. They also have a lightweight frame, reducing the backpack’s weight and making them easy to carry. 

    2. Business Wheeled Backpacks

    If you want a wheeled backpack that is a little more formal, a business-wheeled backpack is perfect. They are usually much sleeker and smaller than normal-wheeled backpacks. These backpacks have a professional look to them, which makes them ideal for if you are going on a business trip for the weekend. 

    When purchasing a business-wheeled backpack, ensure you look at the style, good organization, and compactness, as those factors affect how professional it looks.

    3. Wheeled Backpacks for Travel

    Wheeled backpacks for travel come in various sizes depending on how long your trip is. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a wheeled backpack for travel is how comfortable it is and how much space it has. Most wheeled backpacks designed for travel are spacious and allow you to pack a decent amount in them. They are also padded, which makes them easy to carry. 

    Another critical fact to consider is how easy the backpack is to access. When traveling, it is essential that you can take out your items and put them back in with ease.

    4. Wheeled Backpacks for Gear

    If you are someone who needs to carry heavy gear regularly, then a wheeled backpack for equipment will be handy for you. These backpacks allow you to carry your gear easily and safely. They are also designed to fit odd-shaped gear, provided that it is bigger than the gear. Wheeled backpacks for gear often have extra compartments to store your gear in a much more organized manner. 

    Factors To Consider When Purchasing Wheeled Backpacks

    Blue backpack with handles and wheels.

    When purchasing a wheeled backpack, it is essential that you buy the right one. To ensure that you are, you need to consider a few factors.

    1. You Use

    One of the first things you should consider is how you will use your wheeled backpack. If you plan to use it causally, you should purchase an everyday wheeled backpack. These backpacks are highly versatile and enable you to carry the backpack like a standard backpack and roll it behind you like a suitcase.

    On the other hand, if you intend to take it on a business trip, you may want a bag that looks professional. In that case, you should opt for a sleek-wheeled backpack for business. By considering your use, you will be able to make the best decision for a wheeled backpack.

    2. Types of Wheels

    The type of wheels is an important consideration when purchasing a wheeled backpack. You will find two types of wheels on wheeled backpacks: plastic and rubber.

    Plastic wheels are cheaper than rubber wheels but not as durable, so they will break much quicker than rubber wheels. On the other hand, rubber wheels are incredibly durable and allow you to wheel your backpack across different terrains. They will cost you more, but they increase the maneuverability and durability of your wheeled backpack. 

    If you are purchasing a wheeled backpack for casual use, you can get one with plastic wheels. However, if you intend to take it traveling, it is best to choose a backpack with rubber wheels. 

    3. Size of Backpack

    The backpack size determines the number of items you can carry in your bag. Ensure that you do not purchase a bag that is too small or too big. A small backpack won’t fit all your items, and too big of a bag will make it difficult to carry and wheel with you.

    In terms of capacity, if you want a wheeled backpack that is neither too big nor too small,. You should aim to purchase a 40L to 55L backpack, as they are excellent for everyday use. If you intend to take your backpack on business trips, buy one that is under 35L for that clean look. 

    If you are someone who carries a lot of gear, you may need larger 70L wheeled backpacks. You can also take these on long trips because backpacks this size can fit many items.

    4. Price

    The price of a backpack is another essential factor that you should consider. Many backpacks are available on the market, so you should research them before picking one. It is extremely useful to go through product reviews to gauge whether the backpack you purchase is worth the price. You should also compare prices as it will prevent you from spending too much on a backpack when a cheaper alternative with the same features is available.

    5. Straps and Handles

    Having high-quality straps and handles is essential with a wheeled backpack. Straps help provide extra support in the form of shoulder, waist, and chest straps. This help distribute the weight evenly across your back so that the backpack becomes easier to carry if you wear it like a regular backpack.

    Most wheeled backpacks come with handles in multiple locations. Usually, they are located at the top and side. These are helpful when you are traveling and want to lift the bag to place it in a storage compartment. When purchasing a wheeled backpack, ensure that you are buying one with sturdy handles that can manage your backpack’s weight and won’t snap. Additionally, there should be handles on the top and side of your backpack. 

    6. Water-Resistant

    Depending on your use, you may or may not want to get a water-resistant backpack. Such a backpack is extremely useful when traveling or carrying gear because your items will remain dry even if you get caught in the rain. Additionally, a water-resistant backpack will also protect your stuff from accidental spills and splashes. A water-resistant backpack is essential if you carry gear like laptops and camera equipment at risk of water damage.

    7. Pockets and Compartments

    Having sufficient pockets and compartments is also an important consideration. They allow you to sort your items and organize them within your backpack so that you can easily access them whenever needed. If you need to carry your laptop, ensure there is a separate compartment like in a laptop backpack. Such a compartment will help keep it safe when you are rolling it with you. 

    Pockets and compartments are handy for those who carry gear because it helps keep your items secure. It also provides a place to keep all your small things safe and prevents them from getting lost in the backpack.

    8. Zippers

    When purchasing a wheeled backpack, you must buy one with high-quality zippers. They need to be durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Ideally, you should look for metal or reinforced plastic zippers as they are one of the most durable kinds you will find.

    9. Accessibility

    One of the most important factors to remember when purchasing a backpack is how easy it is to access. Ensure that your wheeled backpack has multiple compartments that are easy to open and close. You want to be able to pull out your desired item with ease and not have to fumble around. In such scenarios, pockets and compartments are incredibly useful.

    10. Pros and Cons

    Although wheeled backpacks are incredibly useful, they also have some downsides.

    Pros Cons
    They are easy to carry as you have two options. You can either carry it like a regular backpack or roll it with you. They are more expensive due to the additional engineering that is required to make them easy to use.
    They are much more comfortable because you don’t need to always carry it slung over. back. The wheels make it difficult to use such bags when hiking, climbing, or going on off-road adventures.
    They are well organized as they have pockets and compartments. They are heavier because of the added weight of the wheels and the frame to which the wheels are attached.
    They are extremely versatile and can be used while traveling, doing everyday errands, on business trips, etc. They are not very spacious, as some of the space in the backpack is taken up by the wheels and frame.


    1. Why do people use wheeled backpacks?

    Most people who use wheeled backpacks either need to carry many items or have back problems. Wheeled backpacks allow you to roll your bag, which prevents you from straining your shoulders and back, which can aggravate pre-existing issues.

    2. Are wheeled backpacks worth it?

    For people who carry heavy items and have back problems, a wheeled backpack is worth it because it allows them to carry all their items without straining themselves. They are also perfect for taking on short trips because of how versatile they are.

    3. Are rolling backpacks better than regular backpacks?

    Rolling backpacks are much easier to carry than regular backpacks. Still, they are heavier in comparison when worn like a backpack. This extra weight comes from the wheels, the handle, and the frame.  


    Wheeled backpacks are just like standard backpacks but have the added benefit of attached wheels and a handle. Using these, you can carry your items without straining your back. 

    These backpacks are helpful and can be used in various different circumstances, provided that you purchase the right one. To do so, you need to focus on your use, its durability, the compartments, how accessible it is, and the type of wheels it has. That way, you will be able to find and purchase a backpack that will fit your needs best.


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